Supreme Court 2020 0055, Court of Appeal 2020 0395, 0396, 0742, 1520, PI 10942, High Court 2019 004208, 2020 000286 and 000968 Update

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Councillors, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges

Honourable Parliamentarians needed Criminal Conspiracy Proof to silence Corrupt Parliamentarians until Unfitness Cases got Corruption Findings and Dismissal Decisions against Top Judges. Citizens got it.

On the evidence available Top Judges sold Protection Frauds that enabled Corrupt Housing Officers to manage Land Frauds against Citizens and the State. The Land Frauds used Tenancy Forgeries. Citizen Mr Nkrumah made Forgery Complaints. The Corrupt Housing Officers made Protection Fraud Demand. They were given Ruin Frauds with Management Co-ordination by Corrupt Officers in the Ministry of Justice. A Protection Fraud Call by the Ministry of Justice got Investigation Frauds by the Metropolitan Police, Prosecution Frauds by the Crown Prosecutors and Court Frauds by Law Courts.

In early 2020 Citizen Mr Nkrumah discovered the Equity Monarchy Trusts and Remedy Process. He had Proof Sets that met the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. His cases got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Top Judges in the Parliament Session. It includes the Magistrates Court Memorandum dated 17th September 2020 of the 012000266764 Entry for the Hearing on 10th September 2020. It is Perjury Proof and Forgery Proof Citizen Mr Nkrumah, Parliament and the Crown against Corrupt Officers and Law Court Judges.

Citizen Mr Nkrumah will please service the Remedy Process with the Justice Perversion Treason Complaint 5318534 20 Witness Statement dated 24th September 2020 and the Corruption Remedy Applications using the Application Grounds dated 24th September 2020 in the Criminal Courts. The General Civil Restraint Fraud prevents him from using the Civil Courts.

Best Advice for the Solicitor General

  1. Case Management Instructions to the State Lawyers for a Claim 2020 000286 General Civil Restraint Revocation Application for the Stated Reason that:
    1. Between 2013 and 2020 the Estate Management Sabotage Frauds denied Lawful Beneficiaries access to the Probate Estate and Assurance Policies Trust Estate of the late Mr Charles Sydney Ellis except for a Small Payment made by Policy Assurers in December 2019. The Sabotage Frauds included No Liability Certificate Denial Frauds by Inheritance Tax Officers from 2017 to date.   
    2. In July 2020 the late Mrs Sigh Probate Claim Fraud 2020 000207 got Criminal Conspiracy Proof for the Equity Lawyer, Parliament and Crown against and an Organised Crime Banker and Chancery Court. It included a Current Will Presumption Fraud for an Earlier Will in spite of a Will Revocation Presumption raised by a Later Will, and Party Status Denial Frauds against Interested Parties and an Executor Status Revocation Fraud, Costs Fraud against the Equity Lawyer for arguing for an Earlier Will Currency Investigation, Later Will Validity Investigation and Interested Party Hearing Rights. They used the General Civil Restraint frauds for the Probate Frauds
    3. The late Mrs Chaudhari made the Will and Repeat Will made Residuary Estate Gifts subject to Remedy Co-operation Conditions.  It got Remedy Co-operation Proof and Sole Beneficiary Proof for Citizen Ms Berry and Disqualification Proof against her Older Brother and Younger Sister and Former Brother in Law. Probate Estate and Assurance Policy Trust Inheritance Tax Accounts were sent by Signed For Post on 14th August 2020, got a Collection Record dated 18th August 2020 and an IHT Reference A683920/20/F Notice by Letter dated 18th September 2020 from Administration Officer Mr Dale Parker and Email Filing Notice of the IHT 421 Probate Summary Form with the HM Courts and Tribunal Service. It denied Process Transparency by failure to provide the Email Filing Record or an Email Address to make a Filing Record Request. The Equity Lawyer asked Citizen Ms Berry whether, he, she or both of them make a Probate Grant Application. She told him to decide. The Estate Assets are subject to a Remedy Investigation Obligation to Parliament and the Crown. He has Better Qualification for the Investigation Obligations.    
    4. The Equity Lawyer intends to use the Will and Repeat Will for a Probate Grant Application and Remedy Investigations. The General Civil Restraint Fraud, Restraint Breach Prosecution Frauds and Protection Breach Contempt Frauds are Investigation Sabotage Frauds. The Only Credible Explanation for continuing the Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 and resisting the Fraud Appeal 2020 0396 and PI 10942 is that the Cabinet and Prime Minister have not recovered control of the State and Law Courts from the Protection Fraud Network for Parliament and the Crown.
    5. The Estate Assets of the late Mr Charles Sydney Ellis are subject to a Remedy Investigation Obligation for Parliament and the Crown
    6. The Remedy Investigations in the Probate Cases will benefit from Co-ordinated Management. It needs the Restraint Fraud Revocation.     
  2. Procure from the Cabinet and Prime Minister:
    1. A Release Order to the Inheritance Tax Officer for everything needed to get a Probate Grant in the estate of the Late Mr Charles Sydney Ellis
    2. A Fee Remission Order to Court Officers for the Equity Lawyer in All Cases for the Stated Reasons that in the circumstances of the case
      1. the Court Fees are Crime Proceeds and
      2. the Court Fees are Remedy Investigation Expenses and not Trust Administration Expenses or Personal Business Expenses
    3. An Asset Freezing Release Order for Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis against Barclays Bank for the Stated Reason that the Criminal Conspiracy by Prime Minister Mr Blair and Barclays Bank for Source Code Theft failed but created an Asset Freezing Fraud Motive. They used the late Mr R.H. Ellis Will Probate Frauds and Bank Frauds with intent to get a Bankruptcy Fraud for a Law Practice Disqualification Fraud. They failed. They used his Former Step Sister and his Brother in Law as Fraud Agents.  They were Incompetent Greedy Agents. They had Technical Cleverness but Judgment Poverty. They gave themselves away at every stage of the process. Prime Minister Mr Blair used the Probate Estate Assets and the Step-Sister for Bribe Promises to the Brother in Law. All he had to do was use give Perverse Advice and use His Wife, the Equity Lawyer’s Sister, as an Innocent Agent in the Bankruptcy Frauds. When the Bankruptcy Fraud failed they used the Brother in Law to give Perverse Advice that got Estate Management Co-operation Failures by the Equity Lawyer’s Sister. She had Logical Acceptance of Fraud Proof against Her Husband but in Emotional Denial. She made a Financial Payment that sabotaged the Bankruptcy Fraud. He never forgave her. She became depressed and ceased to co-operate with the Equity Lawyer. Prime Minister Mr Blair procured a Practice Disqualification Obvious Fraud against the Equity Lawyer for Career Blackmail of All Qualified Lawyers. They used the Brother in Law to give Divorce Fraud Advice to the Equity Lawyers Wife. It included the Bank Account Freezing Fraud. The Equity Lawyer got Contempt Fraud Proof against All Guilty Parties. The Brother-in-Law is dead. Some of his children have Technical Cleverness and Judgmental Poverty. All of them are capable of Crass Stupidity.  
    4. Best Management of Remedy Investigations needs Legal Action that forces Remedy Decisions by Barclays Bank and Guilty Officers before Other Guilty Parties.   

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis



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