Remedy Process Test Case Notice + Investigation 01 YE 15441 23 Interested Party Contempt Remedy Application + signature x 3 in Citizen Mr Katsiaounis v State

The Best Advice is a Case Comprehension Deficit Admission + Case Reference by Case Officer Detective Constable Mr Jake Flanders via superiors to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley. 

The Best Advice for the Magistrate Court Chief Administrator is an Urgent Hearing for the Bail Revocations + Contempt Remedy Applications dated 24 January and 24th April 2024. Avoid Tuesday and Thursday because Equity Lawyer Mr Elis has Dialysis Treatment  

The House of Common Speaker, Prime Minister and Opposition Leader have a duty of care to ensure that All MPs have notice. The Metropolitan Police are Totally Trapped. Just Remedies needs Production Orders for Court Fraud Proof that includes Hearing Audio Records. Enforcement Frauds needs Sex Crime Investigation Denial Frauds or Corruption Case Process denial Frauds + Evidence Exclusion Frauds.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward Ellis  

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