Royal Commission + Mass Remedies Test Failure Notice + MP Candidate Selection Proposals + Public Gallery Rights Case 2021 0540 + Fraud Appeal 2020 1520

To: House of Commons Speaker, Prime Minister, Cabinet Officers, Privy Counsellors, MPs, State Officers, Legal Representatives, and Law Court Judges

The Royal Commission + Mass Remedies Test Report of  Equity Lawyer for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions dated 7th November 2021 and the Royal Commission + MP Candidate Selection Proposals for All Political Parties dated 8th November 2021 and the Royal Commission + Fraud Appeal 2020 1520 Best Advice dated 8th November 2021 for Court Officers in Citizen Ms Berry v Solicitor General are attached.

The Public Gallery Rights Case 2021 0540 Best Advice is to use the Undisclosed Material Service Failure and Any Other relevant Evidence for an Order Breach Contempt Fraud Finding + Case Dismissal + Contempt Remedy Application for the Citizen against the State

Polite Request that Citizen Ms Davies continue the Remedy Research by asking Osteopath Internet Groups how much of the attached documents they understand. Remedy Research has discovered that it is Common Practice for Corrupt Professionals to use Comprehension Denials Frauds for Remedy Refusal Frauds. It has created the need for a Comprehension Fitness Standard for All Professions, and use of Comprehension Denials that are Without Reason or Without Explanation as Comprehension Unfitness Evidence for Disqualification Purposes.    

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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