Royal Commission + 2020 000286 + Contempt Fraud Appeals Notice + Judge Integrity Tests using B01B0837 + F21YY087 + E01WT861 + Framing Fraud 2100155689 + 2100175116

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Integrity Test on 26th April 2021 added to the F21YY087 + E01WT861 Order Breach Contempt Immunity Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Bank of Scotland and County Court. It is Similar Fact Proof to the B01B0837 Order Breach Contempt Immunity Fraud Conspiracy Proof against them. It is Relevant Evidence for the B01B0837 Integrity Test on 30th April 2021. The choice for the Hearing Judge is Fraud Remedies for Citizen Mr Sood or Fraud Enforcement against him. The Hearing Judge needs to know that the Equity Lawyer will use Fraud Enforcement Proof for the Dismissal + Terrorism Penalty Case against All Judges in Parliament.  

Good Risk Findings by the Equity Lawyer and Many Others for Honourable Parliamentarians, Lord Bishops, Lord Archbishops. Charles Prince of Wales and Elizabeth Queen of England validated revival use of the Parliament Session Jurisdictions for the Corruption Remedy Process It needed to cater for All Possibilities. The Political Scandal Risk needed a Leadership Vacuum Remedy Plan.  Citizen Papers provide Before Event Fitness Finding Evidence in case the Honourable Parliamentarians, Lord Bishops and Crown needed it to manage Leadership Vacuum Remedies.

In 2009 a Firearms Corruption Remedy Claim gave Interested Party Status to MP Mr Kenneth Clarke as Fitness Finding Evidence for him to serve as Lord Chancellor after the 2010 General Election.

The 2010 General Election got a Coalition Governing Majority. It got Remedy Co-operation from Prime Minister Mr Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Mr Clegg and Opposition Leader Mr Miliband. The Remedy Co-operation Acknowledgements in Citizen Papers were Repeat Leadership Fitness Finding Evidence in case it was needed for Power Vacuum pending Party Leadership Elections.  If necessary, they can sit in the House of Lords. The Leadership Vacuum Fitness Evidence for 3 Competing Leaders gave Enormous Satisfaction to everyone who understood it. The Equity Lawyer is not aware of Unfitness Rebuttal Evidence against any of them that validates a Leadership Vacuum Fitness Review. In addition, there are Leadership Vacuum Fitness Findings for MP Mr Iain Duncan Smith and MP Mr David Davies. It does not matter whether Vacuum Leadership Enquiries get Service Refusals by any or all of them. It does matter that Fitness Findings from the Citizen and Equity Lawyer for some of the Governing Class provide a Confidence Base for the Crown and Lord Bishops to find others if they are needed.      

In late 2018 the Conservative Party Leadership Challenge discovered that Remedy Saboteurs demanded Protection Frauds Deals in exchange for Leadership Votes. It was Relevant Evidence when getting the Forced Resignation from Prime Minister Mrs May, the Parliament Session Agreement that required a Forced General Election before the end of 2019 and the Parliament Session Agreement that required Corruption Remedies before the Session End. The Remedy Saboteurs traded Protection Frauds for Leadership Votes. Prime Minister Mr Johnson needed Protection Deal Releases to service the Corruption Remedy Conditions.

The Corruption Remedy Conditions needed either Case Remedies by the Law Courts or Protection Fraud Proof and Crime Profit Proof for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions against the Law Courts. It was Totally Predictable that both use of it, and failure to use it, by Prime Minister Mr Johnson to get Protection Fraud Deal Releases were a Leadership Vacuum Risk.   

It was Reasonably Predictable that a Leadership Challenge would start with Representation Impropriety Allegations against anyone who had Fitness Findings as a Power Vacuum Leader. On the evidence available the Representation Impropriety Allegations against Former Prime Minister Mr Cameron were Sabotage Frauds against him as Power Vacuum Leader. He is a Reliable Representer and Competent Campaigner. He competed for office in a Dictator Regime when an Equity Governance Recovery Plan was in progress.  The 2005 Conservative Party Leadership Contest that he won was unlikely to involve Protection Fraud Deals because it was for an Opposition Party soon after a General Election. Free and Fair General Election needed an Unfitness Finding + Dismissal Decisions + Forced Resignation in 2006 from Prime Minister Mr Blair and an Unfitness Finding + Dismissal Decisions against Prime Minister Mr Brown and the Labour Governing Majority that in 2009 needed the Expense Account Scandals. The 2010 General Election returned a Coalition Governing Majority that he led. The Finance Sabotage Frauds Legacy of Prime Minister Mr Brown and the Labour Governing Majority imposed Severe Financial Constraints that helped to maintain Coalition Discipline. The 2010 Parliament Session Agreement required a Corruption Investigation of the Law Courts. On the evidence available it was a Unifying Experience for him, Deputy Prime Minister Mr Clegg and Opposition Leader Mr Miliband that got Remedy Co-operation from all of them. In 2014 the Protection Fraud Network needed a Corruption Continuity Plan to avoid Total Collapse. It needed a Business Expansion Plan and Hung Parliament Propaganda Frauds in hope of getting a Hung Parliament and use of it for Coalition Government Bargaining to get a Corrupt Majority and Immunity Frauds, and a Back Up Plan if it failed. The Black Up Plan needed a Ruin Fraud Conspiracy against the Equity Lawyer to stop him providing Investigation Services for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions, a Ruin Fraud Conspiracy against Prime Minister Mr Cameron to stop him providing Execution Services for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions and a Ruin Fraud Conspiracy against a Remedy Campaigner for Power Boast Purposes.  The Ruin Frauds used Framing Frauds. The Equity Lawyer identified the Framing Frauds and managed them to get Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Law Court Judges in time to stop the Ruin Frauds.    

Prime Minister Mr Cameron was on an Equity Governance Learning Curve when in office. He might still be on it. He might not know that Opposition Representation Freedom is Directly Proportionate to the Corruption Remedy Powers of the Citizen. He might not know that the Remedy Services he provided for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions got Opposition Status for Dictator Politicians against him. He might not have known that a Leadership Challenge might start with use of anything for Representation Impropriety Allegations + Innuendo against him for a Leadership Vacuum Remedy Spoiler Initiative. 

The Leadership Vacuum Remedy Spoiler Week followed by Premiership Residence Refurbishment Week raises reasonable Suspicions of a Leadership Challenge. It might fizzle out. It might not fizzle out. The Crown and Lord Bishops need to know that on the evidence available the Leadership Vacuum Remedy Fitness Findings for Former Prime Minister Mr Cameron and the others remain intact, and that Timely Enquiries would be a Sensible Precaution. 

General Election needs Remedy Management to get Fair Conditions for Corruption Victims

The Dictator Politicians made a Dictator Plan. It needed Sabotage Frauds for Dictator Leadership against Leadership Competitors. It used Proof Burden Reversal Frauds + Law Market Frauds for Client Claimants against Qualified Lawyers as Sabotage Frauds for Dictator Politicians against the Parliament Session Jurisdictions. It used Sex Crime Investigation Denial Frauds for Sexual Predators against Victims as Sabotage Frauds for Dictatorship Politicians against Equity Religious Leaders. It used Bias Frauds for Ethnic Minorities against the Caucasian Majority as Sabotage Frauds for Dictator Politician against the Citizen. Management Failures on an Industrial Scale resulted in the Sabotage Frauds for Dictator Politicians escalating into Institutional Racism. Effective Remedies needed a Dictator Plan Termination and an Equity Governance Recovery Plan. Institutional Racism got Repeat Acknowledgement and Repeat Remedy Denial Frauds from the Dictator Politicians.

The Sabotage Frauds for Dictator Politicians against Citizen Mr Nkrumah help to explain it.  In the Youth Games from 1995 he won the 400 Metres against his friend, Mo Farah, who became the Distance Champion. A Level Mathematics + Further Mathematics + Computing + Business Studies enabled a Career Plan for Technical Qualifications + Management Qualifications with a Big Business Directorship Target. The Technical Qualifications were a BT Advanced Apprenticeship. BT used his image for Apprenticeship Recruitment. Community Leaders used him to support both of the London Mayor Campaigns of MP Johnson. He met Opposition Leader Mr Cameron soon before the 2010 General Election. The Sabotage Frauds against him started with Entertainment Copyright Piracy Investigation Frauds + Prosecution Frauds + Defence Representation Frauds + Trial Fraud Blackmail + Plea Bargain Frauds + Imprisonment Denial Misrepresentation Frauds + Community Service Misrepresentation Frauds + Apprenticeship Continuity Misrepresentation Frauds that got a Guilty Plea + Probation Report Adjournment + Up to 200 Hours Community Service Report + 1st Offence 12 Months and 18 Months Concurrent Immediate Imprisonment + Ruin Fraud Plan that needed an Early Tag Release for a  Home Detention Curfew +  BT Apprenticeship Termination Procurement Fraud +  Deportation Fraud that failed because he had UK Residency Rights. The Court Records + Prison Records + National Insurance Records + Attempted Deportation Records + BT Employment Records are Fraud Conspiracy Proof. A Land Fraud Conspiracy for Top Judges and Housing Association Officers needed Tenancy Forgeries.  In 2015 Forged Tenancy Complaints by Citizen Mr Nkrumah motivated Repeat Ruin Frauds that did Life Damaged to him but got Fraud Conspiracy Proof for him against the Metropolitan Police, Local Authority, Ministry of Justice, Criminal Courts and Civil Courts up to the Supreme Court. In January 2021 the ruin Fraud Conspiracy against Citizens Mr and Mrs Nkrumah used a Drug Crime Framing Fraud + Shea Butter for Suspicious Substance Misrepresentation Frauds + Incapacity Misrepresentation Frauds for Missing Signatures on Detention Records + Returned Property Misrepresentation Frauds + Family Sabotage Bail Conditions Frauds for Parent Unfitness Defamation Frauds + Child Access Denial Frauds. Royal Commission Case Notices by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and Effective Defence Representation by Citizen Mr Nkrumah broke the confidence for the Bail Appeal Resistance by the Crown Prosecutor and then the Child Access Denial Fraud Drug Crime Framing Fraud by the Local Authority.  On 16th April 2021, the Piracy Framing Fraud Appeal used Fraud Conspiracy Proof for an Appeal Filing Time Extension + Conviction Fraud Revocation + £6,559.12 Savings and Additional Interest Crime Proceeds Forfeiture Fraud Revocation that got Refusal frauds by 3 Caucasian Appeal Judges. The Before Hearing Audio Record and Full Proceedings Audio Record and Written Judgment Denial Fraud and to the Corruption Proof against the Ministry of Justice and the Office Unfitness Proof against the 2 Justices and 1 Lady Justice. On the evidence available it motivated the Investigation Fraud Managers to use Oral Meeting Request to Citizen Mrs Nkrumah with No Independent Witness. It got a Request Refusal from Citizen Mrs Nkrumah for the Stated Reason that the Investigations Frauds raise Reasonable Suspicions of a Self-Protection Fraud Plan needs a Personal Attendance with No Independent Witness for a Liability Finding Fraud + Caution Fraud.        

The 2019 General Election Frauds included Own Vehicle Theft Arrest Fraud + Mental Illness Case Reference Fraud + Custody Fraud + Forced Medication Fraud for the Nantwich and Crewe Parliamentary Candidates of the Labour Party and Conservative Party against Citizen Mr Adam Mustafa as an Independent Candidacy Sabotage Fraud against him.  

It is Compelling Proof that General Election Fairness needs Comprehensive Remedies for Citizen Mr Nkrumah.

Citizen Mr Nkrumah is considering conducting an Election Fairness Test using a North East London Candidacy Offer on Corruption Remedy Conditions from him to the Conservative Party and the Labour Party. The test result will get either Remedy Condition Acceptance by one or both of them or Conditions Refusal Proof he can use to add Campaign Finance to the Corruption Damages     

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis