Royal Commission, Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286, Fraud Appeals 2020 0396, PI 10942 and XXXX Draft Orders

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Councillors, MPs, State Lawyers, Law Court Judges

Trial Change Notice from 2 days to 1 day and from Trial to Case Dismissal for the Stated Reason that Chronically High Urea Levels needs a Blood Cleaning Dialysis Treatment Increase from 2 Sessions to 3 Sessions a week and the Session Days are not yet known.

Witness Protection Negotiation Offer to the State Lawyers and Solicitor General

Contempt Fraud Investigations are needed to discover whether Treatment Settings and Disclosure Delays by Renal Doctors were used to get High Potassium Levels and Chronically High Urea Levels that State Officers and Law Court Judges needed for Case Management Sabotage Frauds against the Equity Lawyer

  1. In 2017 the Equity Lawyer was physically fit and so did not pay much attention to a Heart Stress Test needed for a Fitness Qualification for a Kidney Transplant.
  2. In 2018 and 2019 Blackmail Frauds by Top Doctors against Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis used Kidney Failure Treatment Denial Threats and Mental Examination Consent Demands. They got a Consent Refusals by the Equity Lawyer and disclosure the Refusal Reason was that the Corruption Remedy Process had priority over the Kidney Failure Treatment
  3. In April 2020 End Stage Kidney Failure caused Blood Toxin Dumps in the flesh and did enormous Body Damage to the Equity Lawyer. It got an Emergency Hospital Admission for Blood Cleaning Dialysis Treatment to remove Blood Toxins. Urea is the most serious toxin. Top Doctors used a Secret Diagnosis Fraud and Prescription Fraud to get Urea Retention Side Effects that were a Dialysis Treatment Sabotage Fraud. The Drugs Nurse gave the Equity Lawyer a pill and locked the Pill Bottle in the Drugs Cabinet. The next day Drug Questions by the Equity Lawyer got Embarrassed Behaviour and a Case Reference to the Renal Doctors. Drug Questions by the Equity Lawyer got Ignorance Claims by the Renal Doctor.
  4. The Remedy Process Priority then was to investigate Relationship Recovery between Medics and the Patient. It discovered Rapid Recovery between Nurse and Patient but Minimal Direct Contact between Doctor and Patient
  5. The Equity Lawyer realised Blood Test Results were the Only Communications Channel for him to the Renal Doctors. He suspected they would use Treatment Settings for Body Maintenance and No Improvement. The Body Damage resulted in Extreme Unfitness. Kidney Transplants are subject to a Fitness Condition. To the best of the recollection of the Equity Lawyer the Stress Test lasted 45 minutes. He decided on Fitness Recovery for Body Improvement and Transplant Fitness Qualification. He developed the ability for 5 Mile Runs in 1 Hour that needed Recovery Days. It was as if the Subconscious made Deep Sleep a condition for Healing Services. He did not know that Fitness Efforts caused Chronically High Urea Levels. Fitness Improvements gave him a False Impression of his Health State.  
  6. Regular Blood Test Results got Case Management Decisions by Renal Doctors and Very Limited Disclosure to the Equity Lawyer.
  7. The Equity Lawyer realised something was wrong. Information Requests got Disclosure Failures by the Medical Staff.
  8. The High Potassium Levels got Case References from Renal Doctors to Dieticians who did nothing. No one told the Equity Lawyer. Chronically High Urea Levels got No Disclosure by Renal Doctors to the Equity Lawyer.
  9. The Corona Virus Emergency was the reason given for a 2 Dialysis Session Limit for most Patients that was increased to 3 and then reduced to 2.
  10. The Treatment Review Appointment was listed for 18th November 2020.
  11. The 1st High Potassium Notice the Equity Lawyer had was a comment by a Renal Nurse that he had the Strongest Dialysis Agent.
  12. The 2nd High Potassium Notice was Express Notice by a Renal Nurse. It got Immediate Diet Changes by the Equity Lawyer. Also, it got presentation of a Care Plan by a Nurse for the Equity Lawyer to read and approve. He asked for a copy. She refused. He protested. She said she needed Special Authority to give him a copy. The Equity Lawyer noticed that the Care Plan required Diet Advice. The Equity Lawyer said he had no contact from Dieticians.
  13. The 3rd High Potassium Notice was from a Renal Nurse and came with a Treatment Increase Notice from 2 to 3 Dialysis Sessions a week. It got Diet Changes Notice and Session Increase Refusal Pending Further Blood Tests from the Equity Lawyer.
  14. On 3rd November 2020 Trial Event was used for Conflict Disqualification Warnings, Ill Health Warnings, the Remedy Applications dated 31st October 2020 and a Medical Records Production Application by the Equity lawyer. They got Conflict Disqualification Denial Frauds, Recusal Refusal Fraud, Remedy Refusal Fraud and Medical Records Production Denial Fraud and Medical Evidence Filing Permit by Trial Judge Mr Jay.
  15. On 6th November 2020, there was a Reluctant Refusal and Recusal Judgement with Reason Frauds by Justice Mr Jay.
  16. On 9th November 2202, there was a Recusal and Trial Directions Confirmation Order that was a Recusal Breach Fraud by Justice Mr Jay.
  17. On 11th November 2020, the Equity Lawyer completed Draft Remedy Orders for the Fraud Appeal against the Bias Frauds of Justice Mr Jay.
  18. On 11th November 2020, the Kidney Failure Dialysis Treatment Review was Without Notice brought forward 7 days by the renal Doctor and conducted in the Dialysis Session. The Renal Doctor who could not explain the Urea Poison Frauds 6 months earlier disclosed that the High Potassium Levels was not the only reason for Sessions Increase from 2 to 3 a week but Chronically High Urea Levels was an Additional Reason. The Equity Lawyer gave a Brief Explanation of the Corruption Remedy Process, Court Record Frauds, the need for the Audio Records as Personal Responsibility Proof against Identifiable Individuals and the need to prepare for the Contempt Trial on 14th and 15th December 2020. It became obvious the Chronic Urea Levels were a Very Bad Risk. The Equity Lawyer asked how long he had got. The Renal Doctor shrugged his shoulders and said two months. The Equity Lawyer did not believe him but did not say so. He feels he has much less than that. The Fitness Efforts are a Urea Risk. There is no point achieving Transplant Fitness and then losing it because Corrupt Officers are in Desperate Denial of the Corruption Remedy Process. The Equity Lawyer took Life Risks earlier in the Remedy Process. It has reached the late stages. There is no need to take them now. 
  19. 12th November 2020 the Equity lawyer decided to give the Remedy Process as much attention as he could for one week before the Session Increase from 2 to 3 a week. 
  20. The Trial Dates of 14th or 15th December 2020 can be used for a Retrial and Case Dismissal Application by the Equity Lawyer that gets an Audio Record for the Honourable Parliamentarians, Lord Bishops and Crown.

The Fraud Appeal Draft Orders dated 11th November 2020 and the Retrial and 2020 000286 Case Dismissal Application Notice and Draft Orders dated 12th Nov ember 2020 are attached.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis




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