Mass Remedies Proposal Notice from the Equity Lawyer to Parliament for the Crown and Lord Bishops

To All Members of Parliament:

Honourable MP Mr Iain Duncan Smith will please ensure the Crown gets this Remedy Process Communication as evidence for the Lord Bishops. The Equity Lawyer has suffered from Influenza and Hay Fever. It has delayed it.

The function of the Corruption Remedy Process is a Power Transfer for Honourable Parliamentarians against the Protection Fraud Network. It needed Criminal Conspiracy Proof against the Protection Fraud Network in the State, Law Courts and Parliament. Recent Events got completion of the Criminal Conspiracy Proof Set. A Corrupt Majority of MPs have been providing Protection Frauds for Organised Crime. They are accountable for doing so.

The remedy is simple. It is the Jurisdiction Superiority for the Remedy Jurisdiction of the Citizen against All Jurisdictions of the State and Law Courts with All Necessary Enforcement Powers. It means that MPs will have Dual Jurisdictions i.e. Remedy Jurisdiction for the Citizen and Political Representation Jurisdiction for the Constituent.

The Remedy Jurisdiction will have Jurisdiction Superiority over the Political Representation Jurisdiction. Jurisdiction Conflicts shall be resolved for the Superior Jurisdiction against the Inferior Jurisdiction. The Crown, Lord Bishops and Honourable Parliamentarian will not need that explaining. MPs that do need it explaining have a duty to say so.  The Equity Lawyer can assist with Detailed Management of needed. The priority now is Mass Remedies.

The Citizen, Crown and Lord Bishops have Corruption Control Jurisdictions that govern Parliament Session Powers. They are called the Equity Monarchy Trusts because they were created in the 17th Century. If they were created today that might be called Citizen Empowerment Trusts. The Citizen has Investigation Jurisdiction. The Crown has Prosecution Jurisdiction. The Lord Bishops have Adjudication Jurisdiction. There are 24 of them. It enables up to 12 Lord Bishops to sit as Trial Jurors and up to 12 Different Lord Bishops to sit as Appeal Jurors. They use the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. It is Official Records that are Justice Proof for Honourable Officers or Guilt Proof against Corrupt Officers and Credibility Irrelevance Proof for the Victim.  the challenge for the Citizen is Case Management that gets Proof Sets that meet the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. The challenge for the Crown and Lord Bishops is Remedy Decisions that make best use of it. 

Citizens who service the Equity Monarchy Trusts have Protection Rights from the Crown and Parliament with Protection Enforcement by the Cabinet and Prime Minister and Protection Enforcement Accountability by the Opposition Leader. The Protection Rights serve as an Integrity Test of Top Politicians. They create a Conflict Jurisdiction Disqualification for the Citizen against the Cabinet and Prime Minister. The use of Conflict Powers they do not have for Prosecution Frauds against the Citizen is Guilt Proof against the Prime Minister and All Other Responsible Officers. Failure to use Protection Enforcement Accountability is Guilt Proof against the Opposition Leader.    

The Equity Monarchy Trusts fell into disuse for 45 years when the Politicians developed the European Constitution. It vested Dictator Powers in the State. In every Member State of the European Union the Politicians lost control to Corrupt Officers who formed Protection Fraud Networks. They sold Market Frauds to Organised Crime, provided Protection Frauds for the4 Corrupt Officers who managed them and gave Glittering Career Guarantees to Corrupt MPs in exchange for Fraud Services in Parliament.
Parliament had Two Majorities. It had Governing Majorities returned by the General Elections and Remedy Denial Fraud Majorities managed by the Protection Fraud Network. They used the Governing Majorities as Governance Fronts for Organised Crime. 

Honourable Parliamentarians discovered the Governance Frauds. The Protection Fraud Network used Sabotage Frauds to stop any of them managing Corruption Remedies.

The European Leaders wanted Referenda Acceptance of the Dictator Powers. They needed Election Frauds to get it. They needed Dictator Power Concealment Frauds as Election Frauds. They had plans for Electronic Signature Dictator Powers. The Dictator Power Obsession reached the stage in which they wanted State Officials to have the Blackmail Powers against the Citizen using Electronic Signature Termination Threats to support Immediate Obedience Demands.  British Citizens developed the capacity for Advanced Electronic Signatures. It did two things. It created Enormous Markets for Sophisticated Services at Value Prices conditional upon the termination of Dictator Governance. The Profit Plan was On Line Services. The Defence Plan was Source Code Secrecy. The Profit Potential was so great that the British State would need to use Debt Repayment as an Inflation Control.  The European Leaders planned a Source Code Theft. Prime Minister Mr Blair managed it. They planned to get Source Code Licence Fees from the European Union and All Member States. The Motive Proof it was for Personal Profit was the use of Barclays Bank Group Board instead of the Secret Service as the Theft Agent. The Bank Officers did the Theft Operation badly and the Theft Cover Up badly. Barclays Bank Group Board and then instructed Bank Lawyers to write a Theft Conspiracy Admission and use the Theft Failure for a Damage Denial Defence. Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis realised that use of it in British Courts would have got Court Frauds and Costs Frauds and use of Bankruptcy Frauds for the Source Code Theft. He kept it for use before USA Jurors. Whoever took the Advanced Electronic Signature Market needed the USA Market. It made the USA Jurors an obvious choice for Litigation Disputes. The British Citizens got a Gold Medal from the 1999 Geneva Inventions Exhibition as Originality Proof. It deterred Source Code Theft Efforts. The Source Code Theft had failed. 

The Advanced Electronic Signature Technology needed a Priming Demand. Bankers, Insurers and State Officers wanted to develop the Sophisticated Services that provided the Priming Demand. Prime Minister Mr Blair denied use of the State Market. He used the Secret Service for Blackmail Operations against Top Bankers and Top Insurers to deny the City Market. It forced reliance on Small Independents for the Priming Demand. A British Citizen got a Fleet Maintenance Contract from BP. He traded Priming Demand for Advanced Electronic Signatures for Business Services. The BP contract enabled him to get other contracts. The European Leaders wanted him stopped. They had no Lawful Means to stop him. They used Unlawful Means.  They used Extradition Frauds and Imprisonment Frauds. Everything that could go wrong for them did go wrong. They did not know the British Citizen had reported a Drug Dealer to Kent Police. Honest Officers tried to persuade him to infiltrate the Drug Gang. Ambitious Officers tried a Framing Fraud to blackmail him into infiltrating the Drug Gang, and Corrupt Officers tried Framing Frauds as a Discredit Fraud. The Framing Frauds failed. By the end of the process everyone knew the British Citizen would have nothing to do with drugs for profit, when threatened with violence or under police supervision.  It got Incredible Target Status for him in Drug Investigations. Corrupt Officers used his address as a Decoy Address on the Carrier Movement Records of more than 70 Drug Shipments. They had one in transit when they received the Extradition Fraud Assistance Request from the Dutch Authorities.  They had no previous experience of an Extradition Fraud. They received an Investigation Assistance Request from the Dutch Authorities. It required an Arrest Fraud against the Incredible Target and Evidence Frauds using Business Records Destruction and Vehicle Theft from the Alleged Crime Scene. The Business Record Destruction was to enable a No Business Misrepresentation Fraud. The Vehicle Theft was to enable Misrepresentation Frauds that Vehicle Parts Communications were Drug Traffic Codes. The Corrupt British Officers had no prior experience of Extradition Frauds. They thought the Incredible Target had discovered the use of his address as a Decoy Address, reported it and was assisting with a Decoy Address Investigation. They got a News Broadcast about a Big Drugs Bust and International Co-operation and took control of the investigation to manage Investigation Sabotage Frauds. The Incredible Target was in a British Prison. The Investigation Records were Compelling Innocence Proof for him and Compelling Guilt Proof against the Corrupt Officers. The choice for Prime Minister Mr Blair was to abandon the Extradition Fraud and recover control of the State and Law Courts from Organised Crime, or to do a deal to carry on. He did a deal. It required Protection Frauds by him that were provided previously by Top Judges. Investigation is needed to discover whether the deal included Protection Fraud Bribes for him. In 1998 he committed the Source Code Attempted Theft.  In 2000 he did a deal with the Pharmaceutical Industry that traded Parliament Protection Frauds for the Baby Murder that services a Human Organ Contract and Osteopathy Governance Frauds in exchange for Campaign Finance for the 2001 General Election. A Journalist acknowledged it. He used images of the House of Commons after Prime Minister Questions with the Voice Over ‘Election Campaign Contributions are coming in unusually early.’ In 2004 was Prime Minister Mr Blair likely to provide Drug deal Protection Frauds for nothing? 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis got Fraud Proof. He used it to serve a Corruption Notice on the crown and Parliament. It revived use of the Equity Monarchy Trusts. It started a Corruption Remedy Process that has continued ever since. 

The Extradition fraud Agreement required completion of Innocence Evidence Concealment Frauds by the British Authorities before completion of the Imprisonment Frauds by the Dutch Authorities. The Equity Lawyer took action that got Innocence Evidence Concealment Fraud Proof, Corruption Findings, Unfitness Findings and Dismissal Priority Findings against Law Court Judges. Prime Minister Mr Blair could not service the Dismissal Decisions because he had used Law Court Judges for Personal Frauds. It got a Remedy Failure Finding, Unfitness Finding and Dismissal Priority Finding against him. He was given the choice of signing a 10 Month’s Retirement Notice or facing a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof. He signed the Retirement Notice. He spent the rest of the time in office making Protection Fraud Arrangement that he hoped would last his lifetime. They included Peace Ambassador Status that got Diplomatic Immunity from the USA, UK, EU and Russia.

The Protection Fraud Network controlled the Labour Governing Majority. The 2007 Parliament Session Agreement contained Corruption Remedy Conditions. Prime Minister Mr Brown thought he could avoid them by holding a General Election and keep secret why he had done so. Two things broke his confidence. He needed a Bankruptcy Fraud against as a Discredit Fraud against the Equity Lawyer. It needed No Notice to the Equity Lawyer of a Secret Hearing. Unusual Case Management by the Law Courts aroused the suspicions of the Equity Lawyer. He discovered the Secret Hearing, appeared and broke the confidence of the High Court Justice to deliver the Bankruptcy Fraud. Prime Minister Mr Brown did not know how far he could rely on the Law Court Judges. Media Mogul Mr Murdoch made Demands with Exposure Threats. It broke the confidence of Prime Minister Mr Brown to hold the General Election. He signed the Parliament Session Agreement. He had no hope of performing the Corruption Remedy Conditions because the Protection Fraud Network controlled the Labour Governing Majority. It got Remedy failure Findings, Unfitness Findings and Dismissal Priority Findings against Prime Minister Mr Brown and the Labour Governing Majority. The Expense Account Scandals timed for the 2009 Elections were used to manage it. 

The 2010 General Election got office for the Coalition Government. The Corruption Remedy Conditions required a Corruption Investigation of the Law Courts managed by Lord Chancellor Mr Clarke for the Crown. Prime Minister Mr Cameron knew about it but did not know the details. It eliminated him from suspicion if anything went wrong and freed him to govern. The Corruption Investigation got Trial Fraud Proof, Appeal Fraud Proof and Protection Fraud Proof. The Trial Fraud Proof was enough to get a Secret Corruption Remedy Agreement between Prime Minister Mr Cameron and USA President Obama.  

In August 2012 the Corruption Investigation was completed. The Lord Bishops made a Remedy Priority Decision for the Victims. They did not know who they were. They authorised Parliament to enter Immunity Negotiations with Top Judges to find out. The Protection fraud Network rejected the Immunity Negotiation Offer and made a Corruption Continuity Plan. It needed an Intimidation Fraud to silence Parliament, Remedy Sabotage until the 2015 General Election and then whatever was needed to get a Corrupt Majority and Immunity Frauds. The Plebgate Discredit Fraud and Dismissal Fraud against the Chief Whip was the Intimidation Fraud. It did not silence Parliament. The Equity Lawyer had prepared the Crawley Beating Case. In December 2012 it got Jury Trial Fraud Proof against Sussex Police and Sussex Top Civil Judge. The Crown and Parliament used it to vest Corruption Remedy Powers in a Royal Commission that would survive the 2015 General Election. It got Protection Fraud Proof against the State, Profession Authorities and Law Courts.  The Royal Commission ordered use of the Police Federation Conference in May 2014 to get Mass Publicity for a Corruption Finding Notice, Remedy Co-operation Demand and Dismissal Threat. The Remedy Co-operation Tests of the Law Courts started in June 2014. Top Judges continued to sign Protection Frauds until they realised there were Test Cases. Then they used Unsigned Decisions for No Me Defences and Unsigned Substance Pages with Signature Pages for My Signature Admissions and Decision Denials. In late September and early October the Remedy Process got Hearing Audio Records as Personal Responsibility Proof against Top Judges. 

The Protection Fraud Network knew they needed the 2015 General Election to remove Prime Minister Mr Cameron from office and a Dismissal Back Up Plan if it did not do so. They used Hung Parliament Propaganda in the hope of getting a Hung Parliament. They failed. He won a Governing Majority. 
The Protection Fraud Network needed a Ruin Fraud against him. They had done a Glittering Career Deal with MP Mrs May. She was Home Secretary. They needed her to manage the Ruin Fraud. It needed Internet Publicity by an Innocent Agent, Censorship Motive Proof against the Prime Minister, a Framing Fraud against the Innocent Agent and exposure of it timed to do maximum damage to the Prime Minister. Sussex Police were an obvious choice as Framing Fraud Manager.  Lawyers managed Trusts Frauds against Clients. The deaths of 3 cousins in an 18 months period caused a Victim to discover the Trust frauds. The Lawyers needed to act against him before he acted against them. They bought a Protection Frauds from the Law Society for themselves and a Bankruptcy Fraud against him from the Law Court Judges. He resisted so effectively for more than 10 years. The Bribes and Bribe Promises exceeded the value of the Bankrupt Estate. The Top Judges decided to make up the shortfall by producing cannabis on the Stolen Farm. They insisted their Organised Crime Manager control the business because they did not trust anyone else to pay them. Sussex Police needed Protection Fraud Proof from the Law Courts. They were give 1991 191 Judgment dated 8th June 2001 in which a high Court Justice recorded all the Fact Admissions and Intent Admissions that were Bankruptcy fraud Proof and a Restraint Order to stop the Victim doing anything about it. Sussex Police accepted it as Protection Fraud Proof and went into business with the organised Crime Manager. He needed Protection Frauds that would last his lifetime. To get it he committed Firearms Theft and forced a Firearms Theft Concealment Fraud by Sussex Police. They seized the Stolen Firearms, issued Receipt 0223607 that identified the Organised Criminal as Possessor. They seized the Firearms Cabinet from which they were stolen and issued Receipt 0223608 to the Lawful Possessor. They took them to Lewes Armoury with intent to putting the Stolen Firearms in the Cabinet and pretending nothing had happened. The Cabinet was locked. They had No Key. The Unlock Procedure needed the Owner to identity the Missing Contents and account for Unlawful Contents, if any. No one dare conduct an unlock Procedure with the Owner because it defeated the purpose of the Theft Concealment Fraud. No one dare conduct an Unlock Procedure without the Owner because the Organised Criminal had access to the Firearms Cabinet and might have put in it evidence they could not ignore. The Theft Concealment Fraud had failed. During the next 6 ½ years there were hundreds of Theft Discovery Delay Frauds. In January 2009 a New Armourer issued a Destruction Notice. The Owner asked questions and was given the Receipts. Since then the remedy Process has used the Receipts and the Convictions Record of the Organised Criminal thousands of times to discover who provides Protection Frauds for the Organised Criminal. It got Protection Fraud Proof against the State, Law Courts, Prime Ministers Mr Brown and then Prime Minister Mrs May.

The Framing Fraud Target needed a Honest Robust Character who could be relied on to Plead Not Guilt and Appeal. Sussex Police chose Citizen Mr John Paterson as the Framing Fraud Target. They used a MOT Test on 11th July 2015 in   Eastbourne of Citizen Ms Posnik Chelsea for the Framing Fraud Arrest Event. The Arrest Fraud went as planned.  It got Caution Frauds against her and a Criminal Prosecution against him. The Censorship Motive Proof needed a Big Turn Out for the Plea Hearing Event on 3rd September 2015. It is said that hundreds of people attended. Citizen Mr Paterson thought his Internet Publicity got the attendance.  The Protection Fraud Network got most of it. They needed Riot Type Event Publicity as Censorship Motive Proof against Prime Minister Mr Cameron. The Court made a Building Exclusion Order against Citizen Mr Paterson and used his Appearance Failure for a Secret In Absence Hearing that got an Arrest Warrant. Panama Papers Week prepared for a Framing Fraud Exposure Week that did not happen.  The Equity Lawyer found the case. Citizen Mr Paterson co-operated. They got Criminal Conspiracy Proof against Law Court Judges in time to stop Framing Fraud Exposure Week. They made an Immunity Negotiation Offer. The Police Officer Witnesses wanted Immunity Deals. The Protection Fraud Network needed Intimidation Frauds to get Repeat Perjury from the Police Officer Witnesses, Repeat Representation Frauds from Crown Prosecutors and Repeat Trial Frauds for the Junior Appeal Judges at the Framing Fraud Appeal. 

The Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Appeal Grounds dated 14th June 2019 of Citizen Mr Paterson explains the rest of it. The Gaming Licence Renewal dated 16th June 2019 of Citizen Ms Posnik Chelsea evidences some action needed. The Housing Benefit Enquiry Response dated 16th June 2019 of the Equity Lawyer evidences Denial Fraud Corruption.

Every MP has Constituents who are Corruption Victims.  The priority now is Mass Remedies.

Equity Lawyer Mr Edward William Ellis

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