Royal Commission + QB 2018 000239 Case Admission + Children’s Hospital Charity Damage Limitation + Best Advice for All Professions

To: House of Common Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leaders, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Take Notice that the Broomfield Hospital Renal Team has Incredible Target Status in the Criminal Investigation and Profession Unfitness Investigations arising from the April 2020 Kill Order by Prime Minister Mr Johnson and Attempted Murder of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. It enables the attached Best Advice to All Profession,

Take Notice that exposure of the Murder + Human Organs Theft and the Child Trafficking creates a need for Damage Limitation by the Children’s Hospital Charities

Take Notice that the QB 2018 000239 Full Transcript Refusal Fraud dated 1st July 2022 is a  Case Admission. It contradicts the Case Denial Frauds by the High Court and is the subject of the Fraud Appeal that will get Remedy Proof for the Court of Appeal or Court Fraud Conspiracy Proof against it.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward Ellis