RoyalCommission, 2020 000286, FD20P00642, Contempt Fraud Appeals, B01B0837, F02ED793, G00CR488 and G02EC632

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Remedy Process has broken the confidence to service a Jurisdiction Fraud Conspiracy by the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. For decades it used Jurisdiction Usurpation Frauds by the Court of Appeal.

The Remedy Process forced Law Courts to commit Hearing Denial Frauds against Both Parties. The Case Management Choice for Inferior Court Judges is Fraud Responsibility Acceptance, or Responsibility Rejection using Fraud Case References to Superior Courts for Remedy Guidance. It affects All Cases.

The Contempt Fraud 2019 004208 Trial Fraud Direction Order on 10th February 2021 by Justice Mr Spencer and Lord Justice Mr Lewis got Appeal Jurisdiction Advice date 11th February 2021 that the Administration of Justice Act 1960 vests in the Supreme Court the Appeal Jurisdiction for High Court Contempt Cases, and uses an Interpretation Precedent that is Jurisdiction Usurpation Fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal. The Judgment Delivery Hearing on 22nd February 2021 got an Audio record of a Brief Comment by Justice Mr Spencer to Lord Justice Mr Lewis that the fraud Appeals were in the Wrong Court and an Implied Finding against Pending Appeal Trial Stay Protection Rights.  Contempt Fraud Appeal 2020 0395, 0396, 1520, 2069, 2021 PI 10063 and 2021 0317 in the Court of Appeal created Protection Denial Estoppel Rights for Citizens and the Equity Lawyer against the State and Law Courts. The Equity Lawyer will use it for Time Extensions for Contempt Fraud REPEAT Appeals to the Supreme Court.

Wardship Denial Fraud Appeal FD20P00642 Proposal by the Equity Lawyer that Citizen Mrs Theodorou give the Jurisdiction Denial Fraud Proof got on 16th March 2021 against Justice Mr Moor for a Contempt Case Classification and a Contempt Fraud Appeal to the Supreme Court. The Contempt Fraud Appeal Grounds and Proposals and the Fraud Motive Explanation part of the Skeleton, dated 7th March 2021 by the Equity Lawyer are designed to service it. It will get either Jurisdiction Acceptance by the Supreme Court that will force process of the Jurisdiction Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the High Court and Court of Appeal, or Jurisdiction Denial Fraud Proof that can be used for Filing Time Extension for Fraud Appeals in the Court of Appeal.  The Equity Lawyer will understand if Corruption Stress makes it hard for Citizen Mrs Theodorou to appreciate all the complexities. The Grounds, Proposals and Fraud Motive Explanation part of the Skeleton will get Official Record Status when he files them in the Fraud Appeal Bundle. It will get Admissible Evidence Status for Parliament Session Decisions. Use of them in a Corruption Case of Children Victims will force Urgency Decisions. They will get Urgent Remedies for the Children or Urgent Remedy Denial Fraud Proof that can be used for Rapid Decisions by the Crown and Lord Bishops.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis



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