Royal Commission + Baby Murder Case + OFSTED Report False Finding Explanation

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives, Law Court Judges and  Whoever Else It May Concern,

The Finding Frauds by OFSTED against Ampleforth College are in the Public Domain. There was no chance they would remain secret for long. The Best Advice for OFSTED is an Immediate Unconditional Withdrawal. Some of the friends and connections know the Fraud Motive. They need help informing the others. They need to know where to look. The easiest way to do it is for Royal Commission Email Addressees to forward this email to the headmaster, and him to forward it to parents, lawyers and OFSTED.

All Child Care Authorities are facing exposure of Child Care Frauds in UK and abroad. The worst is the Baby Murder + Human Organ Theft against Baby Sunaina Chaudhari in 2000. It got a Protection Fraud Deal that got Death Inquest Denial Frauds by Indian Politicians for the Pharmaceutical Industry in exchange for Massive Investments in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.  It needed a Body Remains Destruction Consent and Death Inquest Claim Withdrawal by the Death Inquest Claimant, who was the Baby’s Mother. They had no hope of getting it when she lived. They planned to get it from her Personal Representatives when she died. She made a Protection Fraud Sabotage Plan. It needed a Personal Representative who could be relied on for a Consent Refusal and Withdrawal Refusal. She chose Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and made a Will Executor Appointment of him. The Protection Fraud Deal needed Court Frauds that denied a Probate Grant for him. The Restraint Renewal Claim CO 612 2020 forces Prime Minister Mr Johnson and the Attorney General to account for the Probate Grant Denial Frauds. All of it is Relevant Evidence in all Child Care Fraud Cases.        

A Child Trafficking Deal by the UK and Cyprus relied on Execution Frauds by State Officers. The Execution Frauds were Contempt Frauds against the Law Courts. Contempt Immunity Frauds by UK Law Courts and Legal Liability for the UK State but not the Cypriot Courts. Everything that could go wrong for the UK and Cyprus did go wrong. The result is Child Trafficking Fraud Liability Denials by the Cypriot State and Damage Limitation Action by Child Care Authorities in UK. They need Child Care Success Pretence Frauds for themselves and Success Denial Frauds against anyone else. It explains the False Findings in the OFSTED Report.    

The Child Trafficking Deal needed a Business Priming Case. It used Child Care Frauds against 6 Siblings and Expatriation Frauds against 4 of them. The Child Expatriation Permit Conditions imposed by Law Courts in UK required Child Care Responsibility Acceptance by Law Courts in Cyprus. The Cypriot Constitution required Blood Relatives for Child Placement Orders by Cypriot Law Courts. The Trafficking Deal needed Jurisdiction Legislation that increased the Child Placement Powers from Blood Relatives to Anyone Else, or Court Frauds by Cypriot Judges. The Jurisdiction Legislation or Court Frauds needed Revenue Sharing by the Cypriot State Officers. A Revenue Sharing Refusal by them denied Responsibility Acceptance by the Cypriot Law Courts. The choice for the UK State Officers was Deal Termination or Deal Execution Frauds that were Contempt Frauds against the Law Courts in UK. They chose Execution Frauds for the Business Priming Cases and hundreds more cases. The result is hundreds of Childhood Sabotage Fraud Claims.  

The Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority is the Profession Authority for Top Judges and Top Politicians. The Citizen gets Corruption Proof against the State and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the Law Courts. The Crown and Lord Bishops use it for Corruption Findings and Dismissal Decisions against Law Court Judges and Execution Responsibility Findings against the Cabinet and Prime Minister. An Execution Failure gets an Unfitness Finding and Dismissal Decision against the Prime Minister. The Ultimate Sanction is a Parliament Session Refusal and Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof. Most of the Dismissal Cases against Prime Ministers end with a Forced Resignation that avoids a Forced General Election.  

In 2019 a Dismissal Case got the Forced Resignation from Prime Minister Mrs May. It got a Leadership Contest.  Protection Fraud Deals for Top Judges got Leadership Votes and a Leadership Win for MP Mr Johnson.  The Deal Negotiators knew it was a Protection Fraud Trap. Prime Minister Mr Johnson was on a Protection Fraud Treadmill. Once he started he could not stop. The Health Market Frauds, Child Trafficking Frauds, Drug Crime Frauds, Financial Service Frauds and Sanction Busting Frauds contaminated the entire system and got Money Laundering Entrapment of All Parliamentarians who had City Connections.

Court Frauds got Dismissal Decisions against Top Judges and Prime Minister Mr Johnson. The Covid Regulation Breach Party Scandal was a Distraction Fraud to deny exposure of the Dismissal Decision. 

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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