Corruption Remedy Process Update + 2022 0043 + 2023 0058 + 1180 + Magistrates Court + Metropolitan Police Investigation 01YE 15441 23 + Profession Fitness Case 2855 839 + 899 Email

Lord Lieutenants, Speaker and MPs,

The Session Priority is Credibility Recovery by the Authorities. It needs Tests Cases to discover what impact Mass Publicity for Corruption Exposure and Mass Remedies had on Case Management. All Test Cases managed by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis got Corruption Continuity Proof against fraud Profiteers, State Officers, Law Officers and Law Court Judges.

Some of the Service Email Tests used No Service Message and Attached Documents.

On the evidence available the Protection Fraud Network is using Case Delays in hope that the 2024 Parliamentary General Election will get a Corrupt Majority and Immunity Frauds. The Test Case Results validate use of Parliament Session Powers to get Forced Parliamentary Unity for Dismissal Executions against Top Judges before the Summer Recess.

Attached are Sample Test Case Documents.

The Best Advice is Briefing Requests by MPs to the Speaker, Prime Minister and Opposition Leader.  

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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