Royal Commission + England CA 2022 002522 + 2023 000127 + 2023 000128 + 2022 002595 + 2022 003098 + Northern Ireland 2022 100826 + 21045650

To: Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Corruption Remedy Process of the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority needed Case Process Fraud Proof and Audio Records that are Personal Responsibility Proof against, respectively, Court Supervision Judges and Hearing Judges. The Cabinet and Opposition Leader needed it for the Protection Fraud Exposure Plan against Law Court Judges. 

Corruption Claims J00RM833 + 2022 002595 + 2022 003098 got Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the County Court and High Court. They are subject to the Fraud Appeals 2022 002522 + 2023 000127 in the Court of Appeal. The 2022 003098 Trial Listing for 8th March 2023 will get Pending Fraud Appeal Adjudication Enforcement Stay Protection Enforcement Proof for the High Court or Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof against the High Court. The  2022 002522 + 2023 000127 Fraud Appeal Papers were sent for service by Signed For Post to the Former Prime Minister Mr Johnson, Opposition Leader Sir Keir Starmer and the Cabinet.  

The Remedy Process needed Co-ordinated Case Management of Corruption Cases in England and Northern Ireland. They needed enough value to pay for Protection Frauds from Law Court Judges but not enough, on their own, to pay for Protection Frauds from the Northern Ireland Assembly and UK Cabinet. English Trust Frauds against Citizen Mr Sood and Northern Ireland Probate Frauds + Benefit Frauds + Council Tax Bankruptcy Enforcement Frauds against Citizen Mr Barr are excellent for the purpose. The English Trust Case got Order Breach Contempt Immunity Fraud Proof against the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal. The Northern Ireland Bankruptcy Fraud and Corruption Claim got completion on 25th January 2023 of Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Chancery Division and Kings Bench Division of the Northern Ireland High Court. 

Many other cases got Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Law Courts

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis  

Royal Commission + England 2022 002595 and 003098 + Northern Ireland Corruption Cases 2022 1000826 + CO12696110 and 21 045650

To: Lord Lieutenants, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

The Coronation  Oath Enforcement Authority need Personal Responsibility Proof against Identifiable Judges for Remedy Purposes. The Cabinet and Opposition Leader need it for Fraud Exposure against the Judiciary and Protection Fraud Concealment for themselves.

The Judiciary used Case Process Denial Frauds to avoid Audio Record Proof against themselves. The Cabinet used the England Case 2022 003098 to get a Forced Hearing and Audio Record against a High Court Justice. It enables use of all of the cases in which the Cabinet is the Claim Principal or an Interested Party for Witness Protection Applications

The Coalition Failure by the Northern Ireland Assembly got Direct Governance by the Cabinet. It enables use of Notorious Frauds for Integrity Test Cases in which the Cabinet is Defendant or an Interested Party

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis