Prorogation and Election Fairness Claim Update

Prime Minister Mr Johnson, Attorney General Mr Cox, Opposition Leader Mr Corbyn, Other Party Leaders and All MPs,

Honourable MP Mr Iain Duncan Smith will please ensure the Crown has this email for the Lo5rd Bishops. They should have it before the Equity Lawyer can get a print filed on the Remedy Process File that the Director of Public Prosecutions holds for the Crown and Prime Minister  

The Parliament Session Powers enable the Ultimate Sanction of a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. It needs a Validity Proof Set and a Publicity Proof Set. The Validity Proof Set is everything the Corruption Remedy Process got since revival of the Equity Monarchy Trusts in October 2004. The Publicity Proof Set needs Live Cases that get Court Fraud Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Election Fraud Proof that All Voters can understand.

The General Election cannot qualify as Free and Fair until there are Mass Remedies for Corruption Victims. Election Fairness Claims give Liability Defendant Status to Party Leaders, State Authorities, the BBC and ITN. They can keep it or convert it to Remedy Defendant Status. In either event they will need Time Extensions for Defence Filing or Remedy Negotiations. They need a Status Agreement with the Citizen to get Remedy Defendant Status. The Election Fairness Claims will get Remedy Co-operation Proof for the Party Leaders and Media or Remedy Refusal Proof against them.

The Remedy Process used a Criminal Conspiracy Proof Set against Corruption Controllers for Judicial Office Unfitness Cases in Parliament. They created a Conflict Jurisdiction Disqualification and for Citizens against Law Court Judges and got Protection Fraud Proof against many MPs. The Parliament Prorogation Case got Conflict Qualification Fraud Proof for the Citizen, Crown and Parliament against the Supreme Court Judges. It is part of the Publicity Proof Set.

The Liberal Democrat Leader has filed a Claim QB 2019 03126 Service Acknowledgement and made a 14 Day Time Extension Request for Defence Filing. The Time Extension is granted. It is unlikely to be enough for a Full Defence or Remedy Negotiations. It is far too long a delay for some decisions. The Without Hearing Remedy Applications have failed to get Remedy Orders for the Citizen from the High Court Justices.  The Defence + Claim Strike Out Proposals of Leeds Citizen Council might get a Strike Out Order + Civil Restraint Orders against the Citizen by the High Court Masters.

The Best Advice is that All Party Leaders do file Claim Acknowledgments, explain the delay and enter Case Management Negotiations with the Equity Lawyer and Citizens. Delay doing so will contaminate the Party Leaders with the Process Delay Frauds and Process Denial Frauds the High Court Masters and Judges are committing every day.

The Party Leaders can use the attached Remedy Application Draft Order dated 24th September 2019 for a Consent Order. The attached Disqualification Notice and Remedy Application Notice to the High Court Masters have been prepared for Citizen Mr Awodiya to file in the High Court.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis



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