Edward William Ellis on the Queens Speech and Royal Commission into the Criminal Justice System


Hello! Well there Good Afternoon! Today is Saturday the 21st of December 2019 and we have Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis to share some information for us.

The Parliament Session Agreements contain Corruption Remedy Conditions. Most of the time the Conditions are secret. What is read out by the Queen is the public part of the agreement. The 2019 Parliament Session Agreement has in the public part of it a Corruption Remedy Condition that requires a Royal Commission.

In 2017 Mrs May was forced into having a general election so that there could be a two and a half year long parliamentary session to enable completion of corruption investigations of the law courts, get corruption cases against judges in Parliament and continue the corruption investigations in Parliament using the corruption cases against the top judges.

the long session got criminal conspiracy proof against organised criminals, the media the state the law courts and many politicians.

A lot of cases were used to prepare for the 2019 general election. Those cases got criminal conspiracy proof against organized criminals, the media, the state, the law courts and top politicians before and during the election campaign period. All of that evidence is relevant evidence for the Royal Commission they are now going to have to deal with that evidence in public. All of the efforts of the corrupt offices have been to pretend nothing was happening. The pharmaceutical industry and other big business bought market frauds in the whole of the European Union they wanted to continue with the market frauds after Brexit. They are now most concerned that the Royal Commission will expose the nature and extent of the market frauds. Our challenge as citizens is to ensure that the Parliament staffs the Royal Commission with people who do not have conflicted interests and that we force cooperation by politicians. We have a cunning plan to force them to do so. The cunning plan will be explained in stages. The Queen’s speech was only two days ago. Some of the preparations have already been put in progress. I will speak again.

Remedy Process and Office Unfitness Cases Update

Prime Minister, Party Leaders and All Parliamentary Candidates

Citizens need easy access to Legal Service Email Addresses for All Parliamentary Candidates. The Addressees hold this Remedy Process Email on Election Fairness Trusts for All Candidates and the People

On 9th October 2019 the Business Theft Complaint of Citizen Mr Yediayli to the Metropolitan Police Reference got Victim Care Card and Reference 423 0627/19. A lot happened in the 37 Days between Complaint Day and the Contact Request Text at 11.21 on 15th November 2019 from Officer Georgina Newton. Efficient Case Management needs this Briefing Email to the Investigating Officer and All Relevant Others.  

The Crown and Lord Bishops have Corruption Control Jurisdictions that govern Parliament Session Powers. They conduct Corruption Investigations and Remedy Investigations to get the evidence needed for Parliament Session Decisions. Anyone who provides Investigation Assistance for the Crown and Lord Bishops gets Citizen Status. It creates General Protection Rights for the Citizen with Protection Enforcement by the Cabinet and Prime Minister and Enforcement Accountability by the Opposition Leader. It provides Passive Protection that gets Protection Justice Proof for the Cabinet and Prime Minister or Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof against them.  

Mr Yediayli earned Citizen Status by allowing use of his cases. He has Turkish Literacy, English Illiteracy, Fast Food Shop Skills and a Business Administration Skill Deficit. He managed a Fast Food Business from 2005 until 2019. A Criminal Prosecution Fraud subjected him to Chronic Stress. He could not cope with the business. He lost it. He gave Transaction Instructions to a Sale Lawyer. He did not understand Business Sale Procedures. He accepted a Book Payment, Cash Payment, Accounting Promises, Payment Promises and gave Premature Possession to the Buyer Mr Ahmed. It got Promise Breaches. At that stage it was a Commercial Matter. It became a Corruption Matter.

Citizen Mr Can Say had Language Skills, Business Skills and Corruption Investigation Skills. In June 2019 he agreed the Crown and Lord Bishops have use of his cases. Citizen Mr Say was a Turkish Cypriot, an Invasion Refugee from Cyprus, a Legal Immigrant to UK and a Successful Businessman. Corrupt Officers planned an Illegal Immigrant Repatriation Fraud and Business Thefts. The Repatriation Fraud failed. It revealed Top Level Coordinated Corruption. Greed and Insecurity motivated Ruin Frauds against Citizen Mr Say. He got Corruption Proof at every stage of the process. He kept the Corruption Proof during 14 Months of Homelessness. The Ruin Frauds included a Paranoid Delusion Mental Illness Diagnosis Fraud and use of it for Remedy Denial Frauds. The Corrupt Officers bought Court Frauds from Top Judges. Citizen Mr Say had the Original Fraud Proof and the Court Fraud Proof. Corrupt Officers lost confidence. They used Organised Criminal Thugs for Violent Attacks, Kidnapping and Torture to get the Corruption Proof. They did not break him. One of the Violent Attacks was by Known Criminals in Myddleton Road, Wood Green with Many Witnesses. The Criminal Complaint with Assailant Identification and Witness Details got an Investigation Denial Frauds by the Metropolitan Police. It added to the Corruption Proof. They dare not kill him. They needed to know where he was. They procured a Residential Tenancy of Unfit Housing for Chronic Torture and Physical Injury with intent to get a Slow Murder. A Businessman made a Case Reference to the Equity Lawyer. Citizen Mr Say agreed use of a Charity Corruption Case, Election Fairness Case and Housing Unfitness Case for Integrity Tests of the Media, State, Law Courts and Top Politicians before and during the General Election Campaign Period. It was a trap. The Landlord, Agent and Council Officers relied on Court Frauds. They got Court Frauds. They did not know that the Remedy Process had broken the confidence of Top Level Corrupt Officers. They tried to revive the Illegal Immigration Fraud. They failed but linked the First Frauds with the Last Frauds.  On 18th November 2019 the Benefits Agency conducted a Work Fitness Interview and Undeclared Income Investigation Interview. The Benefits Agency ignored the Physical Illnesses and the Mental Illness Diagnosis Fraud, made Legal Service Work Fitness Allegations and Unpaid Work Allegations. The Legal Services were Criminal Offences under the Legal Service Act 2007.  The Interview Audio Record is Investigation Fraud Proof against the Benefits Interviewer. It includes Evidence Exclusion Frauds. The Equity Lawyer attended with Citizen Mr Say. The Benefits Interviewer made an Eviction Fraud against the Equity Lawyer.

Best Advice: An Immunity Negotiation Meeting hosted by Metropolitan Police for the Equity Lawyer, Landlord, Agents, Council Officers and All Relevant State Officers.

Citizen Mr Yediayli confided in Citizen Mr Can Say. It got a Case Investigation by Citizen Mr Say and, in October 2019, a Case Reference to Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. He wanted to know more about the Crown Court Judge who is said to have noticed the Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds, used Trial Management to get Jury Acquittal and given the Claim Advice for Citizen Mr Yediayli against the Metropolitan Police, Crown Prosecutors and Defenders. The Equity Lawyer prepared the Fast Food Business Recovery Claim. Citizen Mr Say acted as Agent to get issue of it as QB 2019 003741. Personal Service of the Claim Papers by the Equity Lawyer and Citizen Mr Say got Disclosure Promises and then Promise Breaches from Buyer Mr Ahmed. Gossip spread. Drug Dealers made a Business Purchase Oral Offer to Citizen Mr Yediayli of a £30,000 Book Price plus £150,000 Cash Price.  Citizen Mr Yediayli agreed use of the Fast Food Case and Corruption Case for Integrity Tests of the State, Law Courts and Top Politicians. Agent Mr Say got issue of Corruption Claim QB 2019 003984, filed Remedy Applications in Both Cases and asked for them to be heard together. The choice for the High Court Judges was Accounting Orders and Sale Price Payment Order or Business Recovery for Citizen Mr Yedialyli that got a £150,000 Damage Reduction for the Ministry of Justice or Unjust Enrichment Frauds for the Buyer. They chose the Unjust Enrichment Frauds.

Best Advice: An Immunity Negotiation Meeting hosted by Metropolitan Police for the Equity Lawyer and Mr Ahmed.

The Remedy Process got Corruption Findings and Dismissal Decisions against Prime Ministers Mr Blair, Mr Brown and Mrs May. It got Remedy Co-operation from Prime Minister Mr Cameron. The Protection Fraud Network needed the 2015 General Election to remove him from office. It did not. He won a Governing Majority. They planned a Ruin Fraud against him. It needed Internet Publicity by an Innocent Agent, Censorship Motive Proof against the Prime Minister a Framing Fraud against the Innocent Agent and exposure of it timed to do maximum damage to the Prime Minister. Panama Papers Week prepared for a Framing Fraud Exposure Week that did not happen. The Equity Lawyer found the case. The Innocent Agent was Citizen Mr John Paterson. He co-operated. They got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Law Court Judges in time to stop Framing Fraud Exposure Week. They made Immunity Negotiation Offers.  

The Remedy Process Cases include Harassment Cases of the Metropolitan Police against Citizen Mr John Paterson.  The Crown Court Plea Hearing or Trial is said to be listed for 6th December 2019. The Chelmsford Magistrates Court Harassment 1900406516 Plea Hearing on 15th November 2019 got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Crown Prosecutor Mr Farmer and the Defender.  They knew enough about the Remedy Process for Briefing Refusals. The Defender heard the No Jurisdiction Plea Notice and got a Court Room Eviction Fraud against the Equity Lawyer. He produced a Hearing Event Report. Citizen Mr Awodiya used Election Fraud Appeal 2019 2700 to get Stamp Filing Proof from the Court of Appeal on it before close of business that day. 

Best Advice: Immediate Hearing, Case Dismissal Order, Immediate Release Order for Citizen Mr Paterson v State and an Immunity Negotiation Meeting hosted by Metropolitan Police for the Equity Lawyer and Framing Fraud Witnesses.

Another Remedy Process Case is the Protection Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 of Citizen Mr Cant against Organised Criminal Mr Seton. Citizen Mr Cant bought a Housing Estate Flat from Haringey Council. The Estate Accounts Questions discovered Expense Frauds by Council Officers for Top Police and Top Judges. The Corrupt Officers made Protection Fraud Demands. They got Co-ordinated Corruption that was Protection Fraud Proof against the Council, Metropolitan Police, Ministry of Justice, Property Tribunal and Law Courts. The Remedy Process broke the confidence of Corrupt Officers. Top Judges used Organised Criminal Mr Seton for a Violent Intimidation Fraud against Citizen Mr Cant using Grievous Bodily Harm and Kill Threats. The Equity Lawyer told Citizen Mr Cant to make a Criminal Complaint + Protection Request to the Metropolitan Police. They ignored him. Citizen Mr Cant made Harassment Restraint Protection Applications. They got Protection Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court and the Protection denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 in the Court of Appeal. It got a Criminal Investigation by the Metropolitan Police and what is said to be a Common Assault Charge with a December Trial Date in Bow Magistrates Court. On the evidence available the Common Assault Charge is Protection fraud Proof against the Metropolitan Police and Law Courts.

Best Advice: An Immunity Negotiation Meeting hosted by Metropolitan Police for the Equity Lawyer and Mr Seton

The Nuisance Fraud Claim E08YJ260 and, Fraud Appeals QA 2019 000205 and 000265 got Trial Fraud Proof and Appeal Fraud Proof for the Citizen, Crown and Parliament against the Claimants, Claimant Representatives, Claimant Witnesses, Trial Judges and Appeal Judges. Organised Criminals used Court Frauds to get a Forced Sale at a Low Price and Property Development Profits. The Victim had Nervous Breakdowns + Reclusive Behaviour. He did nothing. Secret Service Officers were servicing the Corruption Remedy Process. Sussex Judges were Investigation Targets. The Secret Service Officers created Judgment Deficit Proof for an Integrity Test that got Trial Fraud Proof, Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Claimant, Witnesses, Claimant Representatives, Trial Judges and Appeal Judges. The Remedy Process got Remedy Co-operation from the Victim between June and October 2019 and then Reclusive Behaviour and Co-operation Failure. The result is a Corruption Proof Set and Perverse Beneficiary Proof Set for Remedy Management. Exemplary Damages for Victims are a Justice Management Tool in Remedy Co-operation Cases. Terrorism Findings and Terrorist Asset Forfeit Penalties for the people are a Justice Management Tool in Remedy Failure Cases. Decisions are needed by the Crown and Lord Bishops where the line is drawn in cases that got Partial Co-operation from the Victims        

Best Advice: An Immunity Negotiation Meeting hosted by Metropolitan Police for the Equity Lawyer and the Claimants Mr and Mrs Faull, the Claimant Lawyers Burnand Brazier Malcolm Wilson. Health Officers, Council Officers, Police Officers, Court Officers, Trial Judges and Appeal Judges.

On 18th November 2019 Citizen Mr Awodiya presented 22 Document Sets for Corruption Claim HQ18X02606 and Election Fraud Claim QB 2019 003126 that had a Fraud Revocation hearing listed for 2 days later, and the Fraud Appeal 2019 2700. It got Filing Refusal Fraud Proof against the High Court Actions Office and Court of Appeal Office. It made necessary a Document Filing Visit by the Equity Lawyer to the Sussex Crown Prosecutors Office to ensure the Rejected Documents got on the Remedy Process File held by the Director of Public Prosecutions for the Prime Minister and Crown.   

On 18th November 2019 Citizen Mr Mustafa visited London without any warning to the Equity Lawyer. They produced the Election Fraud Claim.

The Immunity Negotiation Case Management will be Relevant Evidence for Remedy Decisions by the Crown and Lord Bishops. It will be convenient for them if the Immunity Terms are Validity Settlement Proof that gets Settlement Satisfaction Certificates from the Victims. The Immunity Negotiations need Careful Case Management. Exemplary Damages are a Valid Remedy for Victims who have provided Remedy Co-operation. Terrorism Findings and Terrorist Asset Forfeit Penalties for the People are a Valid Remedy in Remedy Co-operation Failure Cases. Decisions are needed where the line is drawn in cases that got Partial Co-operation from the Victims. In some cases it is easy. Intense Corruption Stress or Chronic Corruption Stress enables a Valid Classification of Remedy Co-operation Failures as Corruption Damage.

This Remedy Process message is a Corruption Remedy Policy Questions Tool for Voters and Parliamentary Candidates.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis







Patient Medical Service Denial Frauds, Housing Benefit, Contempt Fraud and Ruin Fraud

Prime Minister Mr Johnson, Attorney General Mr Cox, Opposition Leader Mr Corbyn, All MPs, General Medical Council Unfitness Complaint Officers + Redbridge Council Officers,

Congratulations to Prime Minister Mr Johnson for winning the Leadership Contest.  

1.    Election Warning

1.1.  The Remedy Process Emails are Due Notice Proof for the Citizen against MPs when the Crown and Lord Bishops make Parliamentary Session Decisions. General Elections get Governing Majorities. The Protection Fraud Networks have Remedy Sabotage Majorities. The Remedy Sabotage MPs might want a Confidence Defeat Election to avoid a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. The Equity Lawyer made Remedy Proposals for a Care Taker Prime Minister to manage Mass Remedies before the Leadership Contest Voting Day.  MPs ignored it and thereby raised Reasonable Suspicions of Protection Fraud Deals in exchange for Leadership Support. The Protection Fraud Promises were subject to Viable Execution Conditions. The Remedy Process has been managed to get Unviable Conditions Proof to enable Protection Fraud Promise Releases. The Best Advice is that the Prime Minister gives Written Notices of Unviable Conditions and Management Advice Requests, documents the responses, if any, spends very little time on it and gets on with other business. Corruption Victims will accept a Prime Minister who did Protection Fraud Deals to get office provided he uses office to give priority to Corruption Remedies. They know the Prime Minister might need a Parliament Session Agreement with Corruption Remedy Conditions that require Mass Remedies in the few days between General Election Day and Parliament Assembly Day.       

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Remedy Process Update

The Corruption Remedy Process has changed the Accountability Terms. The Justice Priority of the People has replaced the Empowerment Priority of the Dictator. It affects everything including the Leadership Contest.

Due Process is whatever the Justice Priority needs. It depends on the in the circumstances of the case. The Leadership Contest is a case. Due Process needs the Remedy Process to deliver an Unfitness Purge of Corrupt MPs.

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