Royal Commission + Restraint Renewal Claim CO 612 2020 + Mortgage Possession Claim H1PP8822 + Sadhana Chaudhari Probate Contest

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Opposition Leader, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges,

The Mortgage Possession Claim H1PP8822 Hearing on 14th March 2022 completed a Protection Fraud Proof Set against Prime Ministers Mr Blair, Mr Brown, Mrs May and Mr Johnson. It is Relevant Evidence for the Dismissal Process against Prime Minister Mr Johnson.

The H1PP8822 Decision Choices for the Probate Estate Representative Mrs Berry, Bank of Scotland and Counsel Mr Meuli + Career Advice from Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis to Counsel Mr Meuli +  CO 612 2022 Draft Order Decision Choice for the Solicitor General, Attorney General, Cabinet and Prime Minister.

Protection Fraud Deals for the Pharmaceutical Industry, and then the Indian Federation, needed a Body Remains Destruction Consent and Case Withdrawal by the Death Inquest Claimant. It was the Baby’s Mother, Mrs Sadhana Chaudhari. They had no hope of getting it from her. She knew they planned to get it from her Personal Representative. The challenge was ensuring they did not get it from the Personal Representatives or got it on what were Ruinous Terms for them.  

Mrs Sadhana Chaudhari made a Will Executor Appointment and Will Terms Disclosure Authority to Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis. It enabled Case Management Investigations by him while she lived. She knew the Investigation Result reduced the Probate Contest Risk.

The Body Remains Destruction Consent and Death Inquest Withdrawal was one of Many Motives for the HQ16X00733 General Civil Restraint Fraud dated 22nd February 2018 against the Equity Lawyer. Sadhana Chaudhari made Will dated 13th March 2018 and the Repeat Will dated 11th October 2018. The Equity Lawyer got Stamp Filing Proof on the Repeat Will on 9th November 2018 from the Court of Appeal and High Court, and on 8th and 15th November 2018 from Sussex Crown Prosecutor. It was for Parliament Session File that the Director of Public Prosecutions kept for the Prime Minister and Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority. It was Original Document Proof for the Coronation Oath Enforcement Authority against the State and Law Courts. Mrs Sadhana Chaudhari died on 6th December 2018.  The 2020 000286 Restraint Renewal dated 12th February 2022 continued the Probate Grant Application Restraint. The Action Intent Notice dated 18th February 2022 and Restraint Renewal Claim CO 612 2022 issued on 21st February 2022 evidence Restraint Continuity Intent. Use of the Probate Grant Deficit for the H1PP8822 Probate Estate Denial Fraud got Joint Liability for the Cabinet and Prime Minister.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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