Royal Commission, Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286, Fraud Appeals 2020 0396, 2069, XXXX, YYYY and ZZZZ

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Officers and Law Court Judges,

Unconditional Grateful Thanks to the Queen, Prince of Wales, Lord Archbishops, Lord Bishops, Honourable Parliamentarians and Citizens who enabled the Remedy Process to reach this stage.  

Conditional Grateful Thanks to the BBC for the program ‘Ian Hyslop Fake News’ on 5th January 2021 subject to the condition that the True Intent was Remedy Management and not Cynical Profiteering.

Remedy Proposals:

  1. All Mass Media service the Remedy Process by acknowledging the Root Problem is the substitution of the Justice Priority Obligation that needs Reliable Objectivity for Effective Accountability with the Self-Indulgent Bias Priority using Unaccountable Empowerment that has Injustice Risks and Injustice Inevitability
  2. Parliament service the Remedy Process
    1. Acknowledge the Jurisdiction Superiority of Remedy Jurisdiction for the Citizen against Political Representation Jurisdiction for the Constituent
    2. All MPs change their web sites by removal of the Political Representations Only Propaganda and insertion of
      1. the Clear Message that “MPs have Dual Jurisdiction of Corruption Remedy Jurisdiction for the Citizen and Political Representation Jurisdiction for the Constituent and there is Jurisdiction Superiority for the Remedy Jurisdiction against the Political Representation Jurisdiction”
      2. The Clear Message that “Remedy Management uses the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. An Equity Lawyers is anyone who knows how to provide Case Management to get Proof Sets that meet the Corruption Remedy Proof Standard. The Legal Profession used to provide a Reliable Supply of Equity Lawyers and needs time to recover the capacity to do so. MPs and the Law Professions need time to discover who can provide the services of an Equity Lawyer.”
      3. Separate Processes for Remedy Management and Political Representation Management.
    3. Use of the Remedy Jurisdiction for a Contempt 2020 000286 Liability Trial Fraud Finding and Fraud Appeals 2020 0396 and 2069 Dismissal Frauds Finding for a Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Finding and Dismissal Decisions against Top Judges and then Mass Remedies
    4. Acknowledge the need for Advanced Electronic Signatures provided by the Citizen to enable Personal Accountability and Remedy Management against Corruption Damage by Irresponsible Media Uses, State Officers and Law Court Judges
    5. Profiteering Penalties against Damage Injustice by Unidentifiable Sources
    6. Mass Education for the Justice Priority against the Bias Priority
    7. Mass Education for service of the Justice Priority with the Equity Processes for Truth Discovery and Just Reasoning.
    8. Mass Education for Evidence Process using Valid Presumptions subject to Rebuttal Proof
    9. Mass Education for a Positive Proof Burden and Inconsistent Positive Proof as Negative Proof   


  1. The Citizen, Crown, Lord Bishops and Honourable Parliamentarians have managed a Corruption Remedy Process to recover control of the State and Law Courts from the Protection Fraud Network.
  2. The Protection Fraud Network manages a Protection Fraud Market. It uses Free Market Protocols that require Risk Disclosure for Risk Assessment and Acceptance by a Buyer or Rejection by the Market. Special Business needs Before Event Arrangements until Market Practice define a Market Standard for Routine Business that eliminates the need for Before Event Arrangements. Everything else is Special Business. Market Changes can convert Routine Business into Special Business. Sometimes they are Surprise Events that either a Protection Fraud Execution Failure or an Offer Rejection that result in a Market Collapse and Consequential Damage.
  3. The Corruption Remedy Process needed to achieve a Protection Fraud Market Collapse with Damage Limitation. It needed Case Management by the Equity Lawyer and Citizens that forced a Market Change, converted Routine Business into Special Business, got a Risk Offer by Top Judges and either an Offer Rejection or Protection Fraud Failure by Corrupt Parliamentarians, and a Market Collapse with Damage Limitation using the Justice Responsibility Acceptance by Honourable Parliamentarians.
  4. The Contempt Claim Fraud 2020 000286 Imprisonment Committal Trail Frauds against the Equity Lawyer got Collapse Conditions for the Remedy Process against the Protection Fraud Market. They converted Routine Business into Special Business. Corruption Controllers feared Top State Officers had made Immunity Deals in exchange for Remedy Co-operation that required them to get Corruption Proof against Top Judges.  They managed the Immunity Risk by requiring that Key State Officers provide Fraud Commitment Proof before Protection Frauds by the Court of Appeal.
  5. In December 2020 Sussex Police had Key Officer Status for the purposes of the Protection Fraud Deal. They got it by hosting Drug Production for Top Police, Top Customs and Top Judges who were the Top Drug Dealers in the United Kingdom. They needed Permanent Supplies of Chemically Traceable Supplies for Career Sabotage Frauds against Honest Officers whenever needed. They needed a Drug Production Business to get the Permanent Supplies. Sussex Police hosted the Drug Production because the water was good for it. Top Judges had Manager Appointment Powers for the Drug Production Business. It was a Payment Guarantee and Control Guarantee for the Top Judges.
  6. The Drug Production Business Manager and Host Officers needed Protection Frauds that would last their lifetimes. In June 2002 they thought they got it by use of Firearms Thefts by the Business Manager and Firearms Crime Protection Frauds by Sussex Police. The Theft Proof, Protection Fraud Proof was the Stolen Firearms and Receipt 233607 that identified them and the Business Manager as Possessor and the Cabinet from which they were stolen and Receipt 233608 that identified it with the comment “Locked – contents unknown” and the Armoury Audit Records.  All of it motivated Theft Discovery Delay Frauds using a Drug Production Framing Fraud between 2005 and 2007 against the Firearms Owner. In January 2009 the Firearms Theft Exposure motivated Protection Frauds thereafter by the State, Law Courts and Corrupt Parliamentarians. Career Sabotage Frauds against Honest Officers linked the Protection Frauds for everything including Medical Murders, Human Organ Thefts, Family Sabotage Frauds, Child Trafficking, Framing Frauds and Property Frauds. The Human Organ Theft Proof Set, Child Trafficking Proof Set and Firearms Corruption Proof Set were Key Evidence for the Corruption Remedy Process. In December 2020 the Protection Fraud Network was so damaged that it gave Key State Office Status to Sussex Police because they were so closely connected to Top Judges. It created Collapse Conditions for the Protection Fraud Market.
  7. All that remains is for Honest Parliamentarians to trigger the Collapse Conditions.
  8. The Equity Lawyer will continue to service the Remedy Process. He has a Care Duty to All Citizens and All Equity Lawyers who come after him to demand Deterrent Penalties against Law Court Judges and Corrupt Parliamentarians who service the Remedy Denial Frauds against him. The Kidney Failure Condition is an Aggravating Factor when Proportionate Deterrents.
  9. The Kidney Failure Condition makes it Absolute Madness for Honourable Parliamentarians to rely on him. End Stage Kidney Failure causes a series of Toxin Dumps by the Body in the Flesh. The result is Dump Damage and Corrosion Damage. People do not notice that the Subconscious Mind controls Body Maintenance and the Conscious Mind controls Body Use until Extreme Stress causes them to discover it.  In Early 2019 a Poison Event caused the Equity Lawyer to discover it. The Subconscious managed Poison Excretion using the Sweat Glands. The Poison Molecules ruptured the Sweat Glands and did Skin Damage.  The Subconscious used Sleep Deprivation to get Remedy Co-operation by the Conscious. Eventually, the Equity Lawyer realised the Subconscious needed Scab Removal to enable Repeat Use of the Damaged Sweat Glands for Poison Excretion and thereby preserve the Undamaged Skin, did the Scab Removal and when he had done enough got a Sleep Chemical Release and Immediate Sleep. About 3 months later he suffered End Stage Kidney Failure. It created an Energy Conflict between Case Management by the Conscious Mind and Body Maintenance by the Subconscious Mind. Sleep Chemicals evidenced that the Subconscious had imposed a Sleep Condition for Healing Services. Wilful Wakefulness caused a Healing Service Loss. The Equity Lawyer was satisfied the Subconscious used Body Control to get Support Services from the Conscious. He used Exercise Test to discover whether the Conscious could get Targeted Healing from the Subconscious. It worked. The Healing Services were subject