Royal Commission + Contempt Claim + CO 2022 612 + Mortgage Claim H1PP8822

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Settlement Negotiation Offer from the Equity Lawyer to the Ministry of Justice, Attorney General, Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to consider the Negotiation Proposals and the Witness Protection in the attached Draft Orders.

The Royal Mail Deliveries of Identical Paper Sets of WD731882707GB + WD731882715GB + WD731882724GB  to the High Court Queens Bench Actions Office, Listing Office and Administrative Court arrived at 12:52 on 21st March 2022 and WD731882738 GB to Romford County Court arrived at 07:52 on 22nd March 2022.  They got No Response from the Actions Office, Administrative Office, and Romford County Court but got a Papers Return Notice dated 23rd March 2022 from the Listing Officer that appears to have arrived on 30th March 2022.

On 30th March 2022 the attached document and the Account Statement for 14 weeks of the Equity Lawyer v Natwest Bank were sent by Royal Mail Signed For Post to the Fees Office at the Royal Courts to discover whether it gets Fee Remission Certificates. The scan of the Bank Account Statement will be sent to Fees Office, House of Commons Speaker and Prime Minister soon after this email.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

Royal Commission + Restraint Renewal Fraud CO 2022 612 Protection Application + Sadhana Chaudhari Probate Contest Appearance + 2200054477 + 2022 043

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

Contempt and Terrorism Penalty Warning to State Officers that:

  1. The Case Process Denial Frauds adds to the Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Fraud Beneficiaries, State, Profession Authorities, Law Courts, Cabinet and Parliament.   
  2. Contempt Penalties will include Indemnity Personal Liability Orders for the State against Liable Individuals.

On 4th March 2022 the Basildon Assault Trial Fraud 2100279461 got use of a Missing Key Witness for an Adjournment Application by the Crown Prosecutor, Adjournment Objection Advice + Case Dismissal Innuendos by the Court Lawyer, and Advice Rejection + Evidence Production Applications by Citizen Mr Nkrumah. They got an Adjournment Order + Evidence Application Hearing denial frauds by the 3 Magistrates.

On 14th March 2022 the Mortgage Possession Claim Fraud H1PP8822 Hearing got completion of the Representation Denial Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Sadhana Chaudhari Probate Estate and the Equity Lawyer against the Bank of Scotland, Probate Contestants, Ministry of Justice, Solicitor General, Attorney General, Cabinet and Prime Minister.

On 25th March 2022 the Eviction Criminal Damage Trial Fraud 2101959064 got a Without Notice Adjournment + Court Room Exclusion Fraud + Explanation Refusal Frauds by the Romford Magistrates Court against Citizen Mr Nkrumah and Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

On 1st April 2022 the Police Officer Impersonation Trial Fraud 2200054477 of Citizen Mr Nkrumah v Metropolitan Police is likely to get the same result.

On 6th April 2022 the Assault 2022 043 Jurisdiction Trial will get either a Hearing Denial Fraud or an Audio Record that is either remedy proof for the Crown Court or fraud Enforcement Proof against it.

It is time for the attached Restraint Renewal Claim CO 2022 612 Protection Application Notice + Draft Order + Sadhana Chaudhari Probate Contest Appearance by the Equity Lawyer against the Attorney General, Cabinet and Prime Minister

The Identified Beneficiaries of the Witness Protection Application will please ensure Effective Service on All Partiers who are responsible for the Witness Intimidation Frauds

Polite Request for Evidence Preservation by All Other Witness Intimidation Fraud Victims.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis