Royal Commission + Trial Fraud 2022 0043 Attempted Case Substitution Contempt Fraud Complaint + Additional Remedy Proposals

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers,  MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Dictator Regimes use Obedience Conditioning to get Instruction Requests all of the way up the Command Chain. Instruction Requests to the Equity Lawyer or anyone else instead of the Command Chain is evidence of Regime Collapse.

The Best Management of the Dictator Regime Collapse needs a Caretaker Prime Minister to give All Political Parties the time to change from competition for Dictator Powers to service of Equity Governance. 

On the evidence available there was a Criminal Conspiracy a Case Substitution Fraud by Judges and Officers of Barkingside Magistrates Court and Snaresbrook Crown Court. The motive was to avoid Audio Records of the Assault Trial 2022 0043 Contempt Fraud Defence Case by replacing it with a Blown Whistle Police Officer Impersonation, The evidence includes everything that got the Plea Hearing Secret Vacation Order Fraud, Vacation Notice Denial Fraud against the Citizen. the Hearing List Omission, Hearing Attendance by the Citizen and 3 Witnesses that forced the Listing Decision for Friday 28th January 2022 and the Decision Proof Demand by the Citizen that got the Adjournment Notice Email dated 26th January 2022 from the Crown Court to the Citizen and Equity Lawyer. The case does not appear in the Daily Case List.

CourtCase No.Defendant/s
3T20211563mark junior smith
3S20210433james craig
8T20220023 S20220016mohammed mohammed- ziyara mohammed …
16T20211671arsid john

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis        

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