Extradition Fraud Appeal and Child Identity Fraud Criminal Prosecution

Prime Minister, Party Leaders, All Parliamentary Candidates, All Relevant Officers and All Law Court Judges,

The dignity of Parliament needs a Remedy Co-operation Initiative by Parliamentary Candidates during the Election Campaign Period. The Privilege First Refusal Rights go to Chingford Constituency Parliamentary Candidates. The attached document explains it 

The attached Extradition Fraud Appeal Papers and Election Fraud Claim Papers have been signed by Citizen Mr David Noakes. They would have been filed today but for the fact that Citizen Mr Awodiya lost his mobile on a bus. He got it back but the time was lost. The French Authorities are said to have made a Conflict Disqualification Admission and European Arrest Warrant Invalidity Admissions. It validates a Court Motion Immediate Extradition Stay Order for the Citizen against the State.

The Child Identity Fraud Criminal Prosecution of the Child Case Officer, Local Authority, Media and Top Politicians have been signed by Citizen Mrs Samantha Smith.

Citizen Mr Awodiya has agreed to act as Citizen Agent tomorrow to get the Fee Remission Certificates and filed the Extradition Fraud Papers for Citizen Mr Noakes and to file the criminal Complaint for Citizen Mrs Smith.

Citizen Witnesses have made Evidence Offers for Citizen Mr Paterson. The Evidence Offer, Chronology and Documents Schedule dated 2nd December 2019 is the most efficient way to explain what Citizen Mr Awodiya. The Case Management Instructions for Citizen Mr John Paterson are a Work In Progress that should be finished soon.  

The Business Recovery QB 2019 003741 and Corruption Claim QB 2019 003984 Damage Mitigation Applications got Listing Denial Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Yedialy, the Crown and Parliament against the High Court Actions Office.  The Claim Papers, Damage Limitation Application Papers, Hearing Listing Refusal, Court Motion Directions Order, Defence and Counterclaim, Reply and Counterclaim Defence, Particulars, Direction Appeal, Appeal Process Refusal, Directions Revocation Application and Hearing Listing Refusal are Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Business Buyers and the High Court Masters. On 9th October 2019 Citizen Mr Yedialyli that on Complaint Day 35 got an Information Request Text from the Metropolitan Police. On Complaint Day 45 it got a Business Theft Complaint Interview for 15.00 on 7th December 2019 which will be Complaint Day 59. The Metropolitan Police cannot avoid receiving the Criminal Conspiracy Proof.

There are Missing Person Reports about Citizen Mr Adam Mustafa who has not been seen by his Mother since 10.00 on 2nd December 2019.   

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis