Restraint Breach Contempt and Election Fairness Case Email for Citizen Mr Pead v State

Prime Minister, Attorney General, Opposition Leader and All MPs,

Remedy Process Emails get Bounce Messages from some MPs. The Speaker will please ensure All MPs get it.

The Ultimate Sanction needs a Validity Proof Set and a Publicity Proof Set. The Validity Proof Set is everything the Corruption Remedy Process has got since revival of the Equity Monarchy Trusts in October 2004. The Publicity Proof Set is a Simple Current Proof Set that every Voter can understand. It is Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof and Election Fraud Proof got from Live Cases.

The Lead Civil Cases are the Nuisance Trial Fraud + Appeals QA 29019 000205 + 000265. The Fraud Appeals forced the choice between Fraud Remedies and Fraud Enforcement. High Court Judges chose Fraud Enforcement.  The QA 2019 000205 Appeal Permission Refusal dated 24th September 2019 purports to have been made by Sir Alistair Geoffrey is a Corruption Remedy Denial Fraud. MPs have a duty to discover whether it is Genuine or Forged, and in either event to manage Corruption Remedies.

The Corruption Claims and Election Fairness Claims got Issue Denial Fraud Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the Law Courts.

The Remedy Process needs Political Party Leaders to have a chance to make Remedy Agreements before Claim Filing in the Law Courts. The cases of Citizen Mr Pead have been  reserved for the purpose. A Disabled Student made a Sex Complaint against a Teacher. A Competent Investigation would expose Powerful Paedophiles. The Protection Fraud Network used Employment Termination Frauds against Head Master Mr Pead to stop him conducting a Competent Investigation and thereby provide Protection Frauds for the Powerful Paedophiles. They used Employment Termination Frauds. He got Corruption Proof against Fraud Managers each of whom needed Protection Frauds. The result was 7 Criminal Trial Frauds. The 1st Criminal Trial Frauds got a Conviction Fraud and a Restraint Fraud that was a Self- Evident Fraud because the Crown Court did not have power to make it. The Corruption Remedy Process broke the confidence of the Corrupt Officers that they could rely on Protection Frauds from Corrupt MPs and Law Court Judges. They destroyed the 1st Trial Fraud Records. The Norfolk Authorities have to explain the 7th Trial Fraud. It used the Self-Evident Restraint Fraud for a Restraint Breach Contempt Trial Fraud. All they have got is an Obvious Fraud and No Court Records how it was created.  The Political Party Leaders can make Corruption Remedy Agreements with Citizen Mr Pead before the Remedy Hearing on 11th October 2019 in the Crown Court and before he files the Election Fairness Claim in the High Court.

All of it is in addition to the Publicity Proof Sets got by the other cases.

The delay getting Stamp Filing Proof from the Crown Prosecutor on the attached documents until after 4 p.m. today was

1.      Yesterday, in the afternoon, the Train Service Disruption + False Service Information that caused  the Equity Lawyer to wait for a train from London to Brighton until a Delated Service Notice just before the Declared Arrival Time when it was too late in the day

2.      Today, early in the morning, the Suspicious Circumstance of Alleged Stolen Car Discovery + Recovery Events that Sussex Police used to make Security System Enquiries of Citizen Mr Bradley to discover what Relevant Video Records he had of Street Events in Windelsham Gardens for the Nuisance Claim Fraud Years. .      

Mass Remedies need New Evidence Case Reopening + Remedy Precedents. Citizen Mr Pead and Victim Mr Anthony Martin have been asked to file New Evidence Criminal Appeal Precedents. The Appeal Advice for them is Evidence Exclusion using Fraud Proof + Case Dismissals using Admissible Evidence Deficits + Contempt Remedy Orders for the Citizen against the State. The Evidence Exclusion Application will list of Misrepresentation Frauds + Non-Disclosure Frauds + Evidence Concealment Frauds.

The New Evidence Criminal Appeals x 4 dated 4th October 2019 of Citizen Mr Bradley is also a Remedy Precedent.     

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis












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