Patient Medical Service Denial Frauds, Housing Benefit, Contempt Fraud and Ruin Fraud

Prime Minister Mr Johnson, Attorney General Mr Cox, Opposition Leader Mr Corbyn, All MPs, General Medical Council Unfitness Complaint Officers + Redbridge Council Officers,

Congratulations to Prime Minister Mr Johnson for winning the Leadership Contest.  

1.    Election Warning

1.1.  The Remedy Process Emails are Due Notice Proof for the Citizen against MPs when the Crown and Lord Bishops make Parliamentary Session Decisions. General Elections get Governing Majorities. The Protection Fraud Networks have Remedy Sabotage Majorities. The Remedy Sabotage MPs might want a Confidence Defeat Election to avoid a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. The Equity Lawyer made Remedy Proposals for a Care Taker Prime Minister to manage Mass Remedies before the Leadership Contest Voting Day.  MPs ignored it and thereby raised Reasonable Suspicions of Protection Fraud Deals in exchange for Leadership Support. The Protection Fraud Promises were subject to Viable Execution Conditions. The Remedy Process has been managed to get Unviable Conditions Proof to enable Protection Fraud Promise Releases. The Best Advice is that the Prime Minister gives Written Notices of Unviable Conditions and Management Advice Requests, documents the responses, if any, spends very little time on it and gets on with other business. Corruption Victims will accept a Prime Minister who did Protection Fraud Deals to get office provided he uses office to give priority to Corruption Remedies. They know the Prime Minister might need a Parliament Session Agreement with Corruption Remedy Conditions that require Mass Remedies in the few days between General Election Day and Parliament Assembly Day.       

2.    USA Trade Negotiations

2.1.  The UK and USA can create a Massive Market for Sophisticated Services and Honourable Profits.  The Advanced Electronic Signatures Market is Only One Market. There are others. USA Presidents Mr Obama and Mr Trump helped the Remedy Process and earned a Moral Right for the USA to share it. Two Official Records are useful. 

2.2.  The Corruption Claim HQ16X01170 Remedy Proposals dated 9thMay 2016 has the 1stUseful Record in the second to last paragraph. It states the Equity Lawyer is satisfied USA President Obama did not know about the Ruin Fraud Conspiracy against Prime Minister Mr Cameron until after it failed. In late 2015 the Remedy Process got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Law Court Judges. It stopped them delivering the Framing Fraud Exposure Fraud. They dare not admit it. Weeks later the Ruin Fraud Media Managers used Panama Papers Week to prepare for a Framing Fraud Exposure Week that could not happen. In March 2016 the Judges delivered the 21 Day Imprisonment Fraud against the Innocent Agent instead of the Framing Fraud Exposure Fraud against the Prime Minister. Justice required an Official Record of an Innocence Opinion for President Obama.  The Remedy Process got completion of Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Top State Officers and Law Court Judges and used it to make Corruption Remedy Conditions for the 2017 Parliament Session Agreement. They needed an Election Free Period to enable a Long Session for Remedy Management. The Surprise General Election got it.

2.3.  The Advanced Electronic Signature Negotiation Offer dated 20thSeptember 2016 from Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis to USA President Mr Obama gave Equal Status to the Presidential Candidates.  The document has a history. The Poll Indicators were for Mrs Clinton against Mr Trump. The Equity Lawyer did not trust them. Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson might not have trusted them. He made a Poll Indicator Comment. It got Media Coverage. The Justice Process imposed a Political Neutrality Obligation on the Equity Lawyer. It prevented him doing more than give Equal Status to the Presidential Candidates. The circumstances are different now. He can declare he is satisfied that Mr Trump has made a Positive Contribution to World Governance by winning the Presidential Election and using Presidential Office to service the Remedy Process. The Equity Lawyer has half the Copy Rights, all the Marketing Rights and all the Creditor Control in the Signature Analysis Technology that is the Key Component for Advanced Electronic Signatures. The nature and scale of the Market Frauds against Advanced Electronic Signatures and Other Technology by the European Leaders indicate the size of the New Markets. President Trump has earned Lucky Breaks. Good Management that delivers Mass Remedies will get the Lucky Breaks and Optimism Votes in the US Presidential Election and the British General Election. Cases have been prepared to demonstrate it. 

3.    Test Cases Notice

3.1.  The Remedy Process uses Test Cases to get Remedy Justice Proof for Prime Ministers or Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against them. The Protection Fraud Networks use Test Cases to get Protection Fraud Reassurance from them.  Remedy Process Emails gave Test Case Notices to Parliament. 

3.2.  The Medical Blackmail Fraud Investigation continues to get Corruption proof. The General Medical Council gives Automatic Acknowledgement of the Remedy Process Emails to Parliament but ignores the Profession Unfitness Complaints against Top Doctors. It adds to the Case Reference Denial Fraud Proof against All Relevant Authorities that is Corrupt Orders Proof against Former Prime Minister Mrs May. 

3.2.1.    On 15thJuly 2019 Renal Local Service Enquiry Email from Guys Hospital Kidney Transplant Co-ordinator to the Equity Lawyer and the Housing Benefit Claim B206US1 Email from the London Borough of Redbridge Council need a Response from the Equity Lawyer:

3.2.2.    The Equity Lawyer is not receiving any Local Renal Services. Guys Hospital and Sussex Hospital committed Blackmail Frauds using a Kidney Transplant List Suspension and mental Examination Consent Demands. The Equity Lawyer responded with a Consent Refusal + Blackmail Fraud Investigation. It got Blackmail Fraud Case Reference Denial Fraud Proof against Guys Hospital and Sussex Hospital, Care Package Application Case Reference Denial Fraud Proof against East Sussex County Council and Profession Unfitness Complaint Case Reference Denial Fraud Proof against the General Medical Council. 

3.2.3.    The Reference Denial Fraud Proof is Nothing Happened Pretence Fraud Proof against All Relevant Authorities. It is Corruption Proof against Former Prime Minister Mrs May.  When a Prime Minister uses Dictator Powers for Corrupt Orders that fail everyone pretends nothing has happened. In February 2019 the Equity Lawyer used a Treatment Assessment to give a 31stMarch 2019 Homelessness Risk Notice to Sussex Hospital and asked for help getting a Care Package. The February Assessment Report omitted the Risk Notice but included Defamation Frauds that evidenced intent for Mental Health Frauds. 

3.2.4.    On 25thMarch 2019 the Assessment Report recorded Good Blood Pressure + Good Pulse + Good Fluid Balances that together were a Bad Physical Symptoms Deficit. 

3.2.5.    On 26thMarch 2019 a telephone call from Sussex Hospital that demanded the Equity Lawyer report for Immediate Dialysis. No one of Sound Judgement believes the Medical Profession planned to start Dialysis Treatment for a man who would be homeless in 5 days’ time. Everyone of Sound Judgment who knows about the use of Health Dictator Powers by Prime Ministers for Hospital Hits believes the ‘Immediate Dialysis’ was a Hospital Hit. In 2009 the Expense Account Scandals were used to break the Labour Governing Majority. On Scandal Day 35, which was 12thJune 2009, the Health Dictator Powers were used for No Cancer Treatment Kill Decision against a Shropshire Farmer, Citizen Mr Charles Sydney Ellis. The Hospital Records were Murder Proof against the East Kent Hospital Trust. The 2010 General Election got office for the Coalition Government. Lord Chancellor Mr Kenneth Clarke managed a Corruption Investigation of the Law Courts for the Crown. The Lord Chancellor got the Hospital Records Murder Proof. The Equity Lawyer and Citizen prosecuted Corruption Cases and Medical Record Access Applications. They got Medical Record Access Denial Fraud Proof and Murder Protection Fraud Proof against Top Judges. They had sold Protection Frauds to Top Insurers and Top Surveyors for Farm Frauds for Big Land Owners against Tenant Farmers. Farmer Mr Ellis got Fraud Proof. The Expense Account Scandals made it a Serious Problem for the Protection Fraud Network. They controlled the Labour Governing Majority and Prime Minister Mr Brown who approved the Kill Decision. 

3.2.6.    The Murder Case was Common Knowledge for the South East Nephrologists. The fact the Lord Chancellor got the Murder Proof for the Crown made the East Kent Hospital Trust the safest Renal Care Local Provider for the Equity Lawyer. The Remedy Process and Kidney Failure both progressed. The Equity Lawyer needed Local Care in Sussex. Prime Minister Mrs May needed a Mental Health Fraud. She used Guys Hospital and Sussex Hospital. It failed. Prime Minister Mrs May needed a Hospital Hit. She used Sussex Hospital. It failed. Test Cases got Hesitancy Proof for her.  On the evidence available she lost the confidence to try again. 

3.2.7.    On 1stApril 2019 the Equity Lawyer got a Part House Residential Tenancy of 450 New North Road, Hainault from the Personal Representative of the late Mrs Sadhana Chaudhari. He made Housing Benefit Claim B2006US1 that got Repeat Benefit Denial Fraud Proof against the London Borough of Redbridge Council. The Absolute Certainty was the Corrupt Council Officers had as their Absolute Priority a Benefit Denial Fraud + Rent Default Home Dispossession Fraud against the Equity Lawyer. In 2000 Redbridge Council used Child Protection Powers to aid and abet the Mercy Killing Fraud + Human Organ Theft against Baby Miss Sunaina Chaudhari. Some of the Family got Murder Protection Fraud Proof against All Relevant Authorities. The Corrupt Officers managed Oppression Frauds against Family Members who protested. Some of the Family Members preserved the baby’s Body in the hope that a Government Change would get Corruption Remedies. Corrupt Officers issued a Bodily Remains Destruction Order. Some of the Family Members moved the baby’s Body to Delhi and applied for a Death Inquest. The Indian Constitution made no provision for Out of State Death Inquests. The Indian High Court made a Bodily Remains Preservation Order. The Indian Supreme Court made an Inquest Empowerment Recommendation and Case Reference to the Law Commission.  The Bride Dowry Murder Industry and the British Governments lobbied for Inquest Empowerment Delays. The Bodily Remains have been in the Delhi Morgue for 11 years.  The Mother, Mrs Sadhana Chaudhari did two things to investigate who in her family aided and abetted the Oppression Frauds. After the death of both parents she made a Written Request to Inheritance Tax Officers to use Investigation Powers to discover the assets and liabilities in the Family Estate, and investigate the Estate Management Sabotage Frauds. They ignored it. She made Will Gifts on Remedy Co-operation Conditions. It got Co-operation Refusal Proof against the Younger Sister, Older Brother, and Former Husband. It got Remedy Co-operation Proof for the Older Sister, Mrs Sadhana Chaudhari.  On 6thDecember 2018 she died. Within hours of the death it became very clear that the Younger Sister and Older Brother had managed the Family Estate Management Sabotage Frauds. The Funeral Management and the Funeral Event discovered the Absolute Priority of the Younger Sister, Older Brother and Former Husband was a Bodily Remains Destruction Consent Order. The Younger Sister and Older Brother used Family Estate Management Sabotage Frauds + Disinheritance Frauds for Personal Enrichment, and, to aid and abet the Oppression Frauds by Corrupt Officers against the Mother and Older Sister. The Estate Management Sabotage Frauds against Mrs Sadhana Chaudhari and the Older Sister continued after the death of Mrs Chaudhari. It prevented completion of the Inheritance Tax Account needed to get an Inheritance Tax Certificate needed to get a Probate Grant. Redbridge Council Officers used the Estate Management Sabotage Frauds for Housing Benefit Denial Frauds and Rent Default Homelessness Fraud. 

3.2.8.    On 7thJune 2019 resigned as Party Leader. The Leadership Contest began. On 10thJune 2019 a New GP took a Blood Sample for Kidney Performance Tests from the Equity Lawyer. He expected trouble. He went to Brighton and the next day filed remedy Process Papers with the Sussex Crown Prosecutor. The Blood Sample got Bad Test Results that day.  The London Local Hospital used it for Mental Health Frauds. The Equity Lawyer responded with Examination Refusals. The Equity Lawyer returned to London for the Contempt Trial Fraud on 13thJune 2019. The Attorney General and a High Court Justice acknowledged the Restraint Order against the Equity Lawyer, failed to make Fraud Admissions and failed to commit Breach Enforcement Frauds. It was Crown Protection Proof for the Equity Lawyer. Some of the Corrupt Officers panicked. 

3.2.9.    On 20thJune 2019 Nephrologist Dr Lever made a Local Hospital Bed Offer conditional upon a Mental Examination Consent. The Equity Lawyer responded with a Consent Refusal and Case Priority Notice for the Remedy Process. He and a Friend left the Hospital. He expected a Mental Health Fraud. He went into hiding. The Medical Community used Misrepresentation Frauds to get a Mental Health Arrest Warrant Fraud by Redbridge Council. The Friend made a Video Record of an Arrest Fraud Raid at 450 New North Road Hainault. A Police Officer prepared to use a Tazer on the Equity Lawyer. 

3.2.10. The Mental Health Fraud was used for Remedy Investigations.     It got the Resource Allocation Evidence.     GCHQ either did not tell the Protection Fraud Network where to find the Equity Lawyer or the Top Officers dare not use the information.     The Sussex Crown Prosecutors serviced the Protection Fraud Network and then serviced the Remedy Process. Since early 2012 the Equity Lawyer has filed documents with the Sussex Crown Prosecutor and has got Stamp Filing Proof on Multiple Originals. The Crown Prosecutor sends them to the Director of Public Prosecutions for the Remedy Process file that is held for the Cabinet and Crown.     On 9thJuly 2019 the Equity Lawyer gave Special Notice of the Mental Health Fraud, Other Cases and Witness Protection Tests to the Sussex Crown Prosecutor Chief. On the evidence available the Sussex Crown Prosecutor Chief did not use it to service the Arrest Warrant Fraud. It is very important. It is Remedy Co-operation Evidence and Witness Protection Evidence for the Crown Prosecutor Chief during the Witness Protection Tests. The Remedy Process needs State Officers and Law Court Judges to build the confidence of Victims to trust Protection Arrangements. Investigation is needed to discover whether the Sussex Crown Prosecutor Chief did do anything that directly or indirectly got the Emails dated 15thJuly 2019 from Guys Hospital and Redbridge Council

3.3.  The SAMPLE Remedy Proposals are:

3.3.1.    The Medical Service Frauds        Blackmail Fraud Complaint Case References, Transplant List Suspension Revocation and Mental Health Case Records Invalidity and Inadmissibility Admission on Headed Paper of the Guys Hospital Trust and Sussex Hospital Trust with an Original Signatures of the Chief Executive Officers and Chairmen.        Care Package Application Case Reference on Headed Note Paper of East Sussex County Council with an Original Signatures of the Chief Executive Officers and Chairman.        Profession Unfitness Case Reference + Urgent Resolution Appointment on the Headed Note Paper of the General Medical Council with Original Signatures of the Chief Executive Office and President.        Renal Care Case Reference, Dialysis Treatment Mental Examination Condition Revocation, Mental Health Case Records Invalidity and Inadmissibility Admission on Headed Paper of the London Local Hospital Trust with Original Signatures of Nephrologist Dr Lever, Chief Executive Officers and Chairmen.        Mental Health Fraud Case Reference, Mental Health Case Records Invalidity and Inadmissibility Admission on Headed Note Paper of the London Borough of Redbridge Council with Original Signatures of the Hainault Councillors, Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen and Local MP.

3.3.2.    The Council Frauds        Housing Benefit Reference B206US1 and Benefit Payment Order Notice on Headed Note Paper of the London Borough of Redbridge Council with Original Signatures of the Hainault Councillors, Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen and Local MP.        Fraud Appeal Case References 2018 0307, 2325, 2477 and Council Tax Case References, Benefit Entitlement Admissions, Liability Revocations and Enforcement Order Revocations for the Personal Representative of the late Citizen Mrs Sadhana Chaudhari and Citizen Ms Neelu Berry on Headed Note Paper of the London Borough of Redbridge Council with Original Signatures of the Hainault Councillors, Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen and Local MP.        Traffic Penalty Case References, Liability Revocations and Total Refunds for Citizens Mr Amrit Berry, Ms Neelu Berry, Mr Patrick Coyle and Miss Deborah Sampson on Headed Note Paper of Transport for London, All Relevant Local Authorities with Original Signatures of the Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen, Local Councillors and Local MP.

3.4.  Child Case Frauds: Coyle Family Child Maintenance Case Reference, Liability Invalidity Admission and Liability Revocation on Headed Note Paper of the Child Maintenance Enforcement Authority with Original Signatures of the Chief Executive Officers, Chairmen, Hainault Councillors and Local MP.

3.5.  The Contempt Claim Fraud HQ17X00347 the Trial got Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Proof against Attorney General Mr Cox and Prime Minister Mrs May and Opposition Leader Mr Corbyn. Citizen Mr Paterson went to the Royal Courts to file the Trial Fraud Appeal. The Criminal Case Arrest Fraud on the steps of the Royal Courts was a Contempt Fraud. The Mental Health Frauds were Contempt Frauds. They were Appeal Sabotage Contempt Frauds. Investigation is needed to discover precisely what happened to Citizen Mr Paterson. No one can criticise him for the delay filing the Trial Fraud Appeal during the Mental Health Detention Fraud or after the Release. Prime Minister Mr Johnson can accept or reject Joint Criminal Responsibility for the Protection Breach Trial Frauds and the Appeal Sabotage Contempt Frauds. He can reject it by giving the Attorney General instructions for Fraud Admissions, Liability Revocation and Contempt Remedies.  The Equity Lawyer will ask Citizen Mr Paterson when he can file the Fraud Appeal.    

