Remedy Process, Mass Remedies and Election Fairness Claim

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader, Other Party Leaders and All MPs,

The Election Fairness Claim got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against High Court Judges. It enables Remedy Tests of Political Party Leaders. They can make Mass Remedy Agreements with the Citizen or by failure to do so create Election Fraud Proof against themselves. It will be part of the Ultimate Sanction Proof Set.   

On Friday the attached DRAFT Remedy Order was filed in the High Court as a Settlement Negotiation Start. It is 1864 words of which 1518 are the Stated Reasons. The Claim Particulars will need to be about 5,000 words. There should be no need to write it. The MPs know the substance of the content. The States Reasons explain the circumstances up to the Ruin Fraud Conspiracy against Prime Minister Mr Cameron. It was a Contempt Fraud against him, the Crown and Parliament.  It failed. It got an Ultimate Sanction Proof Set. The Crown and Lord Bishops used it to get the 2017 Surprise General Election and a Long Session of 2 ½ years. It enabled Protection Fraud Investigations in Parliament. They got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Corrupt MPs. It is Court Fraud Proof against State Officers, Law Court Judges and Corrupt MPs. The DRAFT Remedy Order focuses on the Election Fairness Claim. The Settlement Terms need to deliver Mass Remedies with Corruption Findings + Remedy Entitlement Findings + Remedy Priority Findings + Mass Enforcement Stays + Liberty Restoration + Reputation Restoration + Estate Restoration for the Victims, Citizens, Crown, Parliament and People and Dismissal Decisions + Terrorism Penalties against Organised Criminals, Corrupt Officers and Law Court Judges.  The Mass Enforcement Stays will be against the State and Law Courts to identify and remedy Liability Frauds and Disproportionate Enforcement Frauds.

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Remedy Process, Office Unfitness Cases, Contempt Frauds and Other Cases Investigation Enquiries

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader and All MPs,

The 1st Criminal Trial Fraud against Citizen Mr Pead used an Invented Complainant + Complaint Fraud. It got a Restraint Fraud. It was an Obvious Self-Evident Fraud because the Crown Court did not have the power to make it. The Norfolk Authorities used the Obvious Fraud for the 7th Criminal Trial Fraud. It is Restraint Breach Contempt 2017 0417 Trial Fraud. The Remedy Process broke the confidence that MPs and Law Court Judges could provide Protection Frauds. Corrupt Officers used Total Destruction of the 1st Criminal Trial Records for a Protection Fraud. The Norfolk Authorities were left with the Obvious Fraud that is Crime Proceeds of a Criminal Trial Fraud. The Contempt Fraud Remedy Hearing for Citizen Mr Pead is in Norwich Crown Court on Friday 11th October 2019. The Corrupt Officers needed an Enforcement Fraud for use at the Remedy Hearing. They used an Unidentified Criminal Case Pretence Fraud + £5,529.50 Fine Default and Costs Pretence Fraud + Mastons Reference 9338481 for Reference Good Recovery Enforcement Fraud to enable use of the remedy hearing for a Sentence Breach Enforcement Fraud. They are too late.  The Contempt Remedy Hearing will get either Remedy Co-operation Proof for the Hearing Judge or Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the Judge

Corruption Proof against Central London County Court helped to get the Surprise General Election and a Long Session of 2 ½ years for Remedy management. Central London County Court managed the Lodger Eviction Court Frauds against Citizen Mr Zarb during the Long Session.  He is a Devout Roman Catholic with a Naive Personality. He used the Corruption Proof against London Judges for a Trial Fraud Appeal QA 2018 0239 to the High Court and an Appeal Case Transfer Application to Leicester County Court. It infuriated Top Judges. They made Ruin Fraud Demands and got a Harassment Crime Framing Fraud against him. It used an Allegedly 14 Year Old Girl for a School Research Conversation + Young Adult Impersonation Fraud against Citizen Mr Zarb. She gave him a Contact Number and used the 3rd Contact for a Harassment Complaint Fraud. On 18th September 2019 the Appeal Requirement Breach Sanction Relief Applications hearing in Royal Court 37 got Costs Fraud Proof against the Claim Lawyers and High Court Justice Mr Jacobs.  The equity lawyer has not had time to visit Leicester and examine all the Case Records. He has enough for the Contempt Special Enquiry Proposals  

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis



Remedy Process, Office Unfitness Cases and Election Fairness Mattress Frauds

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader and All MPs,

The Dictator Plan used Perverse Priority for Bias Frauds to replace the Just Priority. The function of the Bias Frauds was to isolate the individual. The function of the Justice Priority was to empower the Citizen. The Dictator Dismantling Plan uses a Priority Reversal for the Justice Priority against the Bias Frauds. It is very simple. It is Jurisdiction Superiority for the Justice Priority Obligation against Legislation + Regulation + Precedent + Practice. There are Instinctual Personality Types who can service the Dictator Dismantling Plan and achieve Rapid Success. Dictator Governance relied on suppression of Instinctual Personality Types and used Trainable Personalities as Bias Fraud Enforcers. They were incapable of adapting to circumstances. Things went wrong. They blamed others. Organised Crime had Total Control. The Remedy Process has worked very well. Dictator Governors used Secret Corrupt Processes and Open Nothing Happening Pretence Processes. They used Media Broadcasts of Scripted Interviews for Management Credibility and got Progressive Incredibility. Audiences listened and viewed to know what was happening. Some stopped. Some continued to listen and view as Incredibility Monitors. Some of the Recent Broadcasts demonstrated a Confidence Deficit of MPs when challenged with Unscripted Interviews. The Unscripted Anxiety was Credible Broadcasting of Incredible Governance.  The Political Polls are Misinformation Tools for Perverse Policies. Insecure Dictators might think they need a 10,000 Tazer Policy. The People do not. An example of what they need is a Corruption Remedy Policy that takes out the Top Corrupt Officers who manage Drug Supplies to Gang Leaders. It needs to be co-ordinated with a Leadership Replacement for Gang Followers. The Equity Lawyer has Leadership Replacement Proposals. He needs Credible Remedy Commitment from the Political Party Leaders to disclose them.       

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Remedy Process, Judicial Office Unfitness Cases, Restraint Breach Contempt and Election Fairness Case Email for Citizen Mr Pead v State

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader and All MPs,

Remedy Process Emails get Bounce Messages from some MPs. The Speaker will please ensure All MPs get it.

The Ultimate Sanction needs a Validity Proof Set and a Publicity Proof Set. The Validity Proof Set is everything the Corruption Remedy Process has got since revival of the Equity Monarchy Trusts in October 2004. The Publicity Proof Set is a Simple Current Proof Set that every Voter can understand. It is Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Election Fraud Proof got from Live Cases.

The Lead Civil Cases are the Nuisance Trial Fraud + Appeals QA 29019 000205 + 000265. The Fraud Appeals forced the choice between Fraud Remedies and Fraud Enforcement. High Court Judges chose Fraud Enforcement.  The QA 2019 000205 Appeal Permission Refusal dated 24th September 2019 purports to have been made by Sir Alistair Geoffrey is a Corruption Remedy Denial Fraud. MPs have a duty to discover whether it is Genuine or Forged, and in either event to manage Corruption Remedies.

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Remedy Process, Office Unfitness Cases, Contempt Frauds and Restraint Breach Contempt Remedy Update

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader and All MPs

Governance Systems develop Addictive Behaviour. It can be good or bad. Equity Governance develops the Good Addictive Behaviour of Truth Discovery and Just Reasoning for Fair Process. Dictator Governance develops the Bad Addictive Behaviour of Truth Concealment and Perverse Reasoning for Power Possession. It applies at every level of governance. MPs cannot credibly deny it. Honourable MPs do what they can. The others pretend they know nothing.

The Protection Fraud Network got Bad Behaviour from Ordinary Officers but not Behaviour Addiction. The Corrupt Officers were Bad Behaviour Addicts. The Remedy Process forced some to stop. The Ordinary Officers did not suffer Withdrawal Symptoms. Corrupt Officers did suffer Withdrawal Symptoms. It was proportionate to the addiction. Some of the Corrupt Officers could not stop. They were isolated. The Network had Mutual Support Capacity. It is dramatically reduced. Corrupt Officers are reduced to managing Local Protection Frauds because most of them cannot get Network Protection Frauds.

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Remedy Process, Office Unfitness Cases, Prorogation and Election Fairness Claim Update

Prime Minister Mr Johnson, Attorney General Mr Cox, Opposition Leader Mr Corbyn, Other Party Leaders and All MPs,

Honourable MP Mr Iain Duncan Smith will please ensure the Crown has this email for the Lo5rd Bishops. They should have it before the Equity Lawyer can get a print filed on the Remedy Process File that the Director of Public Prosecutions holds for the Crown and Prime Minister  

The Parliament Session Powers enable the Ultimate Sanction of a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. It needs a Validity Proof Set and a Publicity Proof Set. The Validity Proof Set is everything the Corruption Remedy Process got since revival of the Equity Monarchy Trusts in October 2004. The Publicity Proof Set needs Live Cases that get Court Fraud Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Election Fraud Proof that All Voters can understand.

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