Royal Commission + 2022 0043 Witness Intimidation Test Notice + Mortgage H1PP8822 Hearing Report

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Witness Protection Test used Corruption Evidence Offers by Citizens Protection Applications to the State, Law Courts and Parliament and Case Notices to Corrupt Officers. The 2022 0043 Jurisdiction Trial was the Law Court Lead Case. It got Immediate Intimidation Frauds. The first Citizen Mrs Linton knew about 2 Penalty Frauds was an Enforcement Notice for one and a County Court Default Judgment for another. The first that Citizen Mr Sood knew about an Income Tax Case was a 24 year Backdated £135,000 Tax Assessment that started the year his wife died and forced him to claim State Benefit and care for the 4 children. There is more.

Jurisdiction Trial 2022 0043 Witness Protection Progress Request from the Equity Lawyer to Snaresbrook Crown Court Resident Judge Mr Ziedman for the Stated Reason Witness Protection Denial Fraud Proof against the Criminal Courts will be Relevant Evidence in the 2022 0043 Jurisdiction Trial and Witness Protection Applications in the Civil Courts.

The Mortgage Possession Claim Fraud H1PP8822 Hearing on 2nd February 2022 got an Audio Record that is Personal Responsibility Proof and Confused Behaviour Evidence against Deputy District Judge Ms McKeown. A Will + Executor Appointment Non-Disclosure Fraud and Complex case Incapacity Exploitation Fraud by the Bank of Scotland against Citizen Ms Berry at the Previous hearing on 10th November 2021 got a Probate Estate Representation Appointment for Citizen Ms Berry instead of the Will Executor who is Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. The General Civil Restraint Order prevented him making a Party Status Application. The hearing got a Repeat Defence Filing Order and a 5 Page Limit and Adjourned hearing Listing for 2 p.m. on 14th March 2022. The Equity Lawyer produced the attached Defence and Counterclaim dated 7th February 2022 and sent it to Citizen Ms Berry for approval. He will note anything she has to say and might make amendments. In any event, he will file and serve a Defence and Counterclaim and Remedy Proposals. The Bank of Scotland will have to decide what to do with them.

Polite Request that Citizen Mr Sood get Postal Filing + Service Proof of the attached Tax Assessment Appeal + Remedy Application and the Settlement Negotiation Offer. The Postal Proof and Case Response, if any, will be Relevant Evidence for the Witness Protection Cases.

Polite Request that Citizen Mrs Linton get Postal Filing + Notice Filing Proof of the attached Penalty Fraud H7GM3 Z8P Witness Intimidation Contempt Fraud DRAFT Remedy Order and an Application Notice.  The Postal Proof and Case Response, if any, will be Relevant Evidence for the Witness Protection Cases.

Grateful Thanks to Prime Minister Mr Johnson for the Sex Protection Fraud Allegations against the Opposition Leader Sir Keir Starmer. The Criticism Censure + Responsibility Denials are Remedy Responsibility Denial Fraud Proof. They are a Response Comparator for what Mass Exposure of the Firearms Protection Frauds will get. The Firearms Crime Framing Fraud Papers were the first on the Parliament Session File that the Director of Public Prosecutions kept for the Prime Minister. Between the File Start in December 2011 and until he left office in 2013, File Requests got File Delivery by him to Prime Minister Mr Cameron. The Firearms Framing Fraud serviced the Corruption Investigation of the Law Courts by Lord Chancellor Mr Clarke for the Crown. It got completion of the Trial Fraud Proof Set, Appeal Fraud Proof Set and Protection Fraud Proof Set and Investigation Closure. It is Totally Incredible that Top State Officers do not know the content of Top-Level Files they keep for the Prime Minister. The Knowledge denials will get Guilt Findings by most people

Courtesy Warning to Leadership Contest Candidates to note what happens to Contest Winners who trade Protection Frauds for Top Judges in exchange for Support Votes.  

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis   

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