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The Common Law and Equity Governance are the Birth Right of All People.

The United Kingdom had the Common Law and Equity Governance. The Top Level Corruption Controls of the Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops are called the Equity Monarchy Trusts. They govern Parliament Session Powers. The Ultimate Power is a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for Corruption proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. It enables the imposition of Corruption Remedy Conditions in Parliament Session Agreements.

The European Leaders agreed the European Constitution. It vests Dictator Powers in the State. It replaced Equity Governance with Dictator Governance. The Equity Monarchy Trusts fell into disuse for 45 years while the European Constitution was developed. The European Leaders wanted Reference Acceptance of the Dictator Powers. In 2004 the preparations for the European Referenda included Election Frauds by the European Leaders. The Election Fraud Proof was used for a Corruption Notice to the Crown and Parliament. It revived use of the Equity Monarchy Trusts. It started a Corruption Remedy
Process that has continued ever since.

The Dictator Plan used Education Sabotage Frauds. They hoped the People would forget their Birth Right. The Dictator Plan failed.

The People of the United Kingdom did not forget they had a Birth Right. They did forget some of the details. Now they want to know more about it. They need to know about the Common Law. They need to know the Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops are Corruption Control Partners. None of them can act alone. If the Citizen sleeps the Justice sleeps. People want to know how to function as Citizen.

The Equity Monarchy Trusts are a big advantage for the recovery of Equity Governance in the United Kingdom.

The Big Challenge is development of Corruption Control Jurisdictions for the Citizen against the State in the Republics.