Royal Commission + CH 2021 000238 + QA 2022 00007 + B01B0837 + F00LE923 + FD20P00642 + ZC14D02308 + 2021 45 + 2020 7219 + All Test Cases

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, MPs, Representatives and Law Court Judges

The Fraud Appeal CH 2021 000238 + Statutory Demand Set Aside Application 45 of 2021 Case Status Report Request dated 18th January 2022 and signed by Citizen Mr Hastunc was one of the 14 attachments to the Royal Commission Email sent at 12.38 on 20th January 2022  It is attached to this email because of Hearing Rumours for an Undisclosed Case since then.   

The Fraud Appeal QA 2020 00007 Case Management Fraud Complaint dated 21st January 2022 of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and Citizen Mr Sood is supported by Case Papers and Filing Communications. The Issue Notice Email dated 13th January 2022 from No Reply Thomson Reuters and the Appellant Notice Stamp date of 7th January 2022 + Issue Notice Service Email dated 13th January 2022 from the High Court are inconsistent with the Issue Refusal Notice + Appeal Period Time Limit Expiry Notice + Papers Return Notice dated 12 January 2022 with a Day Post Delivery on 19th January 2022 that raises Backdated Forgery Suspicions.

Contempt Fraud Counterclaim Notice + Filing + Service Notice Email Advice dated 21st January 2022 for Citizen Mrs Theodorou v Child Traffickers + Cypriot Authorities +  UK Authorities.

The Retrial Fraud 2020 7219 got Hearsay Reports of a 7 Day Jury Release with Covid Compliance the Given Reason and Disclosure To Jury Arguments not between Prosecutor and Defender but between Prosecutor Counsel Ms Laura Kenyon and Prosecutor Counsel Mr Roger Smart.  Events will discover whether it is to get a Substitute Reason Fraud for a Retrial Termination that avoids the Witness Intimidation Fraud Complaint + Protection Demand getting it.

Polite Request that Citizen Mr Zarb:

  1. send an email using the attached Replacement DRAFT Order the Subject in bold italics Royal Commission + F00LE923 Contempt Remedy 30 Minute Hearing for the attached Replacement DRAFT Order  
  2. respond to a Sale Enforcement Hearing Notice with a Contempt Remedy Application Hearing Priority Demand and Application Fee Payment

Polite Request that Citizen Ms Hawes uses the Press release Request Response by the Equity Lawyer for the Remedy Co-operation Investigation of the Media Industry.

In 2006 Drug Investigation Raid used about 100 officers and discovered the Business Name and Warehouse Address of Citizen Mr Serbert were a Decoy Name and Decoy Address on the Carrier Movement Records of Polish Drug Dealers. The Business Records were Decoy Fraud Proof against the Drug Traffickers and either Incompetence Proof against Incompetence Officers or Protection Fraud Proof against Corrupt Officers. Ruin Frauds against him started with Land Frauds by the Landlord and Law Courts. He has Limited English. On 23rd January 2022 Interpretation Services by Citizen Mr Say enabled a conversation between the Equity Lawyer and Citizen Mr Serbert. It enabled him to make the connection between the Drug Investigation Raid and the Ruin Frauds that lasted for years. The Ruin Fraud Duration weighs in the balance against Corrupt Officers and for Incompetent Officers who could not have lasted that long. The timing is significant. In 2004 the 1st Extradition Fraud against a British Citizen failed and discovered the Top Police, Top Customs and To[p Judges were the Top Drug Dealers. The 2nd Extradition Fraud against him needed Protection Frauds for the Top Drug Dealers in exchange for service of the 2nd Extradition Fraud.  The Protection Fraud Deal got a Profit Share for Prime Minister Mr Blair and Protection Frauds for the Top Drug Dealers. It got Improved Conditions for Career Sabotage Frauds by Corrupt Officers against Honest Officers. Some used Evidence Frauds to get Budget Waste. Investigation is needed to discover whether the Drugs Raid was one.         

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis  

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