Royal Commission + Family Reunification Mass Remedy Test + Court Record Fraud Mass Remedy Test + Enforcement Claim F00LE923 Proposals Service Email

House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Councillors, MPs, Representatives  and Law Court Judges,

The Divorce ZC14D02308 Fraud Appeal Fee Remission Application on 27th July 2021 of Citizen Mrs Theodorou got Reference PA 21-054922 got Process Delays and:

  1. A Day 24 Hearing Attendance Enquiry Email from the Appeal Judges that was a Secret Hearing Notice
  2. A Day 26 Secret Hearing Appearance + Secret In Absence Fraud Conspiracy Proof + Chronic Stress Illness Adjournment  for Citizen Mrs Theodorou
  3. A Day 31 Remission Refusal Notice + £140 Fee Demand + 14 Day Payment Period that was 4 Day after the Adjourned Hearing.

The Family Reunification Test got a Home Move Decision Success + Execution Success + Resistance Evidence Discovery Success + Priority Change Decision Success + Test Termination Decision Success for 15-Year-Old Citizen Master Andreas Theodorou. He has done very well. The Equity Lawyer will file a Test Report with the Speaker and Prime Minister for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions.

The Public Gallery Rights + Court Record Fraud Case was used for a Court Record Fraud Mass Remedies Test of the Mass Remedy Test of the Criminal Courts. The Case Proposals + Hearing Rehearsals of the Citizen got a Confidence Collapse of the Crown Court Judges at St Albans a Jurisdiction Deficit Finding + Contempt Fraud Remedy Denial Fraud + Hearing Refusal Fraud + Case Transfer Fraud against the Citizen. The Case Management Proposals will be amended to include a Before Hearing Court Motion Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Investigation of the 1st Case Transfer Fraud from Essex to Hertfordshire, Partial Service of them by Hertfordshire and then the 2nd Case Transfer Fraud from Hertfordshire to Essex.

The attached Enforcement Claim F00LE923 Proposals dated  6th September 2021 are a Court Records Fraud Mass Remedy Test. The Eviction Claim Fraud D00BT669 got a Judgment Fraud for Claimant Miss Neluyima. It got the Trial Fraud Appeal QB 2018 0239 of Citizen Mr Zarb and a Remedy Process Case for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions. It got a Confidence Collapse by Top Judges. They managed the Appeal Frauds and then used a Case Denial Record Frauds as Protection Frauds for themselves. Enforcement Delays have got use of the Enforcement Fraud for the Court Record Fraud Mass Remedies Test.

The Best Advice for County Court Judges is Fraud Remedy Jurisdiction Acceptance + Before Hearing Court Motion Remedy Orders  + Adjournment Order + Court Room Hearing Order.

The Best Advice for Citizen Mr Zarb is Case Presentation Rehearsals that get a Hearing Audio Record, and, if necessary, a Fraud Appeal.

The Best Advice for F00LE923 Claim Lawyer and the Fraud Appeal 2018 0239 Appellant Lawyer is Fraud Remedy Negotiations with Citizen Mr Zarb and Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis.

The Profession Authority Mass Remedy Tests continue.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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