Royal Commission + Divorce ZC14D02308 + Security Release Claim Fraud HOONR895 + Housing Estate Accounts Claim Fraud H5DE8G7R + 2022 043 Jurisdiction Trial

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Business Expansion Plan using Family Sabotage Frauds needed Reliable Records as Fraud Commitment Proof from hundreds of State Officers and Law Court Judges. The Theodorou Case was the Business Priming Case. About 70 Child Case Hearings got the Fraud Commitment Proof. Citizen Mrs Theodorou kept the Case Records. Council Officers saw them when they made House Visits. The Corruption Remedy Process got Confidence Collapses in the capacity of Law Court Judges to provide Protection Frauds. Ministry of Justice Officers used Identity Record Frauds and Case Misrepresentation Frauds to get Protection Frauds. The Original Papers and Inconsistent Records were Forensic Test Material for Record Fraud Investigations. Top Judges and State Officers made Forensic Test Sabotage Fraud Plans. They used Original Papers Thefts and Computer Thefts. They created Theft Conspiracy Proof against themselves.  The Ruin Frauds against Citizen Mr Nkrumah got Forensic Test Sabotage Fraud Proof. The Ruin Frauds included 6 Trial Frauds.  3 Trial Frauds on 4th and 25th March and 1st April 2022. All of them got Without Notice Adjournments and No Case File Claims by Court Officers. The Family Sabotage Fraud Conspirators against Citizen Mrs Theodorou and the 6 Theodorou Children were trapped. The Protection Fraud Network could not use Record Frauds for Protection Frauds. They knew Organised Criminal Mr Theodorou would make an Immunity Deal in exchange for Full Disclosure about the Criminal Conspiracy for Family Sabotage Frauds and Divorce Property Frauds. They insisted on completion of the Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Fraud for him. The Judgment and Hearing Audio Record on 4th April 2022 will be Personal Responsibility proof against Identifiable Individuals for either Fraud Remedies or Fraud Completion. It will complete the Proof Set for the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority.   

The Security Release Claim Fraud HOONR895 Defence and Counterclaim is attached. Claimant Mr Buckingham and the Claimant Lawyers have to explain how they got Contempt Frauds by the County Court in Norwich and London.

Housing Estate Accounts Claim Fraud H5DE8G7R Claimant Hackney Council and the Claim Lawyers have to explain how from 2016 to date they got Contempt Frauds by the Metropolitan Police, Ministry of Justice, Property Tribunal,  County Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis provided Case Management Services that enabled the cases of Citizen Mr Cant to get fraud Proof Sets. They were some of the Proof Sets that the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority used to decide the Corruption Remedy Conditions for the 2017 Parliament Session. Prime Minister May called the Surprise General Election to avoid a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. The Proof Sets got by the cases of Citizen Mr Cant were part of the Proof Sets that the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority used to decide the Corruption Remedy Priorities for the October 2019 Parliament Session. They were a Forced Resignation from Prime Minister Mrs May and a Forced General Election for the Governing Majority. The Equity Lawyer needed to get the Proof Sets for the December 2019 Parliament Session. He had to do that before and during the Leadership Contest and before and during the General Election Campaign Period.

Top Judges needed Violent Intimidation Frauds against Corruption Witnesses and Internet Publicity to reach as many of them as possible. Citizen Mr Cant has a Low-Stress Threshold. His Protest Behaviour is to give Internet Publicity to Stress Causes. He was an Obvious Choice as a Violent Intimidation Fraud Target and Internet Publicity Agent. Professional Thug Mr Seton was part of the Kenneth Noy Crime Gang. Top Judges procured Violent Intimidation Frauds by Professional Thug Mr Seton against Citizen Mr Cant. The worst were Grievous Bodily Harm and Kill Threats. Help Requests by Citizen Mr Cant got Hep Refusal by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis for the Strategic Reason that the Emotional Support Demands of  Citizen Mr Cant would prevent the equity Lawyer from getting the range of Proof Sets needed to decide the Corruption Remedy Priorities for the December 2019 Parliament Session. The Equity Lawyer encouraged Citizen Mr Cant to manage his own case. A Friend helped him. They did very well. They made Violent Harassment Complaints and Protection Claims. They got Protection Denial Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the metropolitan Police, County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal. Top Judges made a Damage Limitation Plan it needed a Minimal Assault Charge against Professional thug Mr Seton.  Criminal Investigation Frauds ignored Electronic Evidence and an Event Witness and got a Minimal Charge Fraud. A Confidence Collapse motivated a Further Investigation Request by the Crown Prosecutors. A Case Management Meeting by the Case Investigator, Citizen Mr Cant and Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis got a decision for an Event Witness Interview by Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. It got a Witness Statement that proposed the State make an Immunity Offer to Professional Thug Mr Cant in exchange for Full Disclosure how he got the Protection Frauds from the Law Courts. The Confidence Collapse escalated into Total Panic and an Immediate Withdrawal of the State Case by the Crown Prosecutors for Professional Thug Mr Seton. The Harassment Restraint Protection Denial Fraud Appeal got Remedy Denial fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. On 15th November 2021 a Case Reference by the Supreme Court to the Solicitor General was a Protection Fraud Call by Top Judges to the Cabinet. They wanted Imprisonment Frauds against the Equity Lawyer. The Parliament Session Agreement between the Crown and Prime Minister contained the Special Protection for the Equity Lawyer that prevented the Imprisonment Frauds.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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