Royal Commission + Osteopath 2855 Ms Michelle Davies + Public Gallery Rights Case + ZC14D022308 + B01B0837 + G02EC632 + F02ED793 + G00CR488 + E02YM867 + F00LE923

Barbourne Health Centre Practice Manager,

The Best Advice for Dