Remedy Process Update

The Corruption Remedy Process has changed the Accountability Terms. The Justice Priority of the People has replaced the Empowerment Priority of the Dictator. It affects everything including the Leadership Contest.

Due Process is whatever the Justice Priority needs. It depends on the in the circumstances of the case. The Leadership Contest is a case. Due Process needs the Remedy Process to deliver an Unfitness Purge of Corrupt MPs.

The Remedy Process used Citizen Protection Rights for Integrity Tests of Top Politicians. It got Corruption Proof against the Attorney General, Prime Minister and Opposition Leader. The Guilt Proof against the Attorney General and Prime Minister is the Contempt Claim HQ18X00347 against a Protected Citizen. The Guilt Proof against the Opposition Leader is the failure to manage Protection Enforcement Accountability for the Protected Citizen against the Prime Minister.

Due Process binds the Crown and the Lord Bishops. They need to know the outcome of the Contempt Trial on 13th June 2019 to decide what are Proportionate Remedies. The Case Management Hearing and Remedy Application Hearings got Bias Fraud Proof for the Protected Citizen against the High Court. The Fraud Appeals got Bias Fraud Proof for the Protected Citizen against the Court of Appeal. The first two Bias Fraud Appeals got Evidence Production Requirements for Missing Transcripts. The third Bias Fraud Appeal was to get the Missing Transcripts. It got a Refusal Decision and No Merit Certificate. It means the Court of Appeal made Evidence Requirements and then used an Appeal Dismissal Fraud and No Merit Certificate to prevent the Evidence Production. It means the Before Trial Appeals got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Court of Appeal before completion of the Trial Frauds by the High Court.

The Unfitness Purge needs to remove the Attorney General, Prime Minister and Opposition Leader. It cannot stop there. It needs Unfitness Dismissals of MPs who made Protection Fraud Deals to prepare for Leadership Contests in the Major Parties. It needs a Care Taker Prime Minister and Coalition Government that draws on both sides of both Houses of Parliament. The Contempt Trial Update Document dated 1st June 2019 of the Equity Lawyer for the Protected Citizen gives Legal Notice to the Trial Judge of the Mass Remedy Proposals for the Unfitness Purge.

The Remedy Process has eliminated doubt at every stage. The Protection Fraud Network controlled the Leadership Contest that got the office of Prime Minister for MP Mrs May. The Remedy Process will control the Leadership Contest for her successor.   

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