Royal Commission Cases Notice and Opposition Leadership Fitness Questions Notice


  • Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle
  • Prime Minister Mr Johnson
  • Opposition Leader Mr Corbyn
  • Attorney General Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox
  • Ulster Democrat Leader MP Ms Arlene Foster
  • Green Party Leader MP Ms Caroline Lucas
  • Brexit Party Leader Mr Nigel Farage
  • Privy Counsellor and Chingford and Woodford Green MP Iain Duncan-Smith
  • Haltemprice and Howden MP Rt Hon David Davis

The MP Addressees hold this on trust for All MPs

Formal Request for a Legal Service Email List for All MPs

Formal Service of:

  1. 2020 01 01 Royal Commission Integrity Test Notice from Equity Lawyer to House of Commons Speaker and Prime Minister
  2. 2020 01 01 Royal Commission Witness Protection Proposals and Law Court Fraud Remedy Proposals for Citizens v State and Law Courts  
  3. 2020 01 05 Royal Commission Cases and Leadership Fitness Questions and Witness Credibility Questions for Citizens v Candidates and Witnesses

The Questions Notice is for All MPs and Corruption Case Witnesses with Case Priority for the Opposition Leadership Candidates

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis




Business Theft Interview Report from Equity Lawyer to Privy Council

Privy Council President Mr Rees Mogg,

Equity Governance requires the Lord Lieutenants to be Returning Officers and give Election Fraud Notices to the Crown.

Please ensure that All Privy Councillors know that have a duty to ensure the Lord Lieutenants have the attached documents for use when giving Election Fraud Notices to the Crown   

Please ensure Prime Minister Mr Johnson knows the People want Mass Remedies. He can start with the Immediate Release of the Political Prisoners and Stolen Children.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis








Patient Medical Service Denial Frauds, Housing Benefit, Contempt Fraud and Ruin Fraud

Prime Minister Mr Johnson, Attorney General Mr Cox, Opposition Leader Mr Corbyn, All MPs, General Medical Council Unfitness Complaint Officers + Redbridge Council Officers,

Congratulations to Prime Minister Mr Johnson for winning the Leadership Contest.  

1.    Election Warning

1.1.  The Remedy Process Emails are Due Notice Proof for the Citizen against MPs when the Crown and Lord Bishops make Parliamentary Session Decisions. General Elections get Governing Majorities. The Protection Fraud Networks have Remedy Sabotage Majorities. The Remedy Sabotage MPs might want a Confidence Defeat Election to avoid a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. The Equity Lawyer made Remedy Proposals for a Care Taker Prime Minister to manage Mass Remedies before the Leadership Contest Voting Day.  MPs ignored it and thereby raised Reasonable Suspicions of Protection Fraud Deals in exchange for Leadership Support. The Protection Fraud Promises were subject to Viable Execution Conditions. The Remedy Process has been managed to get Unviable Conditions Proof to enable Protection Fraud Promise Releases. The Best Advice is that the Prime Minister gives Written Notices of Unviable Conditions and Management Advice Requests, documents the responses, if any, spends very little time on it and gets on with other business. Corruption Victims will accept a Prime Minister who did Protection Fraud Deals to get office provided he uses office to give priority to Corruption Remedies. They know the Prime Minister might need a Parliament Session Agreement with Corruption Remedy Conditions that require Mass Remedies in the few days between General Election Day and Parliament Assembly Day.       

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