Royal Commission + 2022 001411 + QB 2022 0025955 + H1PP8822 + 2200054477 + Test Failure Contempt Fraud Review Filing Notice

To: Lord Lieutenants, MPs and Law Court Judges,

Citizen Mr Sood has already filed the 2022 001411 Documents by email and personal delivery.

A telephone call got an agreement by Citizen Ms Berry to use the Case H1PP8822 Support Statement for a Restraint Hearing Adjournment so that the equity Lawyer attend. Kidney Failure and a Gastric Infection Limit the capacity for Hearing Attendances by the Equity Lawyer to 2 p.m. on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Citizen Mr Nkrumah has agreed the Test Failure Contempt Fraud Review Documents, and has received the 2200054477 Support Statement.

The Gas Charge Fraud got Compelling Guilt Proof against the Enforcers and Law Courts. The Charge Fraud Enquiry will get either Innocence Proof for British Gas or Guilt Proof against it. In many cases, Enforcement Fraud Beneficiaries were Enforcement Agents and Law Court Judges. A Fraud Method is an Allocations Fraud of a True Liability Payment to a Charge Fraud Account and then Enforcement Fraud for the True Liability Deficit.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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