Royal Commission, 2019 004208 Litigation Incapacity Application, 2020000286, Fraud Appeals 2020 1520, 2021 PI 100963 and Contempt Fraud Complaint

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Laws Court Judges

The Justice Priority requires Competent Representations and uses Case Management as Capacity Proof or Incapacity Proof. Equity vests an Incapacity Intervention Obligation and Contempt Investigation Obligation in the Attorney General.

The 2019 004208 was prosecuted by the Solicitor General for the Attorney General. The 2019 004208 Liability Trial got Self Representation Incapacity Proof for Citizen Defendant Ms Berry. The State Representatives and Trial Judges ignored the Incapacity Proof. The Contempt Investigation Jurisdiction Evidence includes use of <>. The Complaint Acknowledgement Email includes the statement, “The Attorney General does not have investigatory powers and relies on the applicant to provide evidence that proves contempt to the criminal standard. If available, please provide any independent evidence or report supporting your referral”. It is a Misrepresentation Fraud. The Joint Responsibility for Cabinet Officers gives the Attorney General the use of the Investigation Jurisdictions and Investigation Resources of All Secretaries of State and the Prime Minister.

On 10th February 2021, the 2019 004208 Liability Trial got Self Representation Incapacity Proof for Citizen Defendant Ms Berry. The State Representatives and Trial Judges ignored it. The Incapacity Remedy Failures by the State Representatives and Trial Judges create Conflict Disqualification and Remedy Only Jurisdiction Limit for the Citizen against the Attorney General and the Trial Judges. Equity vests the Incapacity Remedy Obligation in the Source Jurisdiction, which in the case, is the People. The Equity Lawyer files and serves the Litigation Incapacity Representation Application Notice and Draft Order for the Penalty Hearing on 22nd February 2021.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis



Royal Commission, 2019 004208 and 2020 000286, Fraud Appeal 2020 1520, 2021 PI 10063 and More, and Housing Fraud Complaint

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers. Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

Remedy Process Service Interruption Notice and Service Recovery Notice. On 9th February 2021, a fall in the snow on 9th February 2021 caused Rib Cage Injuries that caused Torso Movement Pain. On 10th February 2021, the Contempt Trial was exhausting. The Trial Exhaustion, Dialysis Exhaustion, Exercise Exhaustion and Torso Movement Exhaustion prevented him from doing anything to service the Remedy Process on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On Tuesday and Thursday, the Chest Rib Injury Notices got decisions by the Renal Nurse to continue with the Routine Anti- Coagulant Doses that results in Full Sessions of 4 Hours. On Saturday the Rib Cage Injury Warning got a decision against the Routine Anti-Coagulant Dose and a series of Blot Clot Alarms and a Short Session of 71% of the Session Time. The result was the Session Interval started with Poor Quality Blood. He spent most of Sunday and Monday preparing the Fraud Appeal DRAFT Grounds for Citizen Ms Berry. He could not check everything. On Tuesday the Poor Blood Quality and the Rest Deficit on Sunday and Monday resulted in Reduced Walking Capacity on Tuesday 16th February. He and a Bus arrived at a Bus Stop at the same time. He was at the end of the queue and the first to be denied entry for the Full Bus Reason. The Walking Time had risen from the usual 67 – 70- minutes to 94 minutes.  He is better than he was. The Remedy Process Casualties are the Fraud Appeal Grounds for Citizen Ms Berry and the Proof Set Preparation of the Contempt Fraud Complaint of Citizen Mr Nkrumah to the Attorney General.     

General Notice. The Crown and Lord Bishops are responsible for deciding whether Proof Sets provided by the Citizen meet the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. If they do meet the Remedy Proof Standard. they decide whether the Proof Sets are Equitable Due Process Proof for or against the State, Law Courts and Parliament. In the event of Due Process Failure Findings, they make Remedy Decisions. The Corruption Case Papers of Citizens that contain Paedophile Allegations or Satanist Allegations or Other Allegations are Relevant Evidence when considering what Equitable Due Process requires. The Crown and Lord Bishops have Parliament Session Powers. They depend on the Citizen to provide Proof Sets that enable Valid use of the Parliament Session Powers.

General Warning. The Case Reference of the Paedophile Protection Frauds and Satanist Protection Frauds to Parliament gives the Re-election Candidates a choice whether to present as Protection Fraud Managers or Justice Managers at the next General Election.

Grateful Thanks to Citizen Ms Berry for the Remorseless Protest Management that has ensured the Baby Murder and Human Organ Theft Case of Sunaina Chaudhari is not forgotten.

Polite Request that Citizen Ms Berry file in the Court of Appeal a Fraud Appeal against the 2019 004208 Conflict Qualification Frauds, Protection Breach Contempt Frauds and Other Trial Frauds committed on 10th February 2021 by State Counsel Mr Eardley, Justice Mr Spencer and Lord Justice Mr Lewis. There is No Substantive Difference between the Fraud Sets committed 21st July 2020 and 10th February 2021. Both had the Liability Finding Fraud + Penalty Adjournment as the Fraud Target.  The Court of Appeal spent 45 days considering the Fraud Set committed on 21st July 2020 before issuing the Fraud Appeal 2020 1520. The Court of Appeal cannot credibly deny issue of the Fraud Appeal against the Fraud Set committed on 10th February 2021. If the Fraud Appeal Advice of State Counsel Mr Eardley is that the Supreme Court or Another Court has Fraud Appeal Jurisdiction, then please file a Fraud Appeal in the Supreme Court or Other Court. Please do it now.

Polite Warning to Citizen Ms Berry that the Personal Qualities for Remorseless Protest Management are not what is needed for Corruption Remedy Management. The 20019 004208 Trial Fraud Audio Records are Compelling Proof that the Personal Qualities needed for Remorsele3ss Protest Management are Corruption Remedy Management Incapacity Proof.  

Legal Notice that Litigation Incapacity Claims need Validation Proof and a Validation Classification for use by the Crown and Lord Bishops. The phrases ‘Confused Behaviour’ and ‘Rambling Rants’ in the Fraud Appeal Draft Grounds were not Personal Insults but Incapacity Evidence of the Equity Lawyer that is supported by the Trial Audio Record. 

Grateful Thanks to Citizen Mrs Theodorou for the Case Management Successes. There have been many. It might not feel like it. The Worst Times are over, the Bad Times are in progress and the Better Times will come soon. At this stage of the process the Key Decisions were in 2015 to keep 199 Winchmore Hill Road as a Family Home for the 6 Children, and to give the Remedy Process use of the case in 2016, and to get issue of Wardship Claim FD20P00642 in 2020. They are Fatal Decisions for the Protection Fraud Network. In 2014 the Protection Fraud Network made a Corruption Continuity Plan to avoid Total Collapse. It included a Business Expansion Plan using Family Sabotage Frauds. It needed a Priming Case to get Fraud Knowledge Admissions and Remedy Denial Commitments from hundreds of State Officers and Law Court Judges. They chose the Theodorou Family as the Priming Case Target. A Fraud Trade got Fraud Co-operation for the State in exchange for Divorce Property Frauds against the Mother for the Criminal Father. that got The Corrupt Officers who serviced Crime Investigation Frauds for the Family Sabotage Frauds also provided Paedophile Protection Frauds + Satanist Protection Frauds + Money Laundering Protection Frauds. The Corruption Remedy Process broke their confidence. They demanded Protection Frauds from Top Judges. The Protection Frauds have resulted in Fraud Appeals that force the Court of Appeal to explain the Protection Frauds. Witness X is of Special Interest. Sussex Police Officers managed Drug Production for the Top Police and Top Judges and used Witness X for Prosecution Frauds against Citizens. The Metropolitan Police used Witness X for Prosecution Frauds against Mrs McNeill. The Solicitor General and State Lawyers used Witness X for the 2019 004208 Trial Frauds against Citizen Ms Berry. Metropolitan Police Detective Constable Mr Martin represents a Corrupt Officer Set that includes Child Case Officers in Enfield Council. They demanded Protection Fraud Reassurances. They were given Harassment Prosecution Frauds and then Mental Health Frauds and then Forced medicatio0n Frauds against Citizen Mr Paterson. It did not stop the Remedy Process. Corrupt Officers demanded Repeat Reassurances. They were given Imprisonment Promise Frauds against Citizen Ms Berry with a 2020 Completion Date. The Imprisonment Fraud failed. They were given Imprisonment Promise Frauds against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis with a Completion Date of 3rd November 2020. The Imprisonment Fraud failed. The Protection Fraud Network co-ordinated the activities of the Criminal Father, Mr Theodorou, and Corrupt Officers of Enfield Council and the Cypriot Republic in the hope of the Key Decisions being a Total Failure for Citizen Mrs Theodorou. The Criminal Father and Corrupt Officers of Enfield used Influence Frauds to get Relationship Sabotage Services from the Eldest Child, Georgio Theodorou against the Mother Children Relations. The Cypriot Republic delivered the Repatriation Denial Fraud against the 2 Youngest Children. The issue of the Wardship Claim was a Severe Blow to the Protection Fraud Network. The Divorce Court could not deliver the House Possession Fraud until completion of the Expatriation Frauds in the High Court and Fraud Appeals in the Court of Appeal. The Wardship Claim got Case Delay Frauds by the High Court. The Corrupt Officers in Enfield Council did not understand it. The result was Influence Frauds for Family Relation Damage of Progressive Intensity before the Case Management Hearing on 16th February 2021. It got a Delay Fraud. It means the Family Court cannot deliver the House Possession Fraud in May 2021. The Entire Process got Case Records and Case Communications between the State and Law Courts and Cypriot Authorities that are Fraud Conspiracy Proof against All Liable Individuals. 

Best Advice for Citizen Mrs Theodorou. Georgio is in either Total Denial of, or Total Commitment to, the Family Sabotage Frauds. There is nothing Citizen Mrs Theodorou can do about that. Sophie has the Intellectual Capacity to know they were Family Sabotage Frauds but lacked the Emotional Maturity to cope with them. Give her space. Let her spend time with Maternal Family Members in the hope that she will achieve Emotional Maturity and appreciate the Case Management Successes of her Mother. 

Housing Administration Complaint of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis against Chelmsford City Council for the Stated Reasons that

  1. The Parliament Session Jurisdictions of the Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops relied on Investigation Services provided by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis.
  2. The Protection Fraud Network wanted Sabotage Frauds against the Remedy Process. They used Ruin Frauds against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis that were a Partial Success. They used Law Practice Disqualification Frauds, Asset Dispossession Frauds, Liability Imposition Frauds and Health Frauds against him. He used All Frauds to get Corruption Proof for the Remedy Process against them.
  3. A Part House Residential Tenancy + Housing Benefit Claim got Housing Benefit from Lewes District Council for the 5 weeks to 31st March 2019. It was Benefit Entitlement Proof.
  4. The Part House Residential Tenancy from 1st April 2019 and Housing Benefit Claim got Housing Benefit Denial Fraud Proof against Redbridge Council that used the Reason Fraud and Pending Probate Grant Letting Agency Denial Fraud that the Beneficial Owners who were Other Residents did not have Letting Authority.
  5. In April 2020 End Stage Kidney Failure got an Emergency Admission to Brookfield Hospital. The Protection Fraud Network used it to get a Urea Poison Fraud that failed. Drug Questions got Embarrassed Behaviour from the Drug Nurse and a Case Reference to the Renal Doctors. They could not explain a Secret Diagnosis Fraud that got a Prescription Fraud that had Urea Retention Side Effects that was a Sabotage Fraud against the Urea Removal; Dialysis Treatment. Discovery of the Urea Poison Fraud broke the confidence to complete it and motivated Medical Record Access Denial Frauds.
  6. Broomfield Hospital committed Consultation Failure Discharge Frauds that forced Chelmsford City Council to provide Temporary Housing in Chelmer Hotel. It has been very successful.
  7. The Health Conditions got Very Vulnerable Status for the Equity Lawyer from National Health Service.
  8. A Housing Transfer Claim of Chelmsford City Council got either Claim Process Denial Fraud Proof against Haringey Council or the Haringey Council Case Reference Disclosure Denial Fraud Proof against Chelmsford Council and Fraud Remedy Action Refusal Frauds by Chelmsford Council.
  9. The Residential Tenancy Agreement + Housing Benefit Claim of the Equity Lawyer got Claim Process Denial Fraud Proof against Haringey Council, all of which was Relevant Evidence in the Housing Transfer Claim.
  10. The Corruption Remedy Process relied on Case Management Services by the Equity Lawyer. It forced Corrupt Officers to demand Protection Frauds from Top Judges. The Key Corrupt Officers provided Paedophile Protection Frauds and Satanist Protection Frauds. The result a series of Fraud Appeals against Conflict Qualification Contempt Frauds and Pending Appeal Trial Stay Protection Breach Contempt Frauds that got Protection Fraud Conspiracy Proof against Organised Criminals, Representatives, State Officers, Lower Rank Judges and Justices and Lord Justice of the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. They needed Remedy Process Sabotage Frauds.
  11. Fraud Proof on anything gets a Proof Burden Reversal for the Victim against the Fraud Managers and Fraud Beneficiaries.
  12. The circumstances of the case raise a Housing Case Management Fraud Presumption for the Equity Lawyer against Chelmsford Council subject to Rebuttal Proof.
  13. The Fraud History creates an Impossible Rebuttal Proof Burden.
  14. The Fraud Proof against the Top Judges include Asset Freezing Frauds and Restraint Frauds against the Equity Lawyer that created the Financial Dependency on a Housing Benefit Claim.
  15. The Income Proof provided by the Equity Lawyer got a Financial Qualification Admission and Tenancy Search Obligation Notice from Chelmsford Council that the Equity Lawyer must compete for Rented Properties that are 13/14th of his Total Income and No Housing Benefit Commitment.
  16. The Tenancy Search Obligation is a Fraudulent Breach of Natural Justice, Human Rights and Overriding Justice Objective.
  17. The Fraud Remedy is Full Disclosure and a Housing Benefit Commitment that enables Competent Budgeting by the Equity Lawyer.

The Contempt Fraud Complaint Acknowledgement dated 16th February 2021 from the Attorney General to Citizen Mr Nkrumah contains an Investigation Capacity Denial Misrepresentation Fraud. The Joint Responsibility of Cabinet Officers gets Priority Status for the Investigation Resource Requisitions for the Attorney General against Secretaries of State. The Contempt Frauds were committed by Law Court Judges.  The Complaint Acknowledgement asks Citizen Mr Nkrumah to provide evidence. He is working on it.   

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission, 2019 004208, 2020 000286, Fraud Appeals 2020 1520, 2021 10063 and Wardship Claim FD20P00642

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The 2019 004208 Trial Frauds on 10th February 2021 get the Trial Stay Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Appeal DRAFT Grounds and Proposals for Citizen Ms Berry v Solicitor General.

Citizens who know anything about the Hampstead Case will please draw attention to errors or omissions.

Citizen Mrs Theodorou might find the DRAFT Grounds helpful at the Wardship Claim FD20P00642 Hearing on 16th February 2021.

Remedy Process Management Recommendations by the Equity Lawyer that:

  1. The Relevant Parliamentary Committee has Remedy Responsibility for Satanic Practice Cases for the Stated Reason that Conflict Disqualifications deny use of the Lord Bishops as Adjudicators.
  2. The Relevant Parliamentary Committee make a Priority Decision to start with Satanic Practice Protection Frauds for Unfitness Cases against Top Judges and then work backwards using Criminal Investigations to discover the Truth or Falsehood of Satanic Practice Evidence for the Stated Reason that:
    1. The Protection Fraud Network Business Plan used many Entrapment Frauds, Framing Frauds, Defamation Frauds, Perversion Protection Frauds and Office Appointment Frauds to get Blackmail Conditions that used Exposure Threats and Service Demands.
    2. Efficient Management of Corruption Remedies needs Optimum Conditions to distinguish between the Innocent Victims and Guilty Victims of the Blackmail Frauds and get Full Disclosure from those who will give it.
    3. The Corruption Remedy Process created Chronic Stress Conditions for both Innocent Victims and Guilty Victims but Reputation Defence Failure Guilt is likely to be an Added Complication for the Innocent Victims.
    4. The Equity Lawyer made the Strategic Decision not to use Satanic Practice Cases until the Remedy Process enabled Case References to Parliament and let the Remorseless Pressure force the Corrupt Officers who serviced managed the Blackmail Frauds and serviced Paedophile Protection Frauds and Satanic Practice Protection. Frauds to demand Protection Frauds that identified Key Cases.
    5. On the evidence available Witness X used Paedophile Defamation Fraud Claims and Satanic Abuse Defamation Claims to get a Recorded Interview with a Celebrity Journalist and Television Broadcast Publicity and U-Tube Internet Publicity.
    6. The Remedy Process motivated the Corrupt Officers who serviced Paedophile Protection Frauds and Satanic Practice Protection Frauds Protection to demanded Protection Frauds. They were given Trial Frauds. The one against Mrs Sabine McNeil used a Witness Identity Publicity Restraint Order that identified Witness X and Others, and Official Publicity with a Public Display of the Publicity Restraint Order in a Crown Court Building that put the Witness Identities in the Public Domain and then Publicity Restraint Breach Enforcement Frauds against Confused Citizens.
    7. The 2019 004208 Publicity Restraint Breach Enforcement Frauds against Confused Citizen Ms Berry enables a Satanic Practice Protection Fraud Case Reference to Parliament.
    8. Corrupt Officers serviced the Sabotage Frauds against the Theodorou Family and Protection Frauds for Paedophiles and Satanist. The Case Management of the Theodorou Family Cases is Relevant Evidence when considering Protection Frauds for Paedophiles and Satanists.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis


Royal Commission, Fraud Appeals 2019 2700, 2020 0395, 2021 PI 10063; Claim Frauds 2019 004208 and 2020000286, and Framing Frauds 2100155689 and 2100175116

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Fraud Appeals and Contempt Trial Fraud Management Advice for the Citizen, State, and Law Courts are attached.

The Land Fraud Lead Cases B01B0837, F1PP7696, F02ED793 Immunity Negotiation Offer Report of the Equity Lawyer is attached.   

Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Management Advice is for Citizens Mr and Mrs Nkrumah to use the Framing Fraud Bail Return Date on 9th February 2021 for Personal Service on Case Officers of the Corruption Claim Notice, Contempt and Terrorism Penalty Warning and Immunity Negotiation that is dated for that day for the Stated Reasons that:

  1. The Ministry of Justice Crime Partnership of Top Judges and State Officers managed Protection Frauds for Corrupt Officers. The State Officers are Crime Business Managers. 
  2. The Protection Fraud Market uses Risk Control Protocols. The Worst Risk is Immunity Deals that use Remedy Co-operation to get Corruption Proof against Top Judges. The Immunity Risk Controls require Fraud Commitment Proof from the Receiver before the Protection Fraud Supply. Routine Business uses Recent Case Frauds as the Fraud Commitment Proof. Special Business requires New Fraud Proof as Fraud Commitment Proof. Very Special Business requires Preliminary Frauds from the Supplier to give the Receiver the confidence to commit New Frauds as Fraud Commitment Proof before the Protection Fraud Supply. The Ministry of Justice Crime Business provides a Continuous Supply of Fraud. A Protection Fraud Deal can have a Routine Business Classification for the purposes of the Ministry of Justice Crime Partners but a Special Business Classification or Very Special Business Classification for the purposes of Crime Manager in Other Authorities.
  3. The Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops have Justice Responsibilities known as the Equity Monarchy Trusts and Corruption Control Jurisdictions that govern Parliament Session Powers. Since 2004 they have managed a Corruption Remedy Process.
  4. The Corruption Remedy Process motivated many Corrupt Officers to demand Protection Fraud that got a Very Special Business Classification. The Protection Frauds needed the Contempt Claim 2020 000286 Legal Service Restraint Frauds as Restraint Breach Imprisonment Frauds against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis as Preliminary Fraud Proof and Ruin Frauds against Citizens including Mr and Mrs Nkrumah.
  5. The Ruin Fraud Conspiracy against Citizens Mr and Mrs Nkrumah was in the Execution Preparation Stage. It needed a Case Allocation Fraud to Competent Corrupt Officers. A Discipline Incident that motivated the 11 Year Girl to run away from Mother to Father was a Surprise Event. The discovery of her in the street at about 23.00 hours on 11th January 2021 appeared to be a Windfall Opportunity that Corrupt Officers used for a Case Allocation Fraud to Incompetent Corrupt Officers. The result is Official Records that are Ruin Fraud Conspiracy Proof + Protection Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Citizens and Remedy Process against All Responsible Individuals.
  6. The Fraud Proof includes
    1. the Detained Person Property Record that contains the ‘Incapable’ Defamation Fraud in two of the Signature Spaces for Citizen Nkrumah and a Shaky Image of handwritten ‘ViCCoactus’.
    2. The Detailed Corruption Complaints and Competent Case Management by Citizen Mr Nkrumah that is Capacity Proof for him and Defamation Fraud Proof against the Corrupt Officers
  7. The Framing Fraud Bail Conditions Appeal got Appeal Process Denial Fraud Proof against the Magistrates Court on 12th January 2021 and until a Confidence Loss got a Bail Revocation Listing Hearing for 1st February 2021for Citizen Mr Nkrumah alone.
  8. The Bail Conditions Fraud Appeal Contempt Fraud Application Notice and Jurisdiction Fraud Witness Statement Service Email on 31st January 2021 for the Citizens got Exclusion Fraud Orders against the Jurisdiction Fraud Witness. A Judge Hearing Demand and Hearing Listing Demand for Citizen Mrs Nkrumah on 1st February 2021 by the Citizens got a Separate Listing for her, Case Referral by Lay Magistrates, Referral Rejection and Witness Exclusion Order Repeat Frauds by the District Judge.
  9. The Security Officers had Prior Experience of Royal Commission Cases and used Provocation Frauds with intent to use the Provocation Response as an Exclusion Reason Fraud. Exclusion Fraud Findings by the Equity Lawyer got Continuing Exclusion Frauds and Exclusion Fraud Denials by Security Officers. Identification Requests by the Equity Lawyer got Identification Refusal Frauds and Engagement Refusal Frauds by the Security Officers. Loud Protests by the Equity Lawyer got a Personal Appearance, Repeat Exclusion Fraud Orders, Contempt Remedy Hearing Denial Fraud and Identification Refusal Fraud by the Crown Prosecutor. A ‘PLO’ Claim by a Security Officer got a PLO Clarification Request by the Equity Lawyer and a Clarification Refusal by the Security Guard. A Security Video Preservation Requests by the Equity Lawyer got Engagement Refusal Frauds by the Security Guards. The Video Record included the PLO turning the Property Box upside down and tapping it on the Reception Desk so that Paper Piece fell on the floor Scan Machine instead of emptying it into the Rubbish Bin that was within 2 metres of where she stood.
  10. The Bail Conditions Fraud Appeal of Citizen Mr Nkrumah got Appeal Resistance then Confidence Loss then Resistance Withdrawal from the Crown Prosecutor. The Bail Conditions Fraud Appeal of Citizen Mrs Nkrumah got Appeal Resistance until an Assistance Offer by Citizen Mr Nkrumah got a Confidence Loss and Resistance Withdrawal from the Crown Prosecutor.
  11. Later that day the Equity Lawyer used a Home Assessment Visit for Personal Service of the Jurisdiction Fraud Witness Statement, Contempt Fraud Remedy Application Draft Order, Bail Fraud Appeal Report and Children Return Demand. It got a Service Refusal, Rapid Flight by the Corrupt Officers, a Confidence Collapse and Children Return by Corrupt Council Officers the next day The Child Case Papers contain Drug Crime Defamation Frauds and Care Defamation Frauds against the Citizen Parents and 3 Children.
  12. The Bail Return Date will enable Personal Service of the Legal Action Notice, Contempt Fraud Penalty Warning and Immunity Negotiation Offer by Citizens Mr and Mrs Nkrumah on the Crime Framing fraud Managers. It will be Effective Notice of the Confidence Collapse by the Crown Prosecutor and the Council Officers. The Service Event and Service Response will be Relevant Evidence for the Defamation Fraud Remedy Claim of Citizens Mr and Mrs Nkrumah in the Family Division of the High Court, and the Equity Lawyer in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Marketing Nuisance Complaint of the Equity Lawyer against Compare the Market for the Stated Reason that:

  1. the Unsubscribe Link returns the Cookies Choice Page and Repeat Marketing
  2. the Remedy Process needs Nuisance Cases to set Remedy Management Precedents

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis




Royal Commission, Fraud Appeal 2021 PI 10063, Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286, Drug Crime Bail Conditions Appeal and Contempt Remedy Application

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Protection Fraud Market has Risk Control Protocols. The Worst Risk for the Protection Fraud Market is Immunity Deals that get Remedy Co-operation and use it to get Corruption Proof against Top Judges. The  Protection Fraud Market manages the Immunity Risk by requiring Fraud Commitment Proof from the Receiver before the Protection Fraud Supply. Top Judges used Court Officers and a Lower Rank Judge to commit the 1st Fraud Appeal 2020 0396 Dismissal Frauds against the Equity Lawyer. The Remedy Process required that a Lord Justice accept Personal Responsibility for the Dismissal Frauds.  The Lord Justices required Fraud Commitment Proof from the State Officers in the Ministry of Justice who functioned as organised Crime Managers for the Top Judges. The Fraud Commitment proof was the Drug Crime Investigation Fraud by the Metropolitan Police and Family Sabotage Fraud by Local Authority Officers against Citizens Mr and Mrs Nkrumah and their 3 Children. 

The Police Bail Conditions Fraud Appeal and Contempt Remedy Application of Citizens Mr and Mrs Nkrumah in Barkingside Magistrates Court  is listed for 11.00 on 1st February 2021

The Equity Lawyer will attend as Jurisdiction Fraud Witness for the Citizens, State and Court

The Citizens intend to print the documents dated 31st January 2021. The Magistrates Court Officers can print the rest. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis







Royal Commission, 2020000286, 2020 0396, 2069, PI 10063, Other Fraud Appeals and Lease Claim G00CR488

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

The Contempt Complaint against the House of Commons Speaker needs a Case Reference to All MPs.

Contempt Complaint Additional Evidence Notice.

  1. The MP Address List that the Speaker published after the 2019 General Election got 122 Bounce Messages from ceased to sit before the General Election. The Speaker ignored the MP Address List Requests by the Equity Lawyer.
  2. The Royal Commission Emails to House of Commons Speaker Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle <> got No Acknowledgements and then an Acknowledgement, Remedy Jurisdiction Denial and Speakers Office Email Address ‘’ Notice and then No Responses until 2021
  3. The Royal Commission Emails to House of Commons Speaker Rt Hon Sir Lindsay Hoyle < > get No Response.
  4. The Contempt Complaint against the Speaker is a Test Complaint that will get Relevant Evidence for the Parliament Session Remedy Condition Performance Trial Orders of the Crown and Trial Adjudication and Appeal Adjudication of the Lord Bishops
  5. The Royal Commission Emails are Parliament Session Agreement Corruption Remedy Condition Notices and Remedy Condition Performance Notices from the Equity Lawyer for the People to Parliament
  6. The Contempt Claim 2020 000286 and 5 Fraud Appeals got Remedy Denial Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Equity Lawyer, Citizen Parliament and Crown against the State and Law Courts
  7. The attached Royal Commission, 2020 000286, Fraud Appeals 2021 PI 10063 Conflict Disqualification Recusal and Contempt Remedy Application dated 27th January 2021 of Equity Lawyer v Solicitor General services:
    1. the Contempt Trial in the High Court,
    2. the Fraud Appeal in the Court of Appeal
    3. the Contempt Fraud Unfitness Cases against Top Judges in Parliament
    4. the Fraud Case Stay and Contempt Fraud Remedy Applications by Citizen Victims against Organised Criminals and the State
  8. The Fraud Appeal 2021 PI 10063 Issue Denial Fraud, 2 Other Fraud Appeal Issue Denial Frauds and 2020 000286 Penalty Hearing Listing Failure raise Reasonable Suspicions that the Protection Fraud Deals between Corrupt Officers and the Top Judges needed Alternative Fraud Commitment Proof
  9. The Contempt Claim Fraud 2019 004208 Liability Trial Listing Order for 10th February 2021 raises Reasonable Suspicions it is the Alternative Fraud Commitment Proof. It got a Conflict Disqualification, Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Remedy Application Decision and Evidence Request by Citizen Ms Berry. It got Request Response from the Equity Lawyer of an All Relevant Evidence Offer with the Conflict Disqualification Recusal and Contempt Remedy Application dated 27th January 2021 as the Context Explanation and Case Explanation.

MP Address List REPEAT Request from the Equity Lawyer to the Speaker.

Justice Process Contempt Fraud Notice for the People against Journalist Mr Marr and the BBC

The Misrepresentation Fraud + Non-Disclosure Fraud + Parliament Contempt Fraud Complaints by Former Leader Mr Salmond got a Contempt Case Hearing by the Scottish Parliament. The Contempt Trial has Jurisdiction Superiority against the Publicity Jurisdiction of the Media. The Contempt Trial got Pending Adjudication Adverse Publicity Stay Protection Rights for Scottish Leader Ms Sturgeon against the Media. On Sunday 24th January 2021 the Television Broadcast of the Interview Exchanges between of Leader Ms Sturgeon and Journalist Mr Marr are Compelling Evidence that:

  1. Journalist Mr Marr, the Defamation Lawyers and the BBC ignored the Pending Adjudication Adverse Publicity Stay Protection Rights and committed Protection Breach Contempt Frauds against Scottish Leader Ms Sturgeon and the Scottish Parliament
  2. Scottish Leader Ms Sturgeon
    1. failed to manage a Dignity Defence for the Scottish Parliament, Damage Mitigation for herself by a Pending Adjudication Adverse Publicity Stay Protection Rights Notice, Contempt Fraud Complaint and Immediate Apology Demand
    2. confused the issue with Waffly Responses      
  3. Journalist Mr Marr failed to bring to the attention of the audience that:
    1. The Scottish Devolution Arrangements denied Parliament Session Powers needed for 1st Class Citizen Status, which the Scottish Citizen still has but only when dealing with the British Parliament  
    2. The late Scottish Lawyer Mr Jim Fiel spent decades collating Corruption Cases against the Scottish State and the Scottish Law Courts. Bad Cases got Emigration Advice from him to Victims. He needed a Lead Case, Victim Consent and Special Events to make the 1st Class Citizenship Case for Scottish Citizens. In 2014 the Scottish Referenda was the Special Event. A Sex Crime Framing Fraud that used DNA Elimination Proof Concealment Frauds was the Lead Case. Victim Consent was conditional upon Residency Rights for the Victim in a Middle Eastern State. Lawyer Mr Friel died in July 2014. The Residency Rights were got in August 2014. The Independence Referenda were in September 2014. After the death of Lawyer Mr Friel no one had the expertise and commitment to use the Victim Consent to make the 1st Class Citizenship Case for Scottish Citizens.
    3. 1st Class Citizenship deserves Issue Priority against a 2nd Independence Referenda   

Royal Commission Consequential Damage Test Case for Penge Restaurant Lease Possession Claim G00CR488.  Illiterate Immigrants were Easy Targets for Asset Theft Frauds. It made the Illiterate Immigrant Cases particularly useful getting the Asset Theft Fraud Conspiracy Proof, Protection Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Royal Commission. Land Frauds and Legal Representation Frauds against Citizen Mr Serbert did Consequential Damage that forced Penge Restaurant Manager Appointments by him that resulted in Total Frauds by the Restaurant Managers against him. The result is Fraud Claims against Organised Criminals, Lawyers, the Law Society and Ministry of Justice.  The Consequential Damages include the Penge Restaurant Damages. 

The Lease Claim G00CR488 Hearing on 12th February 2021 will get an Audio Record how the Hearing Judge in Croydon County Court deals with the Corruption Case Incapacity and Limited English Language Incapacity. It will be Relevant Evidence in the Contempt Claim 2020 000286, Fraud Appeals 2020 0396, 2069, PI 10063 and Other Fraud Appeals.    

Note: The Royal Commission Email Address List gets Bounce Messages from some of the Law Firms that serviced Court Frauds against Citizens. They remain on the Address List so that they have Contempt Case Progress Notices that they can give Case Management Advice to their Clients. In some cases Blocked Messages are Notice Rejection Fraud Proof for Clients, Profession Authorities and Law Courts against the Law Firms. A Royal Commission Email was a Publicity Notice for the Immunity Negotiation Offer to the Land Fraud F02ED793 Landlords. Immunity Negotiation Offers in Other Cases did not get Publicity Notices   

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis