Royal Commission + QB 2020 000286 + 2020 0396 + Shop Theft Complaint + Grievous Bodily Harm and Kill Threats Complaint + Kill Threats Complaint 4212515 2020

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Government Lawyers and Police Officers

Best Advice for Shop Theft Investigator Ms Georgina Newton, Grievous Bodily Hard + Kill Threats Investigator Mr Tomass Kuprejevs and Kill Threats Investigator Mr Charles Hervais is to forward this Corruption Case Explanation Email to Superior Officers to the intent that they shall prepare All Police Officers to meet the Corruption Exposure with Dignified Behaviour.

Best Advice for the High Court is In Person Appearances by the Equity Lawyer Mr Edward Ellis and Solicitor General Mr Michael Ellis and Public Gallery Witnesses at the Contempt Claim Fraud QB 2020 000286 Committal Hearing on 17th June 2020 in the Royal Courts with intent to get Audio Records for Remedy Management by Parliament and Internet Publicity for Event Reports by Public Gallery Witnesses.

Best Advice for All MPs is Dual Jurisdictions Admissions of Remedy Jurisdiction for the Citizen and Political Representation Jurisdiction for the Constituent and Jurisdiction Superiority Admissions for Remedy Jurisdictions against All Other Jurisdictions with the Commitment Proof of Mass Remedies for the People and Case Remedies for Victims. 


Top Police, Top Customs and Top Judges are the Top Drug Importers. They sold Protection Frauds and Money Laundering Services to Organised Criminals. It created the need for a Remedy Process to manage a Power Transfer for Honest Officers against Corrupt Officers.

The European Constitution vested Dictator Powers in the State. In 2004 the European Leaders wanted Referenda Acceptance of the Dictator Powers. They needed Election Frauds to get it. The Lawful Business of British Citizens made inevitable the exposure of the Election Frauds. The European Leaders wanted Sabotage Frauds against the Lawful Business. They used  Extradition Frauds and Imprisonment Frauds against the Lawful Business Manager who was a British Citizen. Everything that could go wrong for the European Leaders did go wrong.

Prime Minister Mr Blair wanted to pretend he knew nothing. There was No Extradition Agreement between British Authorities and Dutch Authorities. They used Armed Dutch Police Officers on British Soil to supervise British Customs and Kent Police in a Kidnap Operation against the Extradition Target who was a British Citizen. 

The European Leaders did not know a complex series of events had got Incredible Target Status in Drug Investigations for the Extradition Target. Top Police, Top Customs and Top Judges were the Top Drug Importers. They used the Home Address and Business Address of the Incredible Target as a Decoy Address on the Carrier Movement Records for more than 70 Drug Consignments. They did so because if anything went wrong the Decoy Address Enquiries would get Dead End Results.

The Dutch Authorities made an Assistance Request for an Arrest Fraud against the Incredible Target and Justice Perversion by Business Records Destruction, to enable Misrepresentation Frauds there was no business, and  Vehicle Theft to enable Misrepresentation Frauds that Vehicle Parts Communications were Drug Trafficking Code. Top Customs had a Drug Consignment in transit using the Decoy Address. They had no prior experience of Extradition Frauds. They thought the Extradition Target had discovered Fraudulent Use of his address, reported it and was assisting a Decoy Address Investigation, They got News Coverage for a Big Drugs Bust and International Co-operation, pretended enthusiasm for the Criminal Investigation and took control to manage Investigation Sabotage Frauds. The result was a Remand Custody Frauds against the Incredible Target who was in a British Prison with Jury Trial Rights and an Investigation Records that was Compelling Innocence Proof for him and Compelling Guilt Proof against the Investigators. 

The choice for Prime Minister Mr Blair was to abandon the Extradition Frauds and recover control of the State and Law Courts from the Protection Fraud Network or do a deal with them to carry on. He did a Protection Fraud Deal. It required him to provide Protection Frauds that previously were provided by Top Judges. He took a Profit Share. He did an Extradition Fraud Deal that required Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds by the British Authorities before completion of the Imprisonment Frauds by the Dutch Authorities.

The Crown and Lord Bishops have Justice Responsibilities known as the Equity Monarchy Trusts. They have Corruption Control Jurisdictions that govern Parliament Session Powers. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis got Fraud Proof and used it for a Corruption Notice to the Crown and Parliament. It got the Correct Protocol Responses. It started a Corruption Remedy Process that has continued ever since.
Prime Minister Mr Blair managed the Extradition Frauds. The Equity Lawyer got Innocence Evidence Concealment Fraud Proof against Law Court Judges. The Crown and Lord Bishops used it for Corruption Findings + Unfitness Findings + Dismissal Priority Findings against Law Court Judges.  Prime Minister Mr Blair could not service the Dismissal Decision because he had used the Judges for Personal Frauds. It got a Remedy failure Finding + Unfitness Finding + Dismissal Priority Finding against him. He was given the choice of signing a 10 month Retirement Notice or facing a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof.  He signed the Retirement Notice. He spent the est of his time in office making Protection Fraud Arrangements that he thought would last his lifetime. One was the Legal Service Act 2007 that made it a Criminal Offence for Unqualified Personal to provide Legal Services.  Another was Disqualification Fraud Blackmail against All Qualified Lawyers to deny Case Management Service to Corruption Victims.

The Crown and Lord Bishops needed the Equity Lawyer to provide Investigation Services. They used Parliament Session Agreements between the Crown and Prime Ministers for Legal Service Crime Prosecution Prohibitions and ivil Contempt Enforcement Prohibitions that enabled the Equity Lawyer to provide the Investigation Services. 
The Law Court Judges had lost Drug Crime Profit Shares to Prime Minister Mr Blair. They made up the shortfall by selling Protection Frauds to Insurers and Surveyors that enabled them to manage Land Frauds for Big Land Owners against Small Businesses. 

The Law Court Judges were jealous of the Fraud Profits made by the Big Landowners. They provided Business Theft Services with Police Officers. They used Framing Frauds against Business Owners to get Forced Sale Conditions. They used Representation Frauds by Sale Lawyers to get Business Thefts. 

The Corruption Remedy Process has reached the stage when it takes out the Corruption Controllers. It needed a Business Theft Case that had an Honest Judge.

Citizen Mr Yediayli has a Fast Food Shop and a Shop Theft Case with an Honest Judge. The Metropolitan Police used Immunity Frauds to get Harassment Perjury by 3 Women for a 1st Framing Fraud. The Crown Court Judge noticed Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds, supervised the Jury into an Acquittal Decision, and gave Claim Advice for Citizen Mr Yediayli against the Metropolitan Police, Ministry of Justice and Defenders.  Citizen Mr Yediayli  did nota have the money or language to manage Corruption Claims. 

The Corruption Investigators observed what happened to Citizen Mr Yediayli. There was a 2nd Framing Fraud. It got Forced Sale Conditions and Business Theft. 

The Shop Theft Criminal Complaint got Investigation Denial Fraud Proof against the Metropolitan Police. The Shop Theft Civil Claim against the Buyers was Damage Mitigation Action for the and the Corruption Claim against the State. He used both claims for Damage Mitigation Applications that got Hearing Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court. Top Judges needed Claim Dismissal Frauds for Trial Avoidance Frauds.

Top Judges needed Fraud Commitment Proof from the Buyers. They were given the Shop Theft Defence and Counterclaim that made Business Purchase Admissions and the case that a Sale Price Payment was Unjust Enrichment of the Seller. The Reply and Counterclaim Defence was designed to get Theft Admission Findings by Lay Jurors. Top Judges had lost control of the case. They used a Back Dated 30 Day Time Limited Particulars Filing Order Forgery and Order Service Denial Fraud to enable a Time Out Compliance Failure Dismissal Fraud. Someone managed Letter Box Service on Day 27. It got the filing of Claim Particulars on Day 28. The Compliance Failure Dismissal Fraud had failed. 

Top Judges made a 1st Protection Fraud Call for Investigations Frauds + Finding Frauds by the Metropolitan Police that they could use for Claim Dismissal Frauds. The Metropolitan Police used the Shop Theft Complaint. On 7th December 2019 The Equity Lawyer, Citizen Mr Yediayli and Interpreter Mr Say attended the Complainant Interview and gave a Case Explanation and a Documents List and gave Case Reference Advice to Officer Ms Georgina Newton. She made the Case Reference to Superior Officers.  It got an Investigation Denial Fraud.

The 1st Protection Fraud Call had failed. Top Judges used a Back Dated Stay Order Forgery with Alleged Date 12th November 2019 and Seal Date 9th December 2019.

The Buyers asked for Settlement Negotiations. The Equity Lawyer and Interpreter attended a Negotiation Meeting. They sent Settlement Proposals dated 24th January 2020 that wre designed to service the Corruption Investigation.  It got an Alleged Back Dated Claim Dismissal Order Forgery with Alleged Date 17th January 2020 and an Order Service Denial Fraud against Citizen Mr Yediayli.

The Damage Mitigation Obligation required Leal Action or Physical Repossession.   The Legal Action had failed. Physical Repossession needed Trading Finance. Citizen Mr Yediayli got Trading Finance. On 25th March 2020 the Weekly Restocking Event was used to get Physical Repossession. The Buyers refused to call the Police. They called Thugs. Interpreter Mr Say made a Queen’s Peace Breach Complaint that got attendance by the Metropolitan Police. The were shown the Title Documents. The choice was Repossession Justice Enforcement for Citizen Mr Yediayli or an Eviction Fraud against him.  They chose the Eviction Fraud against him.

The Corona Virus Court Closure prevented Physical Issue of the Eviction Fraud Remedy Application. Email Filing + Email Service forced Top Judges made Fraud Commitment Proof Demands. They were given a Trespass Restraint + Counterclaim Judgement Application by the Buyers’ Lawyers. Top Judges made a 2nd Protection Fraud Call for Criminal Investigation Frauds to get Findings Frauds by the Metropolitan Police they could use for Claim Dismissal Frauds. They were given a Kill Threat Criminal Complaint that the Metropolitan Police allege was made by one of the Buyers. The Caution + Recorded Interview on 2nd June 2020 at Bethnal Green Police Station got a Privilege Waiver + Confidentiality Waiver + Crown Protection Rights Notice + Protection Breach Complaint + Incident Denials + Allegation Perjury Complaint by Citizen Mr Yediayli. It got an Irrelevance Finding against the Perjury Allegations and a Kill Threats Investigation Case Closure using a No Further Action Decision.

The Corruption Remedy Process needs use of the Contempt Claim Fraud QB 2020 000286 Committal Hearing on 17th June get an Audio Record that is Personal Responsibility Proof for or against the State Advocate and Hearing Judge. The Equity Lawyer has given an Application Notice of Protection Breach Contempt Frauds Remedies. It needs Criminal Investigations of the Court Frauds committed by the Top Judges and Investigation Denial Frauds by Top Police and the Urea Poison Fraud + Attempted Murder Conspiracy against the Equity Lawyer by Top Doctors.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + Appeal 2020 0396 + QB 2019 003984 + QB 2020 000286 + QB 2020 000968 + B01B0837 + Caution Protection Breach Notice

By email to: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Government Lawyer

Take Notice the Remedy Process needs the QB 2019 003741 + 2020 000286 + 2020 000968 attached documents are material for Examination and Cross-Examination of All Relevant Officers by and on behalf of the Royal Commission, Lord Bishops and Crown.

Take Notice that the Contempt Claim QB 2020 000286 Committal Hearing on 17th June 2020 shall be used to make Corruption Remedy Application Notice, Draft Remedy Orders for the Equity Lawyer against the Solicitor General and Others.

Take Notice that the Shop Theft Claim QB 2019 003741 and Corruption Claim QB 2019 003984 got Pending Adjudication Protection Rights for Citizen Mr Yediayli against the State in general and, without prejudice to the generality, against the Metropolitan Police and Ministry of Justice in particular. The Damage Mitigation Applications got Hearing Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court. They motivated the 1st Protection Fraud Call for Criminal Investigation Frauds and Finding Frauds by the Metropolitan Police that Top Judges could use for Claim Dismissal Frauds and Restraint Frauds against Citizen Mr Yediayli. It got a Complainant Interview that Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis, Citizen Mr Yediayli and Interpreter Mr Can Say used to present Criminal Conspiracy Proof that included the 1st Backdated Order Forgery with Alleged Date 31st October 2019. It got Investigation Denial Frauds and a Finding Frauds Failure by the Metropolitan Police and a 2nd Backdated Order Forgery with Alleged Date 12th November 2019 by the High Court.  Settlement Enquiries by the Organised Crime Buyers got Settlement Proposals by Citizen Mr Yediayli and a 3rd Backdated Order Forgery with Alleged Date 17th January 2020 by the High Court. The Damage Mitigation Obligation was discharged by use of a Stock Delivery Event on 25th March 2020 for Physical Repossession that got an Eviction Fraud for the Organised Crime Buyers against Citizen Mr Yediayli by the Metropolitan Police. The Eviction Fraud Remedy Application by Citizen Mr Yediayli motivated a Judgment + Restraint Application by the Organised Crime Shop Buyers and Criminal Investigation Frauds, Liability Finding Frauds and Caution Frauds by the Metropolitan Police that the High Court Judges intent to use for Claim Dismissal Frauds and Restraint Frauds against Citizen Mr Yediayli.

Take Notice that the Caution Frauds are Protection Breach Contempt Frauds and Treason and the Ministry of Justice has Joint Liability with the Metropolitan Police.

Take Notice that the Ministry of Justice has a Damage Mitigation Care Duty that needs the Caution Prohibition Interim Remedy Application by the Government Lawyers.

Take Notice that Citizen Mr Yediayli has Turkish Literacy but English Illiteracy and Corruption Case Management Incapacity that creates a Legal Assistance Obligation for him and the High Court against the Government Lawyers.

Take Notice that Corruption Claim QB 2020 000968 and the Corruption Case Management Incapacity of Citizen Mr Sood create a Damage Mitigation Obligation against the Ministry of Justice and a Legal Assistance Obligation for him against the Government Lawyers.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis




Royal Commission Case, Contempt Fraud Appeals 2020 0395 + 0396 and Contempt Claim Fraud QB 2020 000968

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minster, Cabinet Officers, All MPs, State Lawyers and Family Estate Trustee Mr Sood,

The Remedy Process needs Due Process Precedent Cases for Right Definition and Rights Enforcement.

The Key Due Process is Pending Adjudication Enforcement Stay Protection for the Citizen against the State and Law Courts. 

Dictator Governance relies on Due Process Denial Frauds in general and especially Pending Adjudication Enforcement Stay Protection Denial Frauds.

Equity Governance uses Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Remedies. The Key Contempt Remedy is the use of Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof for Power Forfeiture Orders for the Citizen against the State.

The Contempt Committal Fraud Appeals 2020 0395 and the Restraint Fraud Appeal 2020 0396 created Pending Appeal Contempt Trial Stay Protection Rights for the Citizen and Equity Lawyer against the State. The State Lawyers sent Trial Date Avoidance Request Emails. The Equity Lawyer sent a Pending Adjudication Protection Notice Email. On 5th March 2020 the State Lawyers sent a Listing Demand Email to the Citizen and High Court. It is a Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof. The choice for the High Court and the Court of Appeal is to make a Contempt Finding, Remedy Entitlement Finding and Prosecution Powers Forfeiture Order for the Citizen against the State or created Bias Fraud Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against themselves by failure to do so.      

State Lawyers can concede defeat with Contempt Admissions, Contempt Purging Offers, No Evidence Notices and Remedy Priority Requests. Failure to do so will be Aggravated Fraud Proof against them.

The Remedy process needs Remedy Precedents for Trust Breaches Contempt Frauds. Citizen Mr Sood has offered use of his Family Estate Case. A Wisdom Tooth Operation went wrong, got a Sedation Overdose and the Sedation Death of his Wife. Ur left him with 4 children to bring up. He used the £150,000 Medical Negligence Damages to buy two flats and a house using Buy to Let Mortgages with a Son as Borrower and Trustee. The Father and family lived in the house. The Father collected the rent and paid the mortgage. In 2012 the Son got engaged. In 2013 the Son signed a Trust Declaration. In 2014 the Son took Possession Action against a Tenant, occupied a Flat and paid No Rent. It created Financial Instability for the Father. In 2015 the Son used a Beneficial Ownership Claim Fraud to get a Possession Order + Sale Order against the Father. Another Son got a Mortgage Offer and acted as buying Agent for the Father. It got Mortgage Redemption Statement Denial Fraud Proof and Mortgage Redemption Fraud Proof against the Bank of Scotland. It got Sale Co-operation Refusal Fraud Proof and Sale Order Breach Contempt Fraud Proof for the Father against the Son Trustee, Lawyers, Bank of Scotland and County Court. The Case Management Details discovered that the Son Trustee planned a House Eviction Fraud against the Father and House Possession Fraud for himself. The Son Trustee has Finance Service Qualifications + Practicing Certificate. It creates Reasonable Suspicions that the Son planned a Mortgage Securitisation Investigation, No Mortgage Liability Finding and Mortgage Release for himself and an Entire House Value Dispossession Fraud against his Father.  On 9th March 2020 the Father sent to the Royal Court 37 with intent to get an Interim Remedy Orders for a Possession Stay and Trustee Replacement. It got Interim Hearing Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court. The Royal Court 37 Clerk ignored the Contempt Fraud Proof and Conflict Disqualification against the County Court and made a Case reference to the Central London County Court. The Father ignored the Case Reference, went to the High Court Actions Office and got issue of Contempt Fraud Claim QB 2020 000968. The Counter Clerk issued the Claimants Copy of the Claim Form, kept the Defendant Copies, stamped the Application Notice, denied a Hearing Date and told him he would get the Case Papers in a fortnight. It evidenced High Court Judges are responsible for the County Court Frauds.

The Son Trustee can make a Privilege Waiver and Confidentiality Waiver that enables the Trustee Lawyers to make Full Disclosure.

The High Court can make a Conflicted Interest Admission, Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limit Admission and Damage Limitation Order for the Father against the Defendants and for the State against the Son Trustee, Lawyers and Bank of Scotland.

The Father makes an Immunity Negotiation Offer with a 7 Day Time Limit to the Son Trustee, Trustee Lawyers, Beneficiary Lawyers, Bank of Scotland and Ministry of Justice.

Best Advice: Immunity Negotiations between the Liable Parties and Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis for the Stated Reason that the Father should not have to deal with the Son Trustee and

The Business Theft Criminal Complaint, Business Recovery Claim QB 2019 003741 and Corruption Claim QB 2019 003984 of Citizen Mr Yediayli got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Top Police and Top Judges. The Contempt Fraud Claim  of Citizen Mr Sood is a Comparator Case. 

The Royal Commission can prepare to use the case for Remedy Publicity.  

The Equity Lawyer is dependent on Borough Libraries for Internet Access. Some of the Library Computers cannot service Memory Sticks. The QB 2020 000968 Claim Form, Particulars, Application Notice and Draft Interim Remedies Order cannot be accessed for attachment to this email because of the Library Computer Defects.   

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis

Royal Commission Case, Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 and Contempt and Restraint Fraud Appeal 2020 0396 Notice

The Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 Case Management Email at 16.50 on 3rd February 2020 from Court of Appeal Case Officer Manpreet Singh asked for clarification of the Case Stay Application and for a response to the Case Dismissal Representations of the Respondent Lawyers and clarification of the involvement of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis who is the subject of a Legal Assistance Restraint Order

The three issues raised in the Case Management Email are connected. This Case Enquiry Response is given for the Court Record. No one believes the Court of Appeal Officers and Judges do not know the Royal Commission will get Mass Remedies for Victims before the Session End or a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. No One believes they do not know about the Integrity Test Cases that will get Mass Remedies or Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against Royal Commissioners that will validate the Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election. 

The Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops have Justice Responsibilities known as the Equity Monarchy Trusts. They have Corruption Control Jurisdictions that govern Parliament Session Powers. They managed a Corruption Remedy Process. It used Corruption Investigations and Remedy Investigations. Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis has Special Protection Rights from the Crown and Parliament with Protection Enforcement by the Cabinet and Prime Minister and Protection Enforcement Accountability by the Opposition Leader. The Special Protection Rights include a Legal Assistance Crime Prosecution Prohibition and a Contempt Enforcement Prohibition that enables the Equity Lawyer to provide Investigation Services. It causes Corrupt Officers to make Protection Fraud Demands. The only way to service them is by use of Contempt Frauds with Top Judges signing for All Major Decisions. It enabled the Equity Lawyer to get Criminal Conspiracy Proof Sets that the Crown and Lord Bishops used to make the Corruption Remedy Conditions that required the Royal Commission. It enabled him to manage the Integrity Test Cases that will get Corruption Remedies for the Victims or Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Law Courts and Royal Commissioners.

The Unfitness Cases caused Top Judges to make Protection Fraud Demands. They were given a Medical Murder Order by Prime Minster Mrs May against the Equity Lawyer. It needed Blood test Result Forgeries + Kidney Failure Diagnosis Fraud + Transplant Prescription Fraud + Pending Transplant Dialysis Prescription Fraud + Dialysis Preparation Fistula Operation Fraud + Dialysis Treatment Consent + Lethal Injection + Murder Concealment Frauds. The Medical Murder Order got a Commitment Split. The Killer Doctors were Murder Enthusiasts. The Politically Correct Doctors noticed the Inconsistent Evidence and asked what for the Official Diagnosis. The Decent Doctors waited until they were alone with the Equity Lawyer and told him about the Evidence Inconsistency between the Missing Symptoms and the Blood Test Results. The Equity gave the Fistula Operation Consent. On 26th March 2019 Sussex County Hospital telephoned with an Immediate Dialysis Treatment Call. It got a Treatment Refusal by the Equity Lawyer. The Unfitness Dismissal Case against Prime Minister Mrs May was too far for her to use a Mental Health Arrest Fraud to complete the Hospital Murder.  The Corrupt Officers needed Protection Fraud Reassurance.  Investigators and Prosecutors got it by use of Framing Frauds against Citizens. The Top Judges and Money Launderers used Intimidation Frauds against Citizens. They needed a Vulnerable Personality with Internet Skills who could be relied on to manage Internet Publicity for the Intimidation Frauds. They chose Citizen Mr Cant as the Intimidation Fraud Target and Organised Criminal Mr Seton as the Violent Intimidation Manager. He used Money Laundering Liability Misrepresentation Frauds as a Crime Complaint Deterrent. The Intimidation Frauds started with Vocal Harassment including Kill Threats and progressed to Grievous Bodily Harm and Hospital Treatment.  Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis was one of the Friends who visited Citizen Mr Cant in hospital. He told Citizen Mr Cant to ignore the Money Laundering Liability Misrepresentation Frauds and make a Criminal Complaint.

The Criminal Complaint got Investigation Denial Fraud Proof and Protection Denial Fraud Proof against the Metropolitan Police.

The Protection Claims got Protection Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court, then the County Court, then the High Court on appeal and then the Court of Appeal. The Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 prompted the Top Judges to procure a Criminal Investigation. It got the Damage Limitation Protection Fraud of an Assault Minimum Charge against organised Criminal Mr Seton.

On 19th December 2019 the Queen used the Parliament Session opening Speech to announce the Royal Commission. Crown Prosecutors made a Re-investigation Order. It got a Repeat Complainant Interview for Citizen Mr Cant but No Further Enquiries of an Event Witness. The Metropolitan Police could not be trusted with the Audio Records until there was evidence of a Case Reference to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.   The Event Witness made an Additional Statement that proposed Full Immunity for everyone on Full Disclosure Terms and commented that Organised Criminal Mr Seton was the only one who needed it. The Crown Prosecutors dare not risk Full Disclosure by the Organised Criminal for an Immunity Deal. Within 24 hours it got a Case Withdrawal by the State the day before the Trial.

It completes the Protection Fraud Proof against the Organised Criminal, Metropolitan Police, Crown Prosecutors and Law Courts. The Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 will get Corruption Remedies for Citizen Mr Cant from the Court of Appeal or Royal Commission or Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against them.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis

Royal Commission Case Notice, Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483, Contempt QB 2020 000286, Business Lease F02ED793 and Assault Trial

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers and All MPs,

The Equity Lawyer relies on Public Libraries for Internet Access. He had not had the time to update the Email Address List for the Cabinet

The Remedy Process needs Mass remedies. The Royal Commission will do one of two things. It will manage Mass Remedies or the Remedy Failure will get a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption proof, Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Election Fraud Proof.

Prime Minister Mr Johnson did Protection Fraud Deals with Corrupt MPs to get Leadership Support. He did Protection Fraud Deals to get Propaganda Services from Media Managers in the Election Campaign Period. The Protection Fraud Deals were subject to Viable Execution Conditions. The Integrity Tests before and during the Election Campaign Period and the Integrity Tests for the Royal Commission got Unviable Execution Condition Proof. The choice for Prime Minister Mr Johnson is to service the Protection Fraud Commitments and lose the 80 Seats Majority at the Parliament Session End or renounce the Fraud Commitments and service Mass Remedies.       

The Royal Commission Integrity Tests needed to discover how State Officers and Court Officers responded to Royal Commission Briefing Enquiries and Compelling Corruption Proof. The Mental Health Fraud against Citizens Mr Mustafa and Harassment Framing Fraud against Citizen Mr Paterson got Corruption Proof against the State and Criminal Courts.  The Fast Food Shop Theft Case provided the Compelling Corruption Proof against the Metropolitan Police, High Court and Court of Appeal Criminal Division. Bow and Barking were used for the Magistrates Court Tests. The Business Lease F02ED793 Possession Hearing in the County Court on 4th February 2020 and the Contempt QB 2020 000286 Restraint Hearing in the High Court on 12th February 2020 before the Cabinet Reshuffle. The next day the Cabinet Reshuffle removed MP Mr Cox from office as Attorney General. It was progress. The challenge is Total Destruction of the Protection Fraud Network.   

The Protection Denial Fraud Appeal 2019 1483 in the Court of Appeal forced Top Judges to call on the Metropolitan Police form a Damage Limitation Protection Fraud. They were given the criminal Charge against Mr Seton for Assault instead of Grievous Bodily Harm, Kill Threats, Blackmail and Extortion. It got a Plea Hearing and Trial Date. On 19th December 2019 the Queen used the Parliament Session Opening Speech to announce the Royal Commission.  It forced the 2019 1483 Appeal Permission by the Court of Appeal. The Crown Prosecutors issued a Crime Re-investigation Order.  The Re-investigation Complainant Interview on 5th February 2019 was used to give a Case Explanation and the Fast Food Shop Corruption Proof Set for a Case Reference to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. The Re-investigation failed to make any enquiry of an Eye Witness to a Rant Event, Grievous Bodily Harm Events and Criminal Complaint Advice by the Equity Lawyer. Conflicted Interests are Jurisdiction Disqualifications against the Prime Minister and Attorney General. The Equity Lawyer has asked the Eye Witness to serve as Citizen and make an Immunity Application for everyone involved including Mr Seton who is the only one who needs it. It does not matter whether Mr Seton accepts or rejects the Immunity Offer. It will be very helpful for the Royal Commission if a Citizen makes the Immunity Proposal and the Crown Prosecutors process it before the Assault Trial that is listed for 20th February 2020. The Conflict Disqualification creates a need for the Informed Consent of Citizen Victim Mr Cant to an Immunity Deal. The Equity Lawyer will assist Citizen Mr Cant in making that decision. The Royal Commission will need a Credibly Independent Report about the Immunity Negotiation Process. The Best Advice for the Crown Prosecutors is to arrange an Immunity Negotiation Meeting for the Equity Lawyer and Mr Seton.   

The Contempt QB 2019 004208 Hearing of Citizen Ms Berry v The Solicitor General is listed for 20th February 2020. She has been asked to make an Adjournment Application pending discovery of the outcome of the Royal Commission Cases including the Criminal Case against Mr Seton.  The New Attorney General can order use of the case for Protection Orders for Citizen Ms Berry and All Royal Commission case Witnesses against the State. Failure to do so will be Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the New Attorney General and Prime Minister Mr Johnson.   

The Royal Commission needs a Precedent Case for Rights Definition Due Process Standard in Business Cases that involve Almost Illiterate Immigrants. The Business Lease F02ED793 Case of Citizen Mr Hastunc v Eatsnow Estates Ltd is excellent for the purpose. Citizen Mr Hastunc is talented, popular and a Turkish Cypriot. On 4th February 2020 the Possession hearing got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Landlord’s Advocate and the Hearing Judge. The Royal Commission needs the Landlord to have opportunities for Settlement Negotiations at every stage of the process. They have a chance of Settlement Negotiations before Citizen Mr Hastunc files the Directions Appeal and makes a Criminal Complaint. A Sensible Settlement can be extremely useful for the Remedy Process. In 2014 the Protection Fraud Network used a Business Expansion Plan to avoid Total Collapse. They chose Family Sabotage Frauds and Child Trafficking. They chose the Cypriot Community as the Target Community. They needed a Corruption Co-ordination Case in which hundreds of State Officers and Law Court Judges made Fraud Knowledge Admissions and Fraud Remedy Denial Commitments. They chose the Theodorou Case to do it. The Remedy Process is no using the Theodorou Case to unravel it all.  The Cypriots Community was chosen because it was divided. Some of the Cypriot Refugees had their land stolen, sometimes by blood relatives, and then suffered Children Protection Frauds and Extradition Frauds that enabled Corrupt Officers in UK and Cyprus to make Child Care Budget Fraud Profits. The Cypriot Community can pull together. They need a success story. They can have either a Business Lease Settlement or Business Lease Judgment for Citizen Mr Hastunc. A large proportion of the Cypriot Community know him or about him.   

Privy Counselor and Chingford MP Mr Ian Duncan Smith can meet the man, attend one of the Cyprus Garden Event and make his own judgement how much the case has to offer.

The Royal Commission needs a Deterrent Precedent against Censorship Frauds by University Authorities. There are Excellent Cases. Eminent Academics are deciding best use of them. Some dither. The risk is that they dither long enough to find themselves following the lead of Illiterate Immigrants.   

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis       




Royal Commission Case Notice, Private Prosecutions, Contempt Defence and Remedy Proposals from Equity Lawyer to State and Parliament

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minster, Attorney General, All MP and State Lawyers

The Royal Commission will get Mass Remedies that are Remedy Co-operation Proof for the Attorney General and Prime Minister or a Remedy Denial Fraud Proof, Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof.

The Royal Commission needs Integrity Tests. The Contempt Claim Fraud QB 2020 000286 is one. It uses Known Fraud Proof that got the Royal Commission.  The Civil Restraint Extension Hearing on 12th February 2020 will discover what Law Court Judges do with the Known Fraud Proof.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis