Royal Commission + Health Corruption Investigation 6029679 21 + Complaint BCA 6634 22 2222 IR01 + Incapacity Remedies + Witness Protection

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Health Corruption Investigation 6029679 21 Polite Request that:

  1. The Complainants ask Complainant Dr Sam White whether he wishes to engage in Email Communications and if so for an Email Address Refusal.
  2. Mr Stephen Frost, or someone else,  will reveal the capacity if any in which he is involved.
  3. The Investigators accept as Sample Incredibility Evidence against the Police the Bad Culture News Coverage and the attached Covid Regulation Exploitation Complaint  BCA 6634 22 2222 IR01 Communications, and consider the attached Witness Protection + Credibility Recovery Proposals.
  4. The Investigators make a Witness Protection Recommendation and Case Reference up the Command Chain to Commissioner Ms Dick and give notice they have done so to Citizen Ms Davies and Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis.

Incapacity Precedent Cases. 

The Remedy Process needs Test Cases to set Incapacity Remedy Precedents. 

  1. Intellectual Incapacity and Ignorance and Judgment Deficits are Genuine Incapacity and very simple. many Hundred Thousand Cases can serve as Test Cases. Case Reopening + Revocation Orders and Exploitation Fraud Contempt Remedies against the Fraud Managers and Fraud Beneficiaries. They need Representation Authority on Remedy Co-operation Conditions by Agreement or Order.
  2. The Chronic Corruption Cases do Stress Damage that achieves Chronic Corruption Incapacity.  It is hard to get a Representation Authority Agreement, and even if there is one, very often it gets Remedy Co-operation Failures that are Own Case Sabotage and Relationship Sabotage against the Representative. They need Court Orders. 
  3. The combination of Technical Competence + Chronic Emotional Immaturity is much more difficult. The Emotional Immaturity gets a Low Stress Threshold + Responsibility Rejection + Bad Emotion Dumps that are  Help Requests + Delegated Authority on Remedy Co-operation Terms + Co-operation Failure with Failure Responsibility Rejection that is Own Case Sabotage + Relationship Sabotage against the Representative. 
  4. Incapacity Representation needs Privilege Waivers + Confidentiality Waivers for Case Management Authority that avoids Perverse Outcomes. It needs Reasonable Costs for the Representative. It needs a Representation Budget for the Ministry of Justice to pay the Reasonable Costs.  

Incapacity Precedent Test Cases: 

  1. The Genuine Incapacity Test Cases:
    1. Citizen Mr Hastunc is a Lawful Cypriot Immigrant and Talented Chef with the Genuine Incapacity of Limited Communication Skills + Limited Bureaucratic Skills + Limited Case Management Skills + Limited Technology Skills. He needs help to execute the simple instruction ‘print + sign + PDF scan + email’. He has Contempt Fraud Appeal CH 2021 000238 in the Chancery Court and the Statutory Demand Revocation Application 2021 45. The attached CH 2022 0238 Hearing Demand + 2021 45 Decision Proof Demand and Revised Proposals should get a 1st Appeal Hearing Audio Record of an Incapacity Remedy Test and Decision Proof for a 2nd Appeal that is also an Incapacity Remedy Test + Witness Protection Tests.
    2. Citizen Mr Sood is a Lawful Indian Immigrant who spoke No English when he came to the United Kingdom for an Arranged Marriage + Case Management Genuine Incapacity. He had Basic English Success + Employment Success + Marriage Success with 4 Children, all of whom have Professional Qualifications.  He has Trust Asset Sale Claim Fraud B01B0837 + Mortgage Repossession Claim F1PP7696 + Sale Negligence Settlement Breach Claim E04YM867 and Fraud Appeal QA 2022 000007. They got Incapacity Exploitation Fraud Conspiracy Proof + Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Proof against the Opposing Party, Bank of Scotland,  Representatives and Law Courts all the way up to the Court of Appeal. The QA 20922 000007 Permission Refusal Reconsideration Hearing will get an Audio Record. It is excellent for Incapacity Remedy Tests and Witness Protection Tests + Restraint Fraud Tests.
    3. There are more    
  2. The Chronic Corruption Stress Damage Test Case needs a Chronic Corruption Proof that has already got Finding Sets from the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority.
    1. Citizen Ms Berry, the late Mrs Sadhana Chaudhari and Equity Lawyer + Will Executor Mr Ellis and the Mortgage Possession Claim Fraud H1PP8822 are excellent for the purpose. The Bank of Scotland used a Will + Executor Appointment Non -Disclosure Fraud to get a Probate Estate Representative Appointment for her. She did not want it. On the evidence available the Unauthorised Data Use Fraud Claims J00YJ683 + J00YJ694 against Mortgage Claim Lawyers Walker Morris and Bank of Scotland. It is Case Management Incapacity Proof. The File date of 22nd December 2021 + Day 19 Issue Date + Day 42 Postal Service Sent Date, which was the Possession Claim H1PP8822 2nd Hearing Date is Case Management Incapacity Proof against her and Court Fraud Conspiracy Proof for her against them and the Law Courts.  
    2. There are more.
  3. The Chronic Immaturity Incapacity Tests have 2 Volunteers with Excellent Cases.

Witness Intimidation Fraud Investigation discovered that the 1st Inclusion of a Traffic Commissioner Email Address got a Bounced Message. It needed Bounce Message Instructions from the Intimidation Fraud Manager to the System Administrator or the Email Addressee. It adds to the Witness Protection Denial Fraud Proof + Intimidation Fraud Co-ordination Proof for the Citizens and Coronation oath Enforcement Authority against the State and Law Courts.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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