Remedy Process + Criminal Investigation 01 YE 15441 23 Magistrates Court Applications Evidence Filing + Snaresbrook Crown Court Trial Frauds 2022 0043 + 2023 1180 Courtesy Notice

The attachment replaces the one posted previously because Citizen Mr Nkrumah says one page was missing.

Additional Evidence Notice for the Magistrates Court and Crown Court. The  Appeals to the Court of Appeal against the Remedy Denial Frauds in 2023 and 2024 respectively of Justice Ms Eday and Mr Bourne got Different Case Management. The 2023 Appeal got a Fee Remission Certificate + Remedy Jurisdiction Denial Fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal. The 2024 Appeal got Fee Remission Qualification Enquiries. 

The General Election Date on 4 July 2024 gives enough time for a Session Opening and Dismissal Executions against Top Judges by Parliament before the Summer Recess. The Election Call changed the Publicity Focus from Past Corruption to Future Remedies.

The Best Advice for Court Officers is Case References to the Resident Judges.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward Ellis 

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