Royal Commission, Appeals and Caution Protection Breach Notice

By email to: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Government Lawyer

Take Notice the Remedy Process needs the QB 2019 003741 + 2020 000286 + 2020 000968 attached documents are material for Examination and Cross-Examination of All Relevant Officers by and on behalf of the Royal Commission, Lord Bishops and Crown.

Take Notice that the Contempt Claim QB 2020 000286 Committal Hearing on 17th June 2020 shall be used to make Corruption Remedy Application Notice, Draft Remedy Orders for the Equity Lawyer against the Solicitor General and Others.

Take Notice that the Shop Theft Claim QB 2019 003741 and Corruption Claim QB 2019 003984 got Pending Adjudication Protection Rights for Citizen Mr Yediayli against the State in general and, without prejudice to the generality, against the Metropolitan Police and Ministry of Justice in particular. The Damage Mitigation Applications got Hearing Denial Fraud Proof against the High Court. They motivated the 1st Protection Fraud Call for Criminal Investigation Frauds and Finding Frauds by the Metropolitan Police that Top Judges could use for Claim Dismissal Frauds and Restraint Frauds against Citizen Mr Yediayli. It got a Complainant Interview that Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis, Citizen Mr Yediayli and Interpreter Mr Can Say used to present Criminal Conspiracy Proof that included the 1st Backdated Order Forgery with Alleged Date 31st October 2019. It got Investigation Denial Frauds and a Finding Frauds Failure by the Metropolitan Police and a 2nd Backdated Order Forgery with Alleged Date 12th November 2019 by the High Court.  Settlement Enquiries by the Organised Crime Buyers got Settlement Proposals by Citizen Mr Yediayli and a 3rd Backdated Order Forgery with Alleged Date 17th January 2020 by the High Court. The Damage Mitigation Obligation was discharged by use of a Stock Delivery Event on 25th March 2020 for Physical Repossession that got an Eviction Fraud for the Organised Crime Buyers against Citizen Mr Yediayli by the Metropolitan Police. The Eviction Fraud Remedy Application by Citizen Mr Yediayli motivated a Judgment + Restraint Application by the Organised Crime Shop Buyers and Criminal Investigation Frauds, Liability Finding Frauds and Caution Frauds by the Metropolitan Police that the High Court Judges intent to use for Claim Dismissal Frauds and Restraint Frauds against Citizen Mr Yediayli.

Take Notice that the Caution Frauds are Protection Breach Contempt Frauds and Treason and the Ministry of Justice has Joint Liability with the Metropolitan Police.

Take Notice that the Ministry of Justice has a Damage Mitigation Care Duty that needs the Caution Prohibition Interim Remedy Application by the Government Lawyers.

Take Notice that Citizen Mr Yediayli has Turkish Literacy but English Illiteracy and Corruption Case Management Incapacity that creates a Legal Assistance Obligation for him and the High Court against the Government Lawyers.

Take Notice that Corruption Claim QB 2020 000968 and the Corruption Case Management Incapacity of Citizen Mr Sood create a Damage Mitigation Obligation against the Ministry of Justice and a Legal Assistance Obligation for him against the Government Lawyers.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis




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