3.6.  The Protection Fraud Network used the Murder of Journalist Ms Jill Dando, Murder Framing Fraud against Mr Barry George, Ruin Frauds against Citizen Mr Pead and Ruin Frauds against Citizen Mr Barry Brooks as Protection Frauds for Powerful Paedophiles.  The Low Rank Officers present Obvious Frauds to get Fraud Acceptance as Protection Fraud Reassurance from Senior Officers and Law Court Judges. Sometimes Senior Officers and Law Court Judges use Fraud Acceptance and Additional Obvious Frauds as Protection Fraud Proof. The Lifetime Restraint Fraud was an Additional Obvious Fraud.  Citizen Mr Pead did not know about the Remedy Process or Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. His Technical Thoroughness enabled Defence Case Management to get Fraud Proof that met the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard in spite of his never having heard of it. There are Reasonable Suspicions the fact he did so broke the confidence of the Protection Fraud Network to rely on the Case Closure Frauds in the Jill Dando Murder Case. They used 4 Attempted Murders + Ruin Frauds against Citizen Mr Brook trying to get Closure Frauds. Citizen Mr Brooks did not know about the Remedy Process until April 2019. The Mass Remedy Demand + Election Fairness Demand dated 7thMay 2019 evidenced he serviced it. The Equity Lawyer gave Case Management Advice to Citizen Mr Pead. He needed time to absorb it. The Remedy Process Email dated 7thJuly 2019 gave Email Notice to Parliament of the Case Management Advice. On the evidence available the Remedy Process Email broke the confidence to use the Obvious Restraint Fraud for a Restraint Breach 2017 0417 Trial Fraud. On 15thJuly 2019 the Restraint Breach Trial got an Audio Record of the Trial Judge acknowledging the Obvious Fraud and then using a Proof Burden Fraud, Case Management Priority Fraud and Remedy Delay Fraud as Protection Frauds for Corrupt Officers. Valid Due Process needed a Contempt Investigation Order, Evidence Preservation Order, Restraint Validity Proof Order and Unconditional Bail for the Citizen against the State. Instead it got an Invalidity Proof Order, Remedy Delay Adjournment and 88 Day Evidence Destruction Period for the State and Protection Fraud Network against the Citizen. They are Obvious Frauds and Good Qualifications for use of the Ruin Frauds as a Lead Test Case at this stage of the Remedy Process provided Citizen Mr Pead can cope with it. He is a Persuasion Advocate. He is learning about Remedy Investigation Advocacy. There is a difference. The Equity Lawyer has given Case Management Advice for Urgent Applications for Unconditional Bail and Witness Protection Applications and a Case Dismissal Application with Investigation Advocacy by Citizen Mr Pead. If he can cope with it he will get Hearing Denial Fraud Proof or Audio Records of Just Remedies or Corruption Proof against the State and Law Courts. He could do it in time for the Crown and Lord Bishops to make Relevant Findings for Corruption Remedy Conditions in the Parliament Session Agreement. If he cannot do it the Crown and Lord Bishops will have his Case Papers and the Advice Papers for comparison. 

3.7.  The £5000 Criminal Damage Enforcement Notice Fraud dated 23rdJuly 2019 by the State against Citizen Mr Pead was a Protection Test of the Law Courts and Prime Minster by the Protection Fraud Network. On the evidence available Norfolk Police Officers committed a Murder and used the Dead Body for a Murder Framing Fraud against Citizen Mr Martin. He asked Citizen Mr Pead for Corruption Remedy Services. The response the Case Investigations got was an Obvious Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Pead against the Authorities. There was a Criminal Damage Arrest Fraud by Norfolk Police, of which there is No Official Record but a there is a Private Photograph, and a Secret Trial, Conviction Fraud, Sentence Fraud and £5,000 Damage Payment Order Fraud by the Criminal Court. The £5,000 Demand Fraud was 8 days after the Restraint Trial Adjournment 

3.8.  The Remedy Process Email that made an Extradition Revocation Proposal for Citizens Mr Noakes and Ms Thyer appears to have got an Arrest Stay Decision by Former Prime Minister Mrs May. The Pharmaceutical Industry bought Market Frauds and then wanted Market Enforcement Frauds from the UK and EU after Brexit. The Plant Protein Remedy Plan was good. The fact the Plan Execution was Ridiculously Bad is Totally Irrelevant. Best Advice: Tell the French President that 2004 Extradition Frauds revived the use of the Equity Monarchy Trusts. The 2019 Extradition Frauds against Mr Noakes and Ms Thyer will be either Total Frauds or Double Jeopardy Frauds. It does not matter which. The Extradition Frauds might increase the French Domestic Problems. Release them. Issue the Jurisdiction Fraud Appeals. Fast Track the Conviction Revocations + Contempt Remedies. 

3.9.  On 30thJuly 2019 the Harassment Restraint Breach Criminal Sentence Appeal of Mrs McNeil v State got an Audio Record of Dismissal Frauds from the Court of Appeal and a Public Gallery Witness Report from Citizen Mrs McKenzie. The case proves Incapacity Proof for Mrs McNeil and Incapacity Exploitation Proof against the Investigators, Prosecutors, Defenders, Trial Judges and Appeal Judges. Mrs McNeil and her Co Defendant in the Witness Intimidation Trial had both had Conflicting Advice: Corruption Remedy Advice from the Equity Lawyer and Case Management Advice from the Qualified Defence Lawyers. There was Remedy Co-operation from both of them that got issue of Corruption Claims against the Crown Prosecutor and Crown Court Judges. There was Continuing Co-operation by the Co-Defendant and Co-operation failures by Mrs McNeil. The result is Two Comparison Sets of Case Papers produced by the Equity Lawyer and the Qualified Lawyers. Mrs McNeil accepted the Case Management Advice of the Qualified Lawyers and is serving a 9 Year Prison Sentence. The Co-Defendant accepted the Corruption Remedy Advice and has No Criminal Convictions. The Co-Defendant issued entered a No Jurisdiction Plea. The Defence Counsel dare not make the No Jurisdiction Case and called the Equity Lawyer to give No Jurisdiction Evidence. It got an Audio Record of the Trial Judge committing Conflict Qualification Fraud and a Conflict Qualification Declaration Fraud. The Equity Lawyer sat in the Public Gallery making notes. The Trial Judge made Repeated Threats of Contempt Prosecution Frauds. The Equity Lawyer ignored them. The Case Investigator read out a Witness Statement. It revealed a Kindergarten Reading Age. It broke the confidence of the Trial Judge. He made a Premature No Case Finding against the State and gave notice of intent to make Harassment Restraint Orders Frauds against both Defendants. Remedy Co-operation by the Co-Defendant included filing Advanced Notice of the Appeal Grounds before the Restraint Hearing and getting Stamp Filing Proof from the Crown Court. The Trial Judge used Jurisdiction Trial Denial Frauds to make Harassment Restraint Orders against both Defendants by the Trial Judge. Remedy Co-operation by the Co Defendant got Appeal Fraud Proof against the Court of Appeal. The Public Gallery Report is that the Court of Appeal Judges provides enough information for a No Jurisdiction Appeal using the Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof, Investigation Fraud Proof, Prosecution Fraud Proof, Defence Sabotage Fraud Proof, Trial Fraud Proof and Appeal Fraud Proof against the Investigators, Prosecutors, Trial Judges and Appeal Judges. The Incapacity Proof and Jurisdiction Fraud Proof is Credibility Irrelevant Proof for Mrs McNeil. The Case Management Authority dated 21stMay 2019 from Mrs McNeil to the Equity Lawyer enables him to manage a Conviction and Sentence Appeal. There was no point him doing anything until completion of the Sentence Appeal. On every previous occasion Mrs McNeil accepted the Case Management Advice of the Qualified Lawyers.  If she does so again it will add to the Incapacity Proof. 

3.10.              An Identity Investigation to discover: 

3.10.1. Whether Jeanette McLaughlin Donald who was born on 10thJuly 1943 and married Mr Robert Walker on 29thSeptember 1959 and gave birth to a Girl Twin and a Boy Twin  on 14thJanuary 1960 and in Airdrie Sheriffs Court entered Guilty Pleas for Child Desertion Charges x 2 on 20thMarch 1961 and was sentenced to a Fine of £5 x 2 = £10 or 30 Days Imprisonment on 26thDecember 1961

3.10.2. Whether there was a Valid Termination of the Legal marriage and if so how and when

3.10.3. Whether the  said Jeanette McLaughlin Donald assumed the identity Elizabeth Margaret Bennett and married Scottish Lawyer and MP Mr John Smith and after his death became Baroness Smith 

3.10.4. Whether DNA Tests of her and All Descendants + Alleged Descendents will eliminate whether they are one and the same person 

3.10.5. In the event that Elizabeth Margaret Bennett is a False Identity to discover:     Whether Elizabeth Margaret Bennett was a True Identity and what happened to her     What motivated the creation or adoption of the False Identity     Whether it was used for Illegal Purposes     Whether the maintenance of it motivated harm to anyone else  

There are Other Test Cases. Rights Reserved for the use of Other Cases as Remedy Test Cases

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis





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