Royal Commission Case Notice, Framing Frauds and Hygiene Framing Fraud Appeals Emails

Mr Speaker and Prime Minister

You hold this email on trust for All MPs.

  • Repeat Request for Email Addresses of All MPs for Legal Service Purposes. 
  • The People need Integrity Tests of the Royal Commission. 
  • Formal Demand for Immediate Release Orders for Citizen Political Prisoners Mr Mustafa and Mr Paterson.   

The Election Frauds included the Paedophile Defamation Frauds on a Facebook Account with 20,000 Local Users and Car Ownership Denial Frauds, Car Theft Arrest Fraud, Mental Case Reference Fraud and Forced medication Fraud against Citizen Mr Adam Mustafa.

In May 2019, Citizen Mr Mustafa stood as Crewe Central Ward Candidate for the Cheshire East Council. He got 55 Votes. The 2017 General Election got a 48 Vote Majority for the Labour MO. The 55 Supporters of Citizen Mr Mustafa were enough for an Election defeat of the Labour Candidate. Labour Supporters managed the Defamation Frauds. On the evidence available, the Labour Candidate made Allegations Frauds against Citizen Mr Mustafa.

Cheshire Police ignored the Car Ownership Proof of a Hire Purchase Contract, Vehicle Excise Licence and Motor Insurance, and used Ownership Misrepresentation Frauds by His Former Wife for a Arrest fraud and Mental Health Fraud that got the Forced Medication Fraud.

They did it because Citizen Mr Mustafa used the Race Prosecution Fraud got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Witnesses, Investigators, Prosecutors, Defenders and Trial Judges. The Labour Party Candidate and Supporters committed the Defamation Frauds. The Car Theft Arrest fraud and Mental Health Frauds needed Protection Frauds from Prime Minister Mr Johnson.       
The framing Fraud against Citizen Mr Paterson links the Drug Production and Firearms Corruption in Sussex with Children Case Frauds in London.

The Defence Case Preparations include the collection of Incredibility Proof against the Framing Fraud Witnesses.  The Murder Concealment Fraud Summons Application of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and Citizen Ms Berry against the Attorney general and Director of Public Prosecutions prepares for it. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis 


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