The Equity Decision Discipline

Trusts and Prosperity

The Community Experiment discovered Successful Management of Justice Responsibilities gets a Residual Benefit that is best called Liberty. Sometimes it is tiny. It is the chance to carry on. Sometimes it is huge. 

The Liberty Limit depends on the Management Capacity, which depends on Management Co-operation, which depends on the Benefit Belief of anyone who has the power to grant or deny Management Co-operation. The Liberty Limits depend on Benefit Belief no matter who provides it.

The Roman British Gnostic Christians started with a Good Will Aspiration and Generous Spirits. They achieved successes that enable them to consider more complex challenges. They developed a Trust System with Complex Management that sustained Benefit Belief and increased Liberty. The Trust System increased the Benefit Belief Potential. The Free Status of Community Citizens increased the Leadership Potential needed to make the best of it. 

The use of the Justice Priority as the Governing Objective of All Trusts is a Conflict Control. It invalidates Conflicting Objectives and validates Complimentary Objectives. It identifies Invalid Projects before they start or at the time of Conflict Discovery. The Process Manager who pursues a Conflicted Objective takes an Injustice Risk.     

The Market Competition was between Dictator Management and Equity Management. The Enforcement Overheads were bigger for Dictator Managers than the Equity Managers. New Leaders and Free Thinking were a Liability for the Dictator Manager and an Asset for the Equity Managers. It was only a matter of time before Competitive Advantages ensured the Gnostic Christians had Trade Surpluses. They had a Good Will Trading Policy enabled them to make the best of it and limited the Trade Dispute Risk.  Nothing succeeds like success. In Layman Language they were on a roll. It lasted a long time.

The Trust System works provided the Justice Priority is the Governing Objective. Take it out and nothing stops Injustice Risks. It is like a car with an accelerator and no brakes. The Process Managers take Injustice Risks, become dependent on them, and then need Accountability Frauds to defend themselves against Injustice Liability.  

Many times in history someone decided Reliable Accountability was an Unnecessary Overhead. The result was Accountability Denial Frauds and the Total Erosion of Benefit Belief. The Equity Trust System is robust. It recovers from the Accountability Denial Frauds. Some of recoveries take a long time. It needs Competent Management used for Belief Revival.

The Equity Governance Recovery

The European Dictator Plan of the 20th Century was the most recent and the biggest. in the UK it took the Trust System and replaced the Justice Priority for the People with a Power Priority for the State. It was a Belief Sabotage Fraud by the Governance Trustees against the Governance Beneficiaries. The UK Equity Governance Recovery can be rapid. The majority of the population is literate and has the internet. They need is a clear understanding what went wrong, why it went wrong and how it can be put right. The Corruption Remedy Process is a Belief Revival Process.        

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