Nuisance Criminal Conspiracy Proof, Contempt Committal Fraud Appeal, Probate Claim Fraud and Bail Breach Framing Fraud Notice

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, Lawyers and Court Officers

The Remedy Process used the Secret Service and a Standard Judgment Form and Nonsense Content that was Nuisance Claim E08YJ260 Default Judgment Deficit Proof for a Damage Assessment Trial Test. It got Damage Assessment Trial Jurisdiction Fraud Proof against the South-East Top Civil Judge and Trial Fraud Proof against Sussex Judges and Claim Representatives and Claimants. The Fraud Appeals got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against High Court Judges. The Claim Costs Schedule dated 16th June 2020 includes Costs Details are Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Claimants + Representatives and High Court. 

The Before Appeal 2020 000286 Restraint Breach Committal Permission Application Fraud got Hearing Resource Allocation Fraud Proof that identified Appeal Lord Justice Mr Dingemans as a Corruption Controller. On 17th June 2020 it got Hearing Fraud Proof + Committal Permission Trial Fraud Proof against High Court Justice Mr Goose. The Hearing Frauds included Hearing Denial Frauds against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. The Protection Fraud Network used Computer Hacking for Framing Frauds. The Equity Lawyer used State Libraries for Internet Access most of the time. It was a Framing Fraud Defence. The Corona Virus Emergency denied use of State Libraries. The Equity Lawyer had an Old HP Laptop. In April 2020 the Word Application ceased to function. A Friend lent him an Old Apple Laptop. It crashes. The Search Function changes the Target File. The Delete Function and Trash Function do not remove the Target File. They insert the word ‘copy’ in the Target File Label. The Friend objected to use of it for a Skype Account for the Equity Lawyer. The Friend wants it back when he has finished with it. The Equity Lawyer gave notice he did not have Skype Expertise or Skype Facilities and had an Old Mobile Phone and a Phone Account with Penal Charges for Excess Usage. The Court used the BT Meet Me Service and sent an 0800 Number + Code Email after the Hearing Start Time when he was offline. They did not tell him they had sent it. He did not find it until after the hearing.  The Committal Permission and Trial Directions Order Fraud + Fraud Appeal Grounds + Fraud Appeal Appellant Notice are attached by way of Email Filing with the Court of Appeal and Email Service on the Government Lawyers, Solicitor General, Cabinet, Prime Minister and House of Commons Speaker on trust for All MPs. The Equity Lawyer does not have Print Facilities. The Print Shops did not have Essential Business Status during the Corona Virus Emergency. The Equity Lawyer will investigate whether Regulation Relaxation has opened Local Print Shops. The Fee Remission Application Email will be sent to the Court of Appeal. The Appeal Grounds are an Official Record for the purposes of the Remedy Process. It can be used in Unfitness Examination of Top Judges by Parliament.     

The late Mrs Harpal Kaur Estate Probate Claim PT 2020 000207 is a Probate Fraud.  The Process Signature suggests Independent Corruption Controllers got Protection Frauds from the Protection Fraud Network. Mrs Harpal Kaur made a 1987 Will that gave Executor Status to the Equity Lawyer and a 2007 Will and then died in 2017. Lawyers demanded an Executorship Renunciation by the Equity Lawyer. A Due Process Proposal by the Equity Lawyer for Full Disclosure to All Interested Parties got a Due Process Denial Fraud by the Lawyers. The Claim Statement by the Claimant revealed a Gift Beneficiary of the 1987 Will died before the late Mrs Kaur that resulted in All Her Children or their heirs sharing the Will Gift under the Intestacy Rules.  Also, it revealed a 2007 Will but did not produce it. A Codicil varies a Previous Will. A Later Will replaces a Previous Will. The use of the word ‘Will’ to describe the 2007 Document raises a Revocation + Replacement Presumption against the 1987 Will. The Due Process Denial Fraud and Claim Statement are Contempt Fraud Proof + Representation Disqualification Proof against the Claim Lawyers. The Defence + Remedy Proposals by the Equity Lawyer explained the Contempt Frauds + Conflict Disqualifications. They did not get Court Motion Remedy Orders but did get a Hearing Notice for 6th July 2020, and on 18th June 2020 a Remote Hearing Notice from the Chancery Court to the Claim Lawyers and Equity Lawyer. Omission from the Email Address List of the Claimant or Other Representatives is Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof against the Claim Lawyers. The Hearing Process will get Remedy Proof for the Chancery Court or Fraud Management Proof against it.

On 19th June 2020 a Repeat Arrest Fraud against Citizen + Vulnerable Adult Mr Carter used Bail Breach Reason Frauds. It got Resource Allocation Fraud Proof against Corruption Controllers.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis




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