Royal Commission + Fraud Appeal 2022 001383 Filing Notice + Basildon Assault Trial 2100279461 Filing Notice + Election Integrity Test Notice

To: House of Commons Speaker, All MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

The Neutrality Obligation binds the Equity Lawyer and the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority.

Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Prime Minister Mr Blair got revived use of the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority and the Corruption Remedy Process.  In 2009 use of the Local Election Campaign Period for exposure of the Expense Account Scandal enabled the 2010 General Election to break the Labour Governing Majority. In 2014 the Protection Fraud Network used Family Sabotage Frauds + Child Thefts for a Business Expansion Plan to avoid Total Collapse. In 2016 they needed to avoid Corruption Dismissals of Law Court Judges and bought Leadership Votes for MP Mrs May. In 2019 the Local Election Frauds and General Election Frauds made inevitable the need for Election Frauds and Total Dictatorship forever thereafter until Total Collapse of the Protection Fraud Network. The 2021 Session Priority was Remedy Delivery. It needed Corruption Dismissals of Law Court Judges. The Dismissal Failures were Protection Fraud Proof against the Cabinet. A Dismissal Decision against Prime Minister Mr Johnson got Dismissal Failures that were Protection Fraud Proof against the Cabinet, most of the Government Majority and most of the Opposition Minority including Opposition Leader Sir Keir Starmer. The 2009 Election Experience motivated an Election Fraud Plan. It used Revenue Termination Blackmail by the Cabinet and  Big Business to get Protection Fraud Non-Disclosure Services from the BBC and Independent Television. Corruption Gossip was endemic. Local Election Defeats, By-Election Defeats and more than 5 Government Resignations got the Forced Resignation on 7th July 2022 from Prime Minister Mr Johnson. The Protection Fraud Non-Disclosure Propaganda compromised Leadership Contest Management by the Candidates. Confidence Collapses motivated Framing Frauds by Corrupt Officers as Self-Help Protection Frauds. There are Reasonable Suspicions that Uncontrolled Anger motivated Torture Events and Injury Denial Record Frauds. There are Various Reports of Dictator Plans for Cabinet Control of the Judiciary.

Royal Commission Notice Email of the Question Tests will get Election Justice Proof for Journalists, Leadership-Contest Managers, Councillors and MPs and Election fraud Conspiracy Proof against them. It will be Relevant Evidence for Parliament Session Decisions by the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority.

The House of Commons Speaker has an obligation to make Representation Proposals for Citizens in cases of  Conflicted Interests between them and their MP. A failure to do so within 7 Days will be Representation Denial Fraud Proof + Protection Fraud Proof for the People against Parliament

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis