Royal Commission, 2020 000286 Case Dismissal Documents Noticed and Fraud Appeal 2020 2069 Notice of Equity Lawyer

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, State Lawyers and Law Court Judges,

The Court of Appeal issued Contempt Committal Permission Fraud Appeal 2020 2069 on Saturday 12th December 2020, which was Fling Day 173, and sent a Notice Email at 11.08 that day. The Equity Lawyer had a Dialysis Session, returned from the hospital, discovered that the local Post Office was the only place he could get printing done and that they closed early, did not check the emails and so did not know about the Sealed Appellant Notice when he did the printing. The Appeal Grounds, Sealed Appellant Notice, Issue Notice and Respondent’s Notice are attached by way of service on the State.

The Daily Courts List reveals the 2020 000286 Adjourned Trial is on 14th December 2020 in Royal Court 14 before High Court Justice Mrs Cutts. The Case Dismissal Documents Schedule of the Equity Lawyer are attached. The last 21 are in bold type and will be attached to a series of Filing and Service Emails to the State, Court and Parliament. The Equity Lawyer has prints for the Court, State and Himself. The prints were produced on an old printer at the local Post Office and are of poor quality. Some of the lines in the middle of the page on the later prints are in ordinary type but appear to be bold. It might cause some confusion when reading the Case Dismissal Statement dated 30th November 2020 because some of the content is in bold type. There is no need for reprints because the Dismissal Brief Representations dated 30th November 2020 restate what is in bold type.  Case Dismissal Statement Error Correction Notices

151 delete ‘8th’ and insert ‘11th’ [March 2008…]

183 delete ‘was’ insert ‘into’ [a Remedy Process Asset.]

272 delete ‘2020’ insert ‘2018’ [Prime Minister Mrs May went to South Africa…]

The omission of the Shop Theft Claims QB 2019 003741 and 003984 was not an error. It was impossible to include all the Remedy Process Cases in the Case Dismissal Statement

Further Correction and Disclosure Rights Reserved

The Daily Courts List omits the Court Number but reveals Before MR JUSTICE JAY Monday, 14th December 2020 At half-past 10 FOR TRIAL (By Microsoft Teams. For details on accessing the hearing, please e-mail} QB-2020-002450 Soriano v Forensic News LLC & ors.

Formal Complaint by the Equity Lawyer against the High Court Listing Office that the List Publicity denies Citizens the Court Number needed to inform the 2020 002450 Parties and Representatives that Trial Unfitness Proof got a Forced Recusal from Justice Mr Jay.

Polite Request that if Citizens feel the need to discover the Court Number and inform the Case 2020 002450 Parties and Representatives of the Trial Unfitness Proof. The Best Advice the Same Notice to Both Parties using prints of this email that:

  1. Joshua Rosenberg wrote the Trial Criticisms Article about Justice Mr Jay that was in the June 2020 Issue of the Law Society Gazette
  2. The Case 2020 000286 Forced Recusal from Justice Mr Jay and a Recusal Article in the Law Society Gazette  
  3. Joshua Rosenberg has Email Notice of 2020 000286 Trial Frauds that got the Forced Recusal

Reserved Rights for the Equity Lawyer to make Without Noticed Remedy Applications for the Reason that the Corruption Remedy Process needs discovery how the State Counsel and Trial Judge deal with them.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis







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