Royal Commission, Fraud Appeals, Contempt Claim Fraud Chronology, Bundle Schedule, Trial Listing Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Complaint and Terrorism Complaint Filing Email of Equity Lawyer

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, State Lawyers, Court Officers and Judges

The Fraud and Terrorism Complaint explains the process that got completion of the Trial Listing Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof Set.
The Time Extension Refusal Fraud Appeal Grounds broke the confidence of the Court of Appeal Case Officer and Case Master. Now they are pretending that they do not know the Equity Lawyer has Kidney Failure and is dependent on a 4 Hour Life-Saving Dialysis Treatment Session 3 times a week to stay alive. They are pretending they do not know about the Treatment Denial Frauds that in 2020 caused End-Stage Kidney Failure and Enormous Body Damage and that the Top Doctors used a Urea Poison Fraud for a Dialysis Treatment Sabotage Fraud. They are pretending they do not know that the Urea Poison Fraud failed and broke the confidence of Dialysis Doctors to engage with the Equity Lawyer for Treatment Management and Medical Evidence for Court Use. They are pretending they have the power to require him to produce Medical Evidence that the Dialysis Doctors refuse to provide. It is Aggravated Contempt Fraud Proof and Aggravated Terrorism Proof against them.

The Chronology, Bundle Schedule, Protection Breach Contempt Fraud and Terrorism Complaint are attached.

The Equity Lawyer has to leave for a Dialysis Treatment Appointment at Broomfield Hospital. He will attempt to send the Bundle Filing Emails later in the day if he has the energy.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis