Contempt and Terrorism Penalty Warning

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Solicitor General, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

TAKE NOTICE that the Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 Dismissal Enquiry Email at 14.21 on 22nd July 2020 from the State Lawyer to the Court of Appeal is Criminal Conspiracy Proof and Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof for the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Parliament, Citizen and Crown against the State Lawyer, State Counsel, Justice Mr William Davis and Lord Justice Mr Singh.

TAKE NOTICE that the Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Adjournment Order and Trial Orders dated 21st July 2020 will be used for a Fraud Appeal by Citizen Ms Berry to the Court of Appeal and a Remedy Application in the Supreme Court

TAKE NOTICE the Criminal Conspiracy Proof is Relevant Evidence for Unfitness Cases against Top Judges in Parliament and Criminal Charges and Contempt Fraud Claims against Top Judges in the Law Courts

TAKE NOTICE that the Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Pending Appeal Adjournment is a Binding Precedent on Inferior Law Courts. The Supreme Court Fraud Appeal 2020 0055 created a Pending Appeal Sentence Breach 012000266764 Trial Stay for Citizen Mr Nkrumah against the State and Magistrates Court. Citizen Mr Nkrumah can use the Trial Stay Rights and Binding Precedent at the Pending Appeal Sentence Breach Case Hearing on 23rd July 2020 in Thames Magistrates Court at Bow.

BEST ADVICE for the Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 Case Officer and Case Master is to make a Case Reference to the Master of the Rolls with notice that the Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 Dismissal  Decision is the subject of a Fraud Appeal to the Supreme Court and the Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Adjournment Order and Trial Orders dated 21st July 2020 are Contempt Fraud Proof for the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court against the State Representatives and High Court and give a Reference Notice to Both Parties

BEST ADVICE for All Case Officers and All Case Masters in All Law Courts is to stop Compliance Failure Dismissal Frauds and make Fraud Case References to the Most Senior Judges with Reference Notices to All Parties

The Circumstances

Corrupt Officers provided Case Management Frauds for Powerful Paedophiles. The Corrupt Officers demanded Protection Frauds that needed Contempt Trial Frauds by Law Court Judges. The Contempt Committal Permission Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 got Pending Adjudication Trial Stay Protection for the Citizen from the Court of Appeal.

Appeal Regulation Frauds include Evidence Exclusion Frauds managed by Core Bundle Requirements. Lord Justices used the Evidence Exclusion Frauds for Dismissal Frauds for No Evidence Reasons. The Remedy Process Fraud Appeals broke the confidence of Case Officers and Case Masters to accept responsibility for Dismissal Frauds using Regulation Compliance Failures.

Corrupt Officers made Repeat Demands for Protection Frauds. They got a Contempt Committal Trial Listing Fraud for 21st July 2020. It was a Protection Breach Contempt Fraud against the Court of Appeal, Citizen, Parliament and Crown.

On 17th July 2020 a Remedy Application by Citizen Ms Berry in the High Court and Court of Appeal got an Immediate Case Reference by the Case Officer and Case Master to Lord Justices. It got an Immediate Dismissal Fraud dated that day by Lord Justice Lewison and Immediate Service on both Parties. It that failed to disclose whether it was an Application Dismissal or an Appeal Dismissal. The High Court used it as an Appeal Dismissal.

On 21st July 2020 Citizen Ms Berry used the Dismissal Fraud to file a Fraud Appeal in the Supreme Court. Then attended the High Court Contempt Committal Trial in Royal Court 16.

The Trial Event got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the State Lawyer, State Counsel and Trial Judges, who were Justice Mr William Davis and Lord Justice Mr Singh. It got a Pending Appeal Adjournment for the Fraud Appeal in the Court of Appeal but not the Supreme Court and Recusal Refusal and Case Reservation Fraud and Trial Directions Frauds and Reserved Costs Fraud instead of a Wasted Costs Order for the Citizen against the State.

On 22nd July 2020 the Fraud Appeal Dismissal Enquiry Email from the State Lawyer to the Court of Appeal adds to the Criminal Conspiracy Proof. The Master of the Rolls and Lord Justices in the Court of Appeal made Protection Fraud Promises to Corrupt Officers. They needed an Appeal Dismissal Fraud by the Court of Appeal and omission of the Supreme Court Appeal as a Pending Appeal Reason for the Trial Adjournment.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis




Patient Medical Service Denial Frauds, Housing Benefit, Contempt Fraud and Ruin Fraud

Prime Minister Mr Johnson, Attorney General Mr Cox, Opposition Leader Mr Corbyn, All MPs, General Medical Council Unfitness Complaint Officers + Redbridge Council Officers,

Congratulations to Prime Minister Mr Johnson for winning the Leadership Contest.  

1.    Election Warning

1.1.  The Remedy Process Emails are Due Notice Proof for the Citizen against MPs when the Crown and Lord Bishops make Parliamentary Session Decisions. General Elections get Governing Majorities. The Protection Fraud Networks have Remedy Sabotage Majorities. The Remedy Sabotage MPs might want a Confidence Defeat Election to avoid a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. The Equity Lawyer made Remedy Proposals for a Care Taker Prime Minister to manage Mass Remedies before the Leadership Contest Voting Day.  MPs ignored it and thereby raised Reasonable Suspicions of Protection Fraud Deals in exchange for Leadership Support. The Protection Fraud Promises were subject to Viable Execution Conditions. The Remedy Process has been managed to get Unviable Conditions Proof to enable Protection Fraud Promise Releases. The Best Advice is that the Prime Minister gives Written Notices of Unviable Conditions and Management Advice Requests, documents the responses, if any, spends very little time on it and gets on with other business. Corruption Victims will accept a Prime Minister who did Protection Fraud Deals to get office provided he uses office to give priority to Corruption Remedies. They know the Prime Minister might need a Parliament Session Agreement with Corruption Remedy Conditions that require Mass Remedies in the few days between General Election Day and Parliament Assembly Day.       

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