Royal Commission + Excess Speed Framing Fraud 422100280818 + Enforcement Fraud F00LE923 + Other Cases

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Dismissal Decision against Prime Minister Mr Johnson and Execution Failure Findings against the Cabinet and Opposition Leader. The Contempt Action Intent Notice from the Attorney General to the Equity Lawyer is Parliament Session Agreement Remedy Condition Breach Proof against the Cabinet. The Contempt Cases will get Hearing Audio Records that are Personal Responsibility Proof against Identifiable Individuals for Fraud Remedies or Fraud Enforcement.

Filing and Service Notice of the attached Excess Speed Framing Fraud 422100280818 Defence + Incapacity Remedies + Case Proposals + Signature of Citizen Mr Sood v Essex Police. It serves as an Incapacity Remedy Precedent for All Case  

Filing Intent Notice tomorrow for Citizen Mr Zarb of the Enforcement Fraud F00LE923 Contempt Fraud Remedy Application Notice + Draft Order + Representations  Citizen Mr Zarb v Ms Haluyima

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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