Contempt Frauds and Restraint Breach Contempt Remedy Update

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader and All MPs

Governance Systems develop Addictive Behaviour. It can be good or bad. Equity Governance develops the Good Addictive Behaviour of Truth Discovery and Just Reasoning for Fair Process. Dictator Governance develops the Bad Addictive Behaviour of Truth Concealment and Perverse Reasoning for Power Possession. It applies at every level of governance. MPs cannot credibly deny it. Honourable MPs do what they can. The others pretend they know nothing.

The Protection Fraud Network got Bad Behaviour from Ordinary Officers but not Behaviour Addiction. The Corrupt Officers were Bad Behaviour Addicts. The Remedy Process forced some to stop. The Ordinary Officers did not suffer Withdrawal Symptoms. Corrupt Officers did suffer Withdrawal Symptoms. It was proportionate to the addiction. Some of the Corrupt Officers could not stop. They were isolated. The Network had Mutual Support Capacity. It is dramatically reduced. Corrupt Officers are reduced to managing Local Protection Frauds because most of them cannot get Network Protection Frauds.

The Parliament Performances are part of the evidence. The Dictator MPs have Bad Addictive Behaviour. It is Know Nothing Pretences for Corruption Denial. The Remedy Process forced Problem Acknowledgements. MPs used the Brexit Issue for False Acknowledgements and Remedy Process Denial. They are trapped. They have trapped themselves with lies and lies and lies. They dare not tell the truth and blame each other. Many of them do not have the courage to stop. The only issue now is whether they need a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof to make them stop.       

The Authorities use Seizure Frauds and Children Thefts for Property Frauds and Budget Frauds.

The Nuisance E08YJ260 Trial Frauds were for a Property Fraud. The Trial Fraud Appeal QA 2019 000205 issued by the High Court on 22nd July 2019 did not stop the Enforcement Frauds in the County Court. They got the Fraud Appeal QA 2019 000265 that was issued by the High Court on 25th September 2019.   

Northern Ireland Corrupt Officers used a Benefit Denial Fraud and Local Tax Liability Fraud for a Bankruptcy Fraud and House Theft and Inheritance Theft against Citizen Mr Barr. He resisted. The Corrupt Officers needed Discredit Frauds. They used Crime Framing Frauds by Northern Ireland Police. They did it badly. He defended himself. He discovered the Equity Monarchy Trusts. He offered Remedy Co-operation, a Privilege Waiver and Confidentiality Waiver that gave the Crown and Lord Bishops use his cases for the Remedy Process. He got Arrest Event Perjury Proof and Car Seizure Perjury Proof against the Arrest Officer and Trial Fraud Proof and Perjury Immunity Fraud Proof against the Law Courts. Sometimes the Police commit Car Seizure Records Frauds and then commit Car Thefts. In the case of Citizen Mr Barr they committed the Car Seizure Record Fraud but did not commit the Car Theft. The Court Files and Audio Records are Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the State Officers and Civil Court Judges and Criminal Court Judges. The Benefits Appeal was successful. The Bankruptcy Fraud Appeal needed Invalidity Case Explanation Order against the Corrupt Officers. It did not get it. It got an Invalidity Citizen Mr Barr instead of the Corrupt Officers. The Lord Chief Justice needed an Intimidation Fraud. The Crime Case got a No Appearance Bench Warrant. On 25th September 2019 the Bail Surrender Attendance by Citizen Mr Barr did not get a Bench Warrant Enforcement by Northern Ireland Police. It got an arrangement for him to surrender to the Criminal Court for a Bail Hearing on Monday morning. The Protection Fraud Network used to be able to rely on Oppression Fraud Services. Not any longer. The Protection Fraud Network is falling apart.

Citizens Mr and Mrs Stephenson are friends of Citizen Mr Barr.  Northern Ireland Corrupt Officers planned a Family Sabotage Fraud + Children Theft against them. The Remedy Process broke the confidence of the Family Court Judges. They needed to stop it. In June 2019 the Family Judge told Citizens Mr and Mrs Stephenson not to worry and enjoy the summer.  The State Officers panicked. They dare not stop the Family Sabotage Frauds. The September Hearing was different. Citizen Mr Stephenson reports it got an Audio Record of Trial Fraud Blackmail by the Family Judge. The Equity Lawyer advised Citizens Mr and Mrs Stephenson do nothing that the Family Judge can use for Additional Trial Frauds. The Equity Lawyer advises All MPs to take an interest in the case. It is evidence the Protection Fraud Network is falling apart.

Citizen Mr Pead has the Restraint Breach Contempt Fraud Case. In 1999 Journalist Ms Dando Murder planned to expose Children Trafficking from Bosnian Orphanages for Powerful Paedophiles. The Protection Frauds included a State Order Murder of her and a State Ordered Framing Fraud against Vulnerable Adult Mr Barry George. In 2004 Referenda Election Frauds got Corruption Proof, revived use of the Equity Monarchy Trusts and a Corruption Remedy Process.  In 2006 the Remedy Process got a Forced Resignation from Prime Minister Mr Blair. Soon afterwards a Student made a Sex Complaint against a Teacher. It was very obvious that Due Process by Head Master Mr Pead would expose the Powerful Paedophiles. The result was State Orders Employment Frauds + Criminal Defamation Frauds + Family Sabotage Frauds + Sex Crime Framing Frauds + Restraint Frauds + Other Trial Frauds against him. He defended himself very effectively. He forced the creation of Proof Sets that met the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. He did know about the Equity Monarchy Trusts, the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard or the Corruption Remedy Lord Bishops had Limited Use of the Proof Sets. They needed a Privilege Waiver and Confidentiality Waiver and Remedy Co-operation to make Full Use of the Proof Sets. The Norfolk Authorities used a Restraint Fraud by the London Authorities for a Restraint Breach Contempt Trial Fraud against Citizen Mr Pead. The Remedy Process broke the confidence of Corrupt Officers. They destroyed the Framing Fraud Records. The Restraint Fraud is a Self-Evident Fraud. The Protection Fraud Network used Jurisdiction Frauds to signal. Norfolk Authorities have a Restraint Breach Trial Fraud that relies on an Obvious Restraint Fraud + Nothing Else. In July 2019 Citizen Mr Pead learned about the Equity Monarchy Trusts and the Remedy Process. He is intelligent, articulate and defending himself against a 7th Trial Fraud. He needed time to appreciate the importance of Remedy Co-operation, a Privilege Waiver and Confidentiality Waiver for the Crown and Lord Bishops to make full use of the case. He gave Partial Co-operation. He sent the Case Papers Service Email to the Court, Crown Prosecutors and the Local MP. The Crown Prosecutors deny receiving it. The Trial Judge has Contempt Fraud Proof. The Local MP is a Contempt Fraud Witness. Citizen Mr Pead has to decide whether to give Full Co-operation to the Crown and Lord Bishops. The Equity Lawyer hopes to meet Citizen Mr Pead for the 3rd time within 7 days, give Case Advice and make a Management Agreement. The Local MP acknowledged the Citizen had Corruption Proof. It earned trust. The Party Leaders can within the next 7 Days ask him to contact Citizen Mr Pead for a Remedy Initiative on behalf of Parliament.

Mr Matthew Taylor has been very helpful. He is naïve. He means well. He has a low stress threshold. Sometimes the naivety exposes him to more stress than he can cope with. He did not know about the Equity Monarchy Trusts or the Corruption Remedy Process. He stood as a Corruption Remedy Candidate for Brighton Kemptown in the 2015 General Election. It is a Marginal Seat. He campaigned for a Corruption Investigation into the Murder Protection Frauds by Sussex Police in the Katrina Taylor Case. He could have got enough Protest Votes to change the outcome. Election Sabotage Frauds by Sussex Police and the Media stopped him doing so. The General Election got a Governing Majority for Prime Minister Mr Cameron. He did everything the Crown and Lord Bishops needed him to do. The Protection Fraud Network needed to remove him from office to stop him doing so. They planned a Ruin Fraud against him. It needed Internet Publicity by an Innocent Agent, Censorship Motive Proof against the Prime Minister, a Framing Fraud against the Innocent Agent and exposure of it timed to do maximum damage to the Prime Minister. Panama Papers Weak prepared for a Framing Fraud Exposure Weak that did not happen. The Equity Lawyer found the case. The Innocent Agent co-operated. They got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Law Court Judges in time to stop Framing Fraud Exposure Weak. They made Immunity Negotiation Offers to the Police Officer Witnesses. The Police Officers wanted Immunity Deals in exchange for Full Disclosure about the Framing Fraud Orders. The Protection Fraud Network used Intimidation Frauds to get Repeat Perjury from the Police Officers, Repeat Representation Frauds from the Crown Prosecutors and Repeat Trial Frauds from the Junior Appeal Judges at the Framing Fraud Appeal. They used Ruin Frauds against Citizen Mr Taylor for the Intimidation Frauds. The Ruin Frauds were Civil Harassment Claim Frauds by the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Executive to give Corrupt Officers confidence to commit Criminal Investigation Frauds and Criminal Prosecution Frauds. In January 2018 the Crown Prosecutors changed sides. They used a Charge Change Hearing to get and Audio Record of a No Case Admission by them and Trial Fraud Proof for Citizen Mr Taylor against Crown Court Judges. The Protection Fraud Network used the Civil Trial Frauds to extort a False Admission of Restraint Breach Contempt and get a Suspended Sentence Fraud against Citizen Mr Taylor. The Innocent Agent sat in the Public Gallery. They left the Royal Courts separately. A BBC Journalist interviewed Citizen Mr Taylor in the street. The Innocent Agent recorded the Street Interview. It enables comparison of the Entire Street Event and the BBC Broadcast. The Ultimate Sanction of a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election needs a Validity Proof Set and a Publicity Proof Set. It needs Corruption Proof, Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Election Fraud Proof. It needed Election Fairness Claims. Citizen Mr Taylor had Election Fraud Proof. The Equity Lawyer did not ask or encourage Citizen Mr Taylor to stand because he would be an Election Fraud Target and was unlikely to be able to take the pressure. Other Citizens made Corruption Claims and Election Fairness Claims. High Court Masters lost6 the confidence to sign Issue Refusal Decisions. They reserved the Election Fairness Claims for Senior Master Fontaine who was on holiday until October. Citizen Mr Taylor announced that he intended to stand. The Equity Lawyer offered Support Services. Citizen Mr Taylor accepted. On Saturday 21st September 2019 there was an Arrest Fraud against Citizen Mr Taylor by Sussex Police. He was furious. They lost the confidence to complete the Arrest Fraud. They arranged for him to attend the Police Station at 17.00 on Monday 23rd September. The Equity Lawyer heard about it. He gave Defence Advice that included making an Election Fairness Claim and service of the Election Fairness Claim Papers at the Interview Event. The Equity Lawyer produced the Claim Form. It identified 2 Defendants and referred to Party Detail that were not provided then. Citizen Mr Taylor approved the Claim Form. On Monday 23rd September 2019 they met in London. Citizen Mr Taylor read the Party Details. The inclusion of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner cause him Intense Stress. He thought suing her would get a Restraint Breach Imprisonment Fraud. They crossed her name out, got a Fee Remission Certificate and filed the Election Fairness Claim. The Court Officer told him he could not have a Claim Issue Decision until Wednesday. It caused him Intense Stress. He did not have the train fare to return on the Wednesday. The Equity Lawyer gave him a print of the Claim Form and Party Details for service on Sussex Police at the Interview Event. On Tuesday Citizen Mr Awodiya acted as Agent filing Election Fairness Claims for Citizens Mr Brooks and Mr O’Connor. Citizen Mr Say filed and Election Fairness Claim for himself. The Court Officer told them Issue Decisions on Election Fairness Claims were reserved for Senior Master Fontaine who was on holiday until October. The Remedy Process got Repeat Fraud Proof against Senior Master Fontaine.

Party Leaders and All MPs have to explain why a Corruption Investigation Targets have the power to decide whether or not to issue Election Fairness Claims in which Party Leaders and MKPs have Defendant Status             

On 27th May 2018 Sussex Police used a Vehicle Theft Complaint Fraud to commit a 1st Car Theft in Brighton against a Romanian Citizen. He was driving in Brighton when Sussex Police used Officers, Cars, a Car Theft Complaint Fraud and Traffic Powers for a Stop + Arrest + Car Seizure Procedure.  They made the False Presumption the Romanian Citizen was an Ignorant Foreigner who did not speak English. He spoke it better than them. They argued in front of him who was to have the car. On 7th May 2019 he dated and signed a document entitled Parliament Candidacy Intent Notice + Mass Remedies Demand. That day the Equity Lawyer got Stamp Filing Proof from the Sussex Crown Prosecutor. It is on the Remedy Process File kept by the Director of Public Prosecutions for the Crown and Prime Minister. On 13th May 2019 the Equity Lawyer got Stamp Filing Proof from the High Court and the Court of Appeal. The Romanian Citizen told his friends. It was not a secret. He is intelligent. He learned from the experience. He says the 2nd Car Theft was in June 2019. He says the Eastbourne Officers displayed Immature Sniggering Behaviour during the Stop + Arrest + Seizure Process. It revealed they had Theft Orders. He asked if he could record the event. An Officer agreed. He says that Internet Publicity got 300,000 Hits in 6 Hours. He says he took it down because there was unpleasantness. The Equity Lawyer knows that the Protection Fraud Network use Internet Trolls against Corruption Victims. Investigation is needed to discover whether the 2nd Car Theft was an Intimidation Fraud and Election Sabotage Fraud.

Party Leaders and Sussex MPs have a duty to use the Remedy Process File to identify the Romanian Citizen, ask for the Electronic Record and use the BBC and ITV for a Similar Fact Case Appeal.

Leeds North East MP Mr Fabian Hamilton received evidence from Citizen Mr Awodiya and destroyed it. Citizen Mr Awodiya got issue of Corruption Proof against the State and Law Courts, and then the Election Fairness Claim QB 2019 003126 with Defendant Status for Party Leaders, MP Mr Hamilton, State Authorities and the Media. The Liberal Democrat Leader filed a Claim Service Acknowledgement and asked for a 14 Day Extension for Defence Filing. The Remedy Process Email on 25th September granted it. The Democratic Unionist Party Leader had Indirect Service instead off Direct Service.   

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis

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