Royal Commission + Trust Contempt Fraud Appeal CH 2022 000007 + County Court B01B0837 + H1PP8822 + F01P7696 + E04YM867

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

Attached is 2022 02 13 Royal Commission + CH 2022 000007 Enforcement Stray Refusal  Hearing Demand + Jurisdiction Incapacity Remedy Precedent for Citizen Mr Father Beneficiary Sood v Trustee Mr Sood.

It is the first in this series of Jurisdiction Incapacity Precedent Test Cases. 

The Best Advice for Judge Sir Steven Stewart is to ask Justice Mr Jay about the process that got the 2020 000286 Recusal Refusal Fraud Record + Directions Order dated 3rd November 2020 and then the Recusals Reasons on Recusal Refusal Day 3 and the Directions Fraud on Recusal Refusal Day 6. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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