Royal Commission + ZC14D02308 Contempt Fraud Remedy Application Grounds + Proposals Filing and Service Email

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judge

The Divorce ZC14D02308 Court Frauds used a 43 Day Service Delay of the Property Order dated 9th July 2021 with No Print Date and an Appeal Process Denial Fraud that will be in Day 27 at the Adjourned Hearing tomorrow.

The Attendance Enquiry Email at 13.52 on Friday 20th August 2021 from Clerk Mr Dilip Javid to Judge Mr Oliver Jones, did not disclose whether he was the Supervising Judge or Appeal Judges or both. The Enquiry Response Email at 17.38 from Citizen Mrs Theodorou made a Decision Proof Service Denial Fraud Complaint +  Hearing Notice Denial Fraud Complaint + Appeal Process Denial Fraud Complaint. On the evidence available it got the Order Service Email at 09.48 on Saturday 21st August 2021 from  Barnet Family Court Administrator Mr Andy Doyle.

Fraud Proof on anything gets a Proof Burden Reversal on Everything Else for the Victim against the Fraud Managers and the Fraud Beneficiaries. It got a Fraud Presumption that both the Trial Judge Mr Stone and the Appeal Judge, whoever it is, wanted to avoid an Audio Record that is Personal Responsibility Proof against them. The Trial Judge used the Decision Proof Delay. The Appeal Judge used an Appeal Process Denial Fraud Delay, lost his nerve, and used the Attendance Enquiry as the Hearing Notice. The Enquiry Response forced the Decision Proof Service and Hearing Event.   

The Property Directions contain a Case Reservation Order by District Judge Mr Stone to himself. The Court Room Hearing tomorrow will get an Audio Record of the attached Contempt Fraud Remedy Application by Citizen Mrs Theodorou and the Application Response by Judge Mr Stone.

The Recusal Draft Order is for District Judge Mr Stone. The Application Grounds + Remedy Proposals are for Any Other Application Judge.  

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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