to the Sleep Condition. The result was a Significant Recovery with Consequential Damage. The Significant Recovery includes Physical Fitness that enables him to run 5 miles in an hour but a Stamina Loss that forces him to rest afterwards. The Consequential Damage includes Heat Control Loss. The Blood Cleaning Dialysis Sessions started in April 2020. The Blood Passage out of the body through the Dialysis Machine results in a Heat Loss. The Patient Mass, Process Quantity and Process Rate governs the Heat Loss. The In-Patient Sessions were in a Hospital Bed with Bed Clothes masking the Heat Loss. The Out-Patient Sessions were on Hospital Chairs with a Blanket Supply if needed. In the summer months a number of Dialysis Sessions for the 69 Kilos of the Equity Lawyer using the Process Rate of 350 millilitres a minute resulted in a Heat Loss of about 1 Degree Centigrade at the end of Hour 1 that got a Shiver Response from the Subconscious. He investigated whether the Heat Loss Trigger for the Shiver Response could be reduced by 1 Degree centigrade. He ignored the Shiver Response. It got a Suspension or Termination of the Shiver Response by the Subconscious. On the evidence available the Subconscious uses the Overcoat Removal in the Hotel Bedroom as a Dialysis Session End Signal and then releases a Cold Sensation that prompts the Equity Lawyer to get into bed fully clothed and fall asleep. On the evidence available it is for both Heat Recovery and Healing Services. Honourable Parliamentarians have Due Notice that the Equity Lawyer knows Heat Loss makes it harder for him to function but does not know the Heat Loss Risks for himself and the Remedy Process.
  10. The Corona Virus Emergency denied Morning Session Dialysis Patients use of the Pout Patient Ward Waiting Area or the Ward Internal Entrance Corridor and forced them to use the External Entrance. When seated Hospital Queues Members converse with the nearest Queue Members. When standing they can face and converse with more of them. The Morning Dialysis Patients gather outside the External Entrance at 7 a.m. until they are admitted between 10 and 20 minutes later. The Waiting Events have been useful for the Equity Lawyer. He says Good Morning. He does not give Conversation Leads. He listens and gives polite responses. The Waiting Events got Free Expression that revealed the Other Dialysis Patients have medical records Access that the Equity Lawyer does not have. They make Coldness Complaints on some days but not every day. On Tuesday 4th January 2021 the Equity Lawyer made a Remedy Proposal that they wait in a Warm Corridor until 7.15 and then appear for Immediate Admission very soon afterwards. All of them ignored it. He needs to observe how long it takes for the Remedy Proposal gets either a Positive Response or certainty they need a Renal Nurse to give a Warm Corridor Queue Instruction. The Renal Nurses know.  On 4th January 2021, the Triage Temperature for the Equity Lawyer taken on entry was 33.2 Degrees Centigrade. The Renal Nurse said he had been in the cold too long.  If the Remedy Proposal does not get a Positive Response from the Dialysis Patients, he intends to make it to the Ward Manager. All of it is Relevant Evidence for the Remedy Process.  It needs Remedy Co-operation at every level. It includes moving Dialysis Patients out of the cold into the warm without compromising Safety Management.
  11. The Equity Lawyer used the Renal Ward Manger to give the NHS Hospital Trust Chief Executive and Nephrology Doctors a Medical Opinion Request and Advance Notice of the 2020 000286 Medical Records Access Repeat Application. It got Response Refusals by all of them. The Equity Lawyer intends to file the Repeat Application with the Response Refusal and Medical Articles as Support Evidence.     
  12. The Best Advice for Honourable Parliamentarians is not to await the outcome of the Contempt 2020 000286 Medical Records Access Repeat Application or New Evidence Case Dismissal Application or Penalty Hearing but use the Liability Trial Proof and Appeal Dismissal Fraud as Protection Breach Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Proof for Corruption Findings and Dismissal Decisions against Top Judges and give it Mass Publicity. Then it is to motivate more than 1 billion of the Indian People and everyone else to share the Remedy Process.
  13. The Body Remains of Sunaina Chaudhari are in the Delhi Morgue pending Jurisdiction Changes needed for a Death Inquest. It should get Medical Murder Findings and Human Organ Theft Motive Findings.
  14. The Equity Lawyer has not had the opportunity to verify information that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Rishi Sunak, has a 1st Cousin who is also a 1st Cousin to Sunaina Chaudhari. He does not know whether the Family Connection influenced the appointment of Mr Sunak as Chancellor of the Exchequer.
  15. In any event, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary, Prime Minister, Indian President, Commonwealth Leaders and USA President Mr Biden can use the Death Inquest Case to invite people everywhere to share the Remedy Process.  President Biden was Vice President when Prime Minister Mr Cameron got Remedy Co-operation from President Obama. He has Governance Responsibility for a Divided Society in a Corona Virus Emergency. A Unifying Idea and Unification Commitment Proof can get Governance Credibility for him in the first 100 days in office. The Justice Priority Obligation and Equity Governance Processes are a Unifying Idea. He might appreciate the Unifying Idea and a chance to give Commitment Proof to get Governance Credibility in case he is unable to achieve anything else he wishes to achieve in the first 100 days.
  16. Honourable Parliamentarians cannot wait for President Biden. Good Management requires Rapid Remedies and a chance for President Biden to share them.    

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis




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