Royal Commission Case Notice, Penalty Enforcement, and Assault Defence Notice

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minster, Attorney General and All MPs:

The Speaker has not yet provided Legal Service Email Addresses for All MPs.

Citizen Mr George Carter has offered use of the Penalty Enforcement and Assault Charge on Thursday 30th January 2020 for Royal Commission Integrity Tests. He will please use the Defence Notice dated 28th January 2020 and enter the No Jurisdiction Plea and No Liability Plea, and make Applications for Official Record Inadmissibility Orders and Witness Protection.

The Council Tax Trial Fraud on 3rd January 2020 got Corruption Proof for Citizen Ms Berry and the Royal Commission against Redbridge Council and the Magistrates Court.  Since then the Contempt Fraud Claim QB 2019 004208 Imprisonment Application and 20th February 2020 Hearing Notice has by the Solicitor General for the Attorney General, Cabinet and Prime Minister. The Contempt Hearing Notice for them and the fraud Claims QB 2019 003741 + 003984 Hearing Listing Denial Frauds by the High Court against Citizen Mr Yediayli are Bias Fraud Proof for All Citizens against the State, Law Courts, Cabinet and Prime Minister.

The Child Maintenance Liability Trial Fraud on 10th January 2020 got Corruption Proof for Citizen Mr Coyle and the Royal Commission against the State and Magistrates Court. 

The Royal Commission Announcement by the Queen in the Parliament Session Opening Speech has given Citizen Mrs Elizabeth Docherty the confidence to make a Witness Protection Application for use by All Citizens in All Cases. She needs Scottish Births, Marriage and Death Records Production Orders and DNA Tests for Identity Fraud Investigations to establish whether Baroness Smith is her Mother and BBC Journalist Ms Sarah Smith is her Half Sister.

The Corruption Remedy Process forced Corrupt Officers to make Protection Fraud Demands. They were given the Harassment Framing Fraud 2019 0860 and 0861 against Citizen Mr Paterson using Sussex Corruption Officers and London Child Traffickers. It was a Bad Mistake. The Firearms Corruption Proof Set consists of a Criminal Convictions Record, Stolen Firearms Receipts and Firearms cabinet Receipt. It is a Simple Proof Set that Jurors can easily understand. It is Motivation Proof for hundreds of Firearms Theft Concealment Frauds that resulted in Framing Frauds against Citizen Mr Paterson. The Child Traffickers made a Co-ordinated Corruption Plan. It used the Theodorou Family Case to get Fraud Conspiracy Acknowledgements and Remedy Denial Commitment Proof from State Officers and Law Court Judges. It includes an Audio Record of Corruption Co-ordination Boasts by a Top Officer.

The Theodorou Case and Hampstead Case are Comparator Cases. Both started with Criminal Allegations by Children. The Father bought Court Frauds and made Bought Fraud Boasts. He supervised the Theodorou Children into making Criminal Allegation Frauds against the Mother.  Police Records evidence No Action pending completion of the Co-ordinated Corruption Plan. Then it got an Arrest Fraud. The Children made Allegations Withdrawals and Perjury Admissions Perjury Procurement Evidence against the Father. Nothing stopped the Family Sabotage Frauds against the Mother and 6 Children.          

The Hampstead Case started with Sexual Abuse Allegations by Small Children that was corroborated by their ability to draw the Tattoos that were on what should have been Concealed Body Parts. The Allegation Retraction got Paedophile Protection Fraud Proof of Investigation Denial Frauds and Harassment Frauds against Corruption Remedy Campaigners who made Investigation Demands. The State Records and Court Records are Corruption Proof and Bad Character Proof for All Citizens against the State Witnesses.

Citizen Mr John Paterson reports from Chelmsford Prison that he has not yet received the Harassment Framing Fraud 2019 0860 and 0861 Witness Protection Application Papers that were sent by Signed For Post on Friday 24th January 2020.

Equity Lawyer Edward William Ellis



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