Royal Commission + Contempt Fraud Appeal + 2020 000286 + CO 1201 2021 + FD20P00642 + C01202 2021 + ZC14D02308 + B01B0837+ F02ED793 + G02EC632 + F21YY087 + E01WT861

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

TAKE NOTICE that the Bank Frauds include Repeat Stop Frauds by Natwest Bank that prevent Modest Payments from the Equity Lawyer to a Good Friend of 20 Years. He developed a Document Management System that enabled Mass Use of Advanced Electronic Signatures. Internet Tests got Success Results. Secret Surveillance of the Internet Tests got a Market Ready Report by the Secret Service. It got Secret Career Sabotage Frauds to Prime Minister Mr Blair against the Good Friend. Corruption Damage caused him to be a Poverty Refugee from the United Kingdom. The Corruption Remedy Process needed Internet Publicity for Case Records. The Good Friend provided it. The Equity Lawyer made Modest Payments to the Good Friend. The 2021 Parliament Session Agreement contains Corruption Remedy Conditions for the People and Viable Repatriation for the Good Friend. It will enable The Protection Fraud Network made a Relationship Sabotage Fraud Plan. It used a Secret Stop Order and Secret Denial a Payment Failure Notice Email in the hope that a Communications Failure would do Relation Ruin Damage. It failed.  Email Address Requests got Request Refusals and a Complaint Telephone Number from the Bank Cashier + Bank Supervisor. The Remedy Process needs a Written Official Record before Telephone Contact. This is it.

TAKE NOTICE that the Royal Commission + Contempt Fraud Appeal + Restraint Removals DRAFT PROPOSALS dated 17th May 2021 of Equity Lawyer v Solicitor General will be completed as soon as possible. It is provided now because the Remedy Process needs use of it for the Prison Release Habeas Corpus Claim CO 1201 2021 and the Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Fraud Case.

TAKE NOTICE that 2019 Election Fraud Conspiracies by the Labour Party needed a Parliamentary Election Candidacy Sabotage Fraud against Citizen Mr Adam Mustafa to prevent him using Court Fraud Proof for a Corruption Remedy Campaign. It needed Top Level Protection Fraud Boasts to get Rapid Service at every stage of the process. Cheshire Police had nothing. They had to invent something very quickly. The Car Ownership Proof for Citizen Mr Mustafa was a Hire Purchase Agreement + Motor Insurance + Vehicle Excise Licence. Cheshire Police used Car Ownership Proof Exclusion Frauds +  Car Ownership Misrepresentation Frauds + Theft Complaint Frauds + Arrest Fraud + Custody Fraud + Mental Case Reference Fraud + Mental Case Custody Fraud + Forced Medication Fraud. It is Unfinished Business. Remedy Denial frauds for Citizen Mr Mustafa and the Voter Identity Proof Proposals raise Reasonable Suspicions of Election Fraud Conspiracy for the Next General Election. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis  

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