Royal Commission + Superior Human Rights Declaration + Election Preparations

The choice for All MPs is to  set a New Governance Standard by making a Super Human Rights Declaration for the People against the Authorities. 

The Cabinet can do it by amending the Immigration Bill. The words in the schedule force the European Court of Human Rights to enforce the Superior Human Right or risk Total Collapse of the European Convention.  

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward Ellis 

The Schedule 

Superior Human Rights Declaration for the Citizen against the State, Profession Authorities, Law Courts, and Parliament Courts

  1. The Common Obligation of one and all, proportionate to the circumstances, is to serve as Citizen, use reliable objectivity to discover the truth, reason justice, thereby manage the Justice Priority of the People and achieve the best chance of enduring peace.
  2. The Individual qualifies as Citizen by giving a Privilege Waiver, Confidentiality Waiver and Case Management Authority for use of the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth for Integrity Tests of the Authorities.
  3. The Integrity Tests:
    1. Use Case Priority for the Corruption Case of the Citizen against All Other Cases.
    2. Use Pending Remedies Enforcement Stay Protection Rights for the Citizen against the State, Profession Authorities and Law Courts. A Protection Breach is a Justice Process Contempt. It gets Contempt Penalty Rights for the Citizen and People against everyone All Responsible Parties
    3. Use the Objective Corruption Remedy Proof Standard for Corruption Cases against the State, Remedy Denial Fraud Cases against the Law Courts, Unfitness Cases against Top Officers of State and Law, and Parliament Session Priority Cases. It is Official Records, and Official Record Failures, that are Justice Proof for Honourable Officers or Guilt Proof against Corrupt Officers and Credibility Irrelevance Proof for the Victim.
    4. Use a Credible Neutrality Qualification for Justice Offices that:
      1. Requires the Voluntary Disclosure by each Justice Officer of anything that is or might be a Conflict Interest that raises Credibility Doubts against Witnesses and Complainants, and Neutrality Doubts about the investigator, prosecutor, defender, and adjudicator.
      2. Requires tenure of any Justice Office Tenure for a Conflict Disqualification against All Other Justice Offices later in a Case Process.
    5. Use of Equal Status for Case Parties by
      1. Separation of Rights Definition Jurisdictions from Rights Enforcement Jurisdictions,
      2. Prohibition against use of Rights Definitions for a Party against another Party by any Justice Officer in Rights Enforcement Cases in the Jurisdiction Trial and Liability Trials
      3. Provision of Expertise Inequality Remedies that are proportionate to the Case Complexity
      4. Use an Evidence Balance that starts with a Validity Presumption for the Citizen and Credibility Presumption for the State both of which are subject to Rebuttal Proof Positive.  
      5. Use the Objective Probability Proof Standard for Civil Cases,
      6. Use the Objective Beyond All Reasonable Doubt Proof Standard for Criminal Cases
    6. Use of the Absolute Priority in every case of a Validity Investigation to discover:
      1. Whether a Case Priority Breach, Credible Neutrality Breach or Party Equality Breach gets Invalid Status for any of the Process Evidence
      2. Whether any Fraud Proof gets a Proof Burden Reversal and Fraud Presumption of everything else for the Victim against the Fraud Manager and Fraud Beneficiary subject to Rebuttal Proof Positive   

4.       The Corruption Control Powers of the Citizen are a Superior Human Right in addition to Human Rights defined by the European Convention.

5.       A Superior Human Rights Enforcement Breach by the European Court of Human Rights shall be a Protection Fraud against the People that incurs the Breach Penalty of a Convention Withdrawal by the UK State from the European Convention to set a Superior Human Rights Standard for the world.

Royal Commission Remedy Process Update 2022 002595 + 2023 000569 + 0174 + Profession Fitness Case 2946 2023

To: Citizens, MPs, Representatives Officers and Judges,

Remedy Sabotage led by Former Home Secretary Ms Braverman and Opposition Leader Sir Keir Starmer denied Top Down Remedies and created the need for Bottom Up Remedies. They needed Political Prisoner Proof. It needed Known Court Frauds and Enforcement Action that got an Imprisonment Fraud that was Political Prisoner Proof. The Contempt Claim 2022 003098 of the Cabinet and Fraud Appeals 2023 000569 + 0174 got Trial Fraud Proof, Appeal Fraud Proof and an Imprisonment Fraud against the Equity Lawyer that was Political Prisoner Proof. 

The Imprisonment Frauds enabled a Corruption Investigator that got help from an Honorable Officer and identified Political Prisoners and Corrupt Officers. It got Protection Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Prison Governors and Law Court Judges. Health Frauds by the Prison Authorities did enormous damage to the Equity Lawyer. Honourable Prison Officers and Renal Nurses did their best to achieve Damage Limitation. The recovery is slow. 

The Prison Report is in progress.

The attached documents are the are self explanatory. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Fake “Investigative Sci-Tech Journalist” Ramola Dhamaraj – Corruption Remedy Saboteur.

Ramola Dhamaraj is based in or near Boston, Massachusetts, USA claiming to be an “Investigative Sci-Tech Journalist”.  This woman has taken content from British Corruption Investigator Dr Julia Spivack and used it to write an article which is largely fanciful gossip and posted it on her website, “The Everyday Concerned Citizen”, without Dr Spivack’s consent or permission whatsoever and in a way that discredits Dr Spivack, Mr Edward Ellis and the Corruption Remedy Process.  

She has posted letters and emails, some of which are of a legal nature marked “confidential”.    She has invited visitors to her website to circulate it on social media.   She refuses to remove the offending content after repeated requests and has ceased to communicate, and refuses to discuss the matter reasonably.

In particular, Ramola Dhamaraj introduced Dr Spivack as a “whistleblower on pharmaceutical corruption and crime”, which is absolutely untrue – Dr Spivack has never done any such thing, and Dr Spivack is NOT against the pharmaceutical industry.  What Dr Spivack has whistle blown on is harm to patients perpetrated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).  She describes Dr Spivack as an Osteopath when Dr Spivack is not registered with the GOsC – thus framing Dr Spivack for a criminal offence.   She prominently describes Mr Ellis as “Leading Mass Corruption Remedy in the UK”, thus endorsing the fraudulent Judgement against Mr Ellis by Mr Justice Kerr.  Mr Ellis is not “leading”; he is managing – the citizen is leading the corruption remedy process.   She states that Dr Spivack has written “directly to the King”, which is untrue.   Moreover, her article presents the material in a writing style Dr Spivack is very uncomfortable with and is inappropriate for the subject matter being presented.

Clearly, Ramola Dhamaraj is not a genuine journalist because she has flouted basic journalistic/publishing protocol and ethics by not seeking permission and misrepresenting the facts. 

She has either been recruited as a stooge to publish malicious disinformation about Mr Ellis, Dr Spivack and the Corruption Remedy Process, or she is a fantasist of unsound mind lacking the intellectual calibre to understand the subject matter and report accurately in a dignified tone.   Clearly, she has no academic training and has no understanding of the laws pertaining to authorship and ownership of material.

Dr Julia Spivack BSc(Hons), DO, MSCC, MICO, Dip Hom, MSc(Ayur), BSc(Hons)(Hom).

2022 0602 Contempt Claim 2022 003098 + Fraud Appeal 2023 000569 Remedy Cooperation Ultimatum

To: Wing A Custody Manager Mr Barton for All Custody Managers Pentonville Prison, The Cabinet

The best advice for Prison Custody Managers is to ask for Mass Release Plan Authority + Delegation Authority from Prison Governors. It will get Plan Authority or Personal Liability against the Governors.

Equity Lawyer Edward Ellis

A Message from Edward Ellis

I received the following message from Edward today. A transcript follows.

Thank you for the email.

Please keep the documents.

I cannot give any directions from a prison cell using a pen and paper. I will do my best to give updates.

I give Case Management Advice to Prisoners and send duplicates to the Cabinet. They observe what the Defender, State and Law Courts do.

Integrity Tests got Appeal Sabotage Fraud Proof for me against the Prison Governors.

A growing number of Prison Officers know they need to prepare for Mass Releases. I tell them they will have Dual Responsibilities. They will have to identify who should not be in prison. It needs Case Management support for Prisoners. It needs identification of Framing Fraud Victims and Case References to Corrupt Investigators. It is in addition to Imprisonment Enforcement.

Please let everyone know.


Royal Commission + Fraud Appeal 2023 000569 Skeleton + Support Documents

To: Lord Lieutenants, Cabinet Representatives and Law Court Judges

End Stage Kidney Failure gets Standard Dialysis Treatment that is a partial Remedy for the Equity Lawyer. Each Session gives relief until the Life Process Toxins accumulate and the body dumps them in the flesh. They corrode the flesh and skin. The Equity Lawyer does Toxin Release Operations that do Progressive Skin Damage. he gets tired and suffers nausea. Cataracts make it harder to read and write. He started the Skeleton, expected to file it on Sunday, 23rd April 2023 but did not finish it until late on 27th April 2023. He has not had time to do a Bundle. He will try to do one in time for the hearing.

Attached are Support Documents

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis