Royal Commission + Windsor Agreement + 2022 003098 + 2022 100826 Filing + Service Notice

To: Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Representatives, State Officers and Law Court Judges,

The Remedy Process needed to achieve a Power Transfer from Organised Crime to Equity Governors.  The Windsor Agreement is part of it. 

Northern Ireland Cases got Crime Business Proof against the State and Law Courts, and a Fraud Appeal to the Court of Appeal.

Remedy Process Cases in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have been prepared the Power Transfer. Scottish Lawyer Mr James Friel got Compelling Proof that the Scottish State used DNA Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds for a Sex Crime Framing Frauds. The Victim made Middle Eastern State Residence Rights a Case Publicity Consent Condition. Mr Friel died about 8 weeks before the Independence Referendum. A fortnight later the Victim got the Residence Rights. Mr Friel was irreplaceable. There was No Case Publicity before the Independence Referenda. It was Relevant Evidence in the Sex Crime Framing Fraud by Scottish Leader Ms Sturgeon against Former Scottish Leader Mr Salmon. The Prosecution Fraud Enquiry got a No Action Protection Fraud Proof from the Scottish Parliament for Scottish Leader Ms Sturgeon against Everyone Else. She used a Press Conference to make a Sex Crime Prosecution Fraud Commitment. It was an Intimidation Fraud against Political Opponents in the Scottish National Party and All Others. The Leadership Contest Managers made a Secrecy Plan to avoid Prosecution Fraud Power Questions. The Contest Candidates could not endorse it. 

The English Fraud Appeal 2020 0186 Case Reference to the Cabinet is Prosecution Procurement Proof and Conflict Disqualification Proof against the Supreme Court. The English Fraud Appeals against 2022 002522 + 2023 000127 + 000128 forces the Supreme Court to make a Conflict Disqualification Recusal and Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limit Admission and Enforcement Stay Protection Order or get Joint Liability for the 2022 003098 Trial Frauds. The 2022 003098 Penalty Enforcement Hearing on Wednesday 8th March 2023 is a Protection Enforcement Test Case will get an Audio Record. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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