Fraud Appeals 2020 0395 and 0396, PI 10942 and QB 2019 004208, 2020 000286, QB 2020 XXXXXX and Lease Possession Claim F02ED793

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Councillors, MPs, Lawyers and Law Court Judges,

The Crown and Lord Bishops need All Relevant Circumstances to decide Remedy Management. Competent Investigation is needed to discover All Relevant Circumstances. Citizens give Privilege Waivers and Confidentiality Waivers that help to build the confidence needed for Competent Investigation and Full Disclosure. Some Citizens do not know what are Relevant Circumstances or understand what is needed for Competent Investigation.

The Parliament Session Agreement dated December 2019 contained Corruption Remedy Conditions. They required that a Royal Commission get Corruption Remedies before the Session End. The Default Penalty is a Parliament Session refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof, Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Election Fraud Proof. Honourable Parliamentarians needed Criminal Conspiracy Proof for Dismissal Decisions against Top Judges by Parliament. If that failed, they needed it with Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against Corrupt Parliamentarians in a Forced General Election.

Citizens used their cases for Integrity Tests. They got Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against Top Judges. The Crown and Lord Bishops can use it for Parliament Session Decisions.

The Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 Permission Hearing on 29th July 2020 in Royal Court 71 needed a Resource Allocation by the Master of the Rolls. It got an Audio Record that complete the Protection Fraud Proof Set for the Citizen, Crown and Parliament against Organised Criminals, the Metropolitan Police and Law Courts. The Protection Denial Fraud Appeal Grounds dated 31st July 2020 explains it.

Citizen Tenant Mr Hastunc is a Popular Man, Talented Chef and Restaurateur but is Almost Illiterate. He is a Corruption Victim. The Landlord had an Obsolete Restaurant on a Derelict Site and a Development Plan. They needed a Fraud Victim to resource the Development Plan.  Citizen Mr Hastunc was excellent for the purpose. The Landlord used Misrepresentation Frauds and Representation Denial Frauds to get a Lease Definition that denied Statutory Protection for a Residence Lease of Business Lease. They used Misrepresentation Frauds to get investment of time, work, skill and at least £357,000 by the Citizen Tenant in the Leased Property. Then they used Violent Thugs in Balaclava Helmets for an Attempted Possession Fraud. It failed. They used a Quit Notice Fraud and Lease Claim F02ED793 and a Court Fraud Deal with Top Judges to get a Possession Fraud.

Citizen Tenant Mr Hastunc agreed the Corruption Remedy Process have the case for Integrity Tests. On 4th February 2020 the Citizen Tenant, Interpreter and Equity Lawyer attended the Possession Hearing. They broke the confidence of the Hearing Judge for a Possession Fraud but not for Trial Directions Frauds and a Costs Fraud. The Defence and Counterclaim details the Case Frauds. The Landlord does not deny any of them. The Bias Fraud Proof for the Citizen Tenant against the Landlord and the County Court includes Defence and Counterclaim Filing Denial Frauds and the Costs and Trial Directions Fraud Appeal. It includes the Possession Denial Appeal Fraud by the Landlord. The Sole Appeal Ground was that the Citizen Tenant had Representation Assistance at the Possession Hearing. The Landlord used the Filing Denial Frauds for a Rent Arrears Statutory Demand that started a Bankruptcy Fraud. On 8th April 2020, the Equity Lawyer prepared and gave Email Notice of the Statutory Demand Set Aside Application and the Corruption Claim that gives Defendant Party Status to the Prime Minister. The Possession Denial Appeal Hearing Date Notice and Skype Hearing Notice dated 19th May 2020 from County Court was not received by Citizen Mr Hastunc until late July 2020. The F02ED793 Case Management Enquiry dated 13th July 2020 from the County Court was received by Citizen Mr Hastunc a few days later. On 22nd July 2020, the Equity Lawyer sent the Corruption Claim to the High Court and a Fraud Appeal Fee Remission Application to the Court of Appeal by Royal Mail Signed For Post. On 24th July 2020, it got a Filing Receipt from the Royal Courts Post Room. It got an Acknowledgement Email from the Court of Appeal and Claim Issue Denial Fraud Proof for the Citizen Tenant against the High Court. The Hearing Notice Letter dated 17th July 2020 from the Landlord Lawyers arrived in the post about the same time as the Hearing Notice from the County Court. On 27th July 2020, the Citizen Tenant telephoned the Equity Lawyer he had received Case Papers. Citizens collected them and emailed them to the Equity Lawyer. The Landlord used a Restraint Fraud against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis to deny the Citizen Tenant the benefit of Appeal Hearing Representations by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis.  

Interpreter Mr Can Say has Heart Problems, Breathing Problems and Other Problems. He needs a good day to do anything.

The Equity Lawyer has Dialysis Treatment for Kidney Failure.  It is Life Saving Treatment but provides Limited Energy. Physical Fitness is a Kidney Transplant Qualification. The End-Stage Kidney Failure did Body Damage. Physical Exercise is needed for Body Repair and recovery of Transplant Fitness. He had 3 Treatment Sessions a week. It did not give enough energy for Physical Exercise and Remedy Process Case Management. There was an Unexplained Reduction of Treatment Sessions for Some Patients at Broomfield Hospital from 3 to 2 a week. In the case of the Equity Lawyer, it had effect from 25th July 2020. He does not know what Energy Impact the Treatment Reduction will have. The Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 Permission Hearing on 29th July 2020 and Fraud Appeal to the Supreme Court and the Lease F02ED793 Appeal Hearing have made Energy Demands that make it difficult to judge the Energy Impact at the end of the first week of 2 Treatment Sessions.

The Equity Lawyer sent a Text and Email asking the Interpreter to help the Citizen Tenant at the Possession Hearing. He had No Response from the Interpreter before sending this Royal Commission Email. They will need Skype Hearing Details from the County Court before the Appeal Hearing at 10.00 tomorrow. If the Citizen Interpreter cannot assist  someone else might.

The Corruption Claim Filing Proof vests Conflict Jurisdiction in the High Court. It creates a Claim F02ED793 Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limit for the Citizen against the Landlord and County Court.  Failure to make Remedy Orders for the Citizen will enable a Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Appeal to the High Court, and if necessary, the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Attached are the Supreme Court Fraud Appeal Grounds dated 31st July 2020, the Lease Possession F02ED793 Appeal Hearing Representations, DRAFT Chronology and Schedule dated 2nd August 2020 and Draft Order dated 3rd August 2020.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis





Supreme Court Fraud Appeal and Protection Breach Fraud Appeal Contempt

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Councilors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges,

TAKE NOTICE that Citizen Mr Cant is asked to use the Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 Hearing on 29th July 2020 for Remedy Applications using the DRAFT Remedy Orders. The Best Advice is to read out all of the Remedy Applications in Bold Type and then read out the Stated Reasons. It will increase the chance of getting an Audio Record of the Remedy Applications for the Crown and Lord Bishops before Presentation Sabotage Frauds by the Hearing Judges. 

TAKE NOTICE that the Fraud Appeals 2020 0395 and 0396 Case Officers and Case Masters shall use the Core Bundle Regulations and Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof in the Core Bundle for a Regulation Fraud Finding, Compliance Failure Dismissal Refusal and Fraud Case References to the Master of the Rolls with Case Reference Notices to the Parties. The Default Penalty is Corruption Controller Findings, Terrorism Findings and Terrorism Penalties for the Citizens against the Case Officers and Case masters. The Common Bundle is for use in the Supreme Court Fraud Appeal, Court of Appeal Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 and 0396, Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Appeal and High Court Contempt Fraud Claims 2019 004208 and 2020 000286. 

TAKE NOTICE that the Supreme Court Fraud Appeal of Citizen Ms Berry and the High Court Corruption Claim of Citizen Mr Hastunc are being used as Comparator Cases for Case Issue Tests. The Stated Reason is that Top Judges use Legislation Frauds, Regulation Frauds, Policy Frauds and Practice Frauds to provide Protection Frauds for Corrupt Officers. It includes the use of Regulation Frauds for Conflict Disqualification Proof Exclusion Frauds that enable Case Dismissal Frauds by Appeal Lord Justices for No Evidence Reasons. It includes Issue Denial Frauds by Junior Judges and Regulation Compliance Failure Dismissal Frauds by Case Officers and Junior Judges.

TAKE NOTICE that the Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 Remedy Application Dismissal Fraud dated 17th July 2020 was used for the Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Trial Frauds on 21st July 2020. They are being used for the Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Appeal. It forces the Court of Appeal to process the Appeal Fraud Proof that the Fraud Appeals 2020 0395 and 0396 got against the Court of Appeal. It creates a Conflict Jurisdiction Disqualification and Remedy-Only Jurisdiction Limit for the Citizen against the State.

TAKE NOTICE the Remedy Co-operation of Citizen Mr Nkrumah got the Trial Fraud Appeal 2020 0055 in the Supreme Court with Fraud Proof against All Inferior Courts. Corrupt Officers managed Criminal Trial Frauds and used an Appeal Forgery to get an Appeal Dismissal Fraud. The True Appeal discovered the Appeal Forgery. The Habeas Corpus Claims got Issue Denial Fraud Proof against the Administrative Court. The Ministry of Justice made Obligation Breach Admissions and Settlement Officers while they were using a Prison Release Licence Forgery for a Sentence Breachy Prosecution Fraud the Top Judges committed Corruption Case Dismissal Frauds. The Sentence Breach Enforcement Fraud Plea Hearing got use of the Forgery Proof for a No Jurisdiction Plea Notice. The Court Lawyer tried to stop, but failed to stop,  the Arrogant Magistrate committing Trial Frauds by denying a Contempt Investigation and Pending Investigation Adjournment and making Trial Directions. The Adjourned Hearing got a Repeat Adjournment and Attendance Prohibition against the Prosecutor and the Defendant. The Trial Date Notices got Secret Adjournment Frauds and Listing Denial Frauds. The Hearing Attendance by the Citizen on 23rd July 2020 discovered a Listing Failure Fraud and got a Plea Hearing Listing Notice for 26th August 2020. It enables Corruption Remedy Applications in the Magistrates Court and the Supreme Court.

TAKE NOTICE that the Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 of Citizen Mr Cant in the Court of Appeal is listed for 29th July 2020. He is considering use of Citizen Papers for comparison with Court Records that will enable Justice Findings for or against the Hearing Judges and Court of Appeal. Violence Threats + Grievous Bodily Harm by Known Dangerous Criminal Mr Seton got an Injured Party Crime Complaint and Protection Claim by Citizen Mr Cant. They got Investigation Denial Fraud Proof and Protection Denial Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Cant against the Known Dangerous Criminal and Metropolitan Police. The Restraint Protection Claim got Protection Denial Fraud Proof against the County Court and the High Court and a Protection denial Fraud Appeal in the Court of Appeal. A Protection Fraud Call by Top Judges to the Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecutor got a Damage Limitation Assault Charge against the Known Dangerous Criminal. The Crown Prosecutors required Repeat Investigation. T%he Event Witness made a Criminal Witness Statement that made a Negotiation Proposal for Immunity Terms in exchange for Full Disclosure by the Known Dangerous Criminal. It got an Immediate Unconditional Case Withdrawal by the Crown Prosecutor. It completed the Protection Fraud Proof Set against the Known Dangerous Criminal, Metropolitan Police, Crown Prosecutor and Magistrates Court. The Court of Appeal has to decide what to do with the Protection Fraud Proof Set.

TAKE NOTICE the Remedy Co-operation Failures by Victim Mr Carter have denied a Complete Set of Citizen Papers and Hearing Reports that the Crown and Lord Bishops need to make Credibility Findings for or against some Official Records of the State and Law Courts. The Limited Remedy Co-operation enabled Corruption Findings for him against the State and Law Courts. The Co-operation Failures make it necessary to decide Remedy Limits in Co-operation Failure Cases.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis





Contempt and Terrorism Penalty Warning

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Solicitor General, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

TAKE NOTICE that the Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 Dismissal Enquiry Email at 14.21 on 22nd July 2020 from the State Lawyer to the Court of Appeal is Criminal Conspiracy Proof and Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof for the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Parliament, Citizen and Crown against the State Lawyer, State Counsel, Justice Mr William Davis and Lord Justice Mr Singh.

TAKE NOTICE that the Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Adjournment Order and Trial Orders dated 21st July 2020 will be used for a Fraud Appeal by Citizen Ms Berry to the Court of Appeal and a Remedy Application in the Supreme Court

TAKE NOTICE the Criminal Conspiracy Proof is Relevant Evidence for Unfitness Cases against Top Judges in Parliament and Criminal Charges and Contempt Fraud Claims against Top Judges in the Law Courts

TAKE NOTICE that the Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Pending Appeal Adjournment is a Binding Precedent on Inferior Law Courts. The Supreme Court Fraud Appeal 2020 0055 created a Pending Appeal Sentence Breach 012000266764 Trial Stay for Citizen Mr Nkrumah against the State and Magistrates Court. Citizen Mr Nkrumah can use the Trial Stay Rights and Binding Precedent at the Pending Appeal Sentence Breach Case Hearing on 23rd July 2020 in Thames Magistrates Court at Bow.

BEST ADVICE for the Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 Case Officer and Case Master is to make a Case Reference to the Master of the Rolls with notice that the Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 Dismissal  Decision is the subject of a Fraud Appeal to the Supreme Court and the Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Adjournment Order and Trial Orders dated 21st July 2020 are Contempt Fraud Proof for the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court against the State Representatives and High Court and give a Reference Notice to Both Parties

BEST ADVICE for All Case Officers and All Case Masters in All Law Courts is to stop Compliance Failure Dismissal Frauds and make Fraud Case References to the Most Senior Judges with Reference Notices to All Parties

The Circumstances

Corrupt Officers provided Case Management Frauds for Powerful Paedophiles. The Corrupt Officers demanded Protection Frauds that needed Contempt Trial Frauds by Law Court Judges. The Contempt Committal Permission Fraud Appeal 2020 0395 got Pending Adjudication Trial Stay Protection for the Citizen from the Court of Appeal.

Appeal Regulation Frauds include Evidence Exclusion Frauds managed by Core Bundle Requirements. Lord Justices used the Evidence Exclusion Frauds for Dismissal Frauds for No Evidence Reasons. The Remedy Process Fraud Appeals broke the confidence of Case Officers and Case Masters to accept responsibility for Dismissal Frauds using Regulation Compliance Failures.

Corrupt Officers made Repeat Demands for Protection Frauds. They got a Contempt Committal Trial Listing Fraud for 21st July 2020. It was a Protection Breach Contempt Fraud against the Court of Appeal, Citizen, Parliament and Crown.

On 17th July 2020 a Remedy Application by Citizen Ms Berry in the High Court and Court of Appeal got an Immediate Case Reference by the Case Officer and Case Master to Lord Justices. It got an Immediate Dismissal Fraud dated that day by Lord Justice Lewison and Immediate Service on both Parties. It that failed to disclose whether it was an Application Dismissal or an Appeal Dismissal. The High Court used it as an Appeal Dismissal.

On 21st July 2020 Citizen Ms Berry used the Dismissal Fraud to file a Fraud Appeal in the Supreme Court. Then attended the High Court Contempt Committal Trial in Royal Court 16.

The Trial Event got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the State Lawyer, State Counsel and Trial Judges, who were Justice Mr William Davis and Lord Justice Mr Singh. It got a Pending Appeal Adjournment for the Fraud Appeal in the Court of Appeal but not the Supreme Court and Recusal Refusal and Case Reservation Fraud and Trial Directions Frauds and Reserved Costs Fraud instead of a Wasted Costs Order for the Citizen against the State.

On 22nd July 2020 the Fraud Appeal Dismissal Enquiry Email from the State Lawyer to the Court of Appeal adds to the Criminal Conspiracy Proof. The Master of the Rolls and Lord Justices in the Court of Appeal made Protection Fraud Promises to Corrupt Officers. They needed an Appeal Dismissal Fraud by the Court of Appeal and omission of the Supreme Court Appeal as a Pending Appeal Reason for the Trial Adjournment.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis




Royal Commission, Fraud Appeals, Contempt Claim Fraud Chronology, Bundle Schedule, Trial Listing Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Complaint and Terrorism Complaint Filing Email of Equity Lawyer

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, State Lawyers, Court Officers and Judges

The Fraud and Terrorism Complaint explains the process that got completion of the Trial Listing Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof Set.
The Time Extension Refusal Fraud Appeal Grounds broke the confidence of the Court of Appeal Case Officer and Case Master. Now they are pretending that they do not know the Equity Lawyer has Kidney Failure and is dependent on a 4 Hour Life-Saving Dialysis Treatment Session 3 times a week to stay alive. They are pretending they do not know about the Treatment Denial Frauds that in 2020 caused End-Stage Kidney Failure and Enormous Body Damage and that the Top Doctors used a Urea Poison Fraud for a Dialysis Treatment Sabotage Fraud. They are pretending they do not know that the Urea Poison Fraud failed and broke the confidence of Dialysis Doctors to engage with the Equity Lawyer for Treatment Management and Medical Evidence for Court Use. They are pretending they have the power to require him to produce Medical Evidence that the Dialysis Doctors refuse to provide. It is Aggravated Contempt Fraud Proof and Aggravated Terrorism Proof against them.

The Chronology, Bundle Schedule, Protection Breach Contempt Fraud and Terrorism Complaint are attached.

The Equity Lawyer has to leave for a Dialysis Treatment Appointment at Broomfield Hospital. He will attempt to send the Bundle Filing Emails later in the day if he has the energy.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis




Royal Commission, Fraud Appeals 2020 0396 and PI 10942, Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 Time Extension Refusal fraud Appeal Grounds and Bundle Filing

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, State Lawyers, Court Officers and Law Court Judges,

Without Prejudice to Invalidity Arguments the Equity Lawyer files the Fraud Appeal 2020 0396 Time Extension Refusal Fraud Appeal Grounds that is document 171 in the Bundle Folder.

The Old Borrowed Computer did not give a reason for failure to attach the Bundle Folder that contains 172 documents.

The Equity Lawyer cannot do more now because he has a Kidney Failure Dialysis Treatment Session at Broomfield Hospital.

The Bundle Schedule is almost complete.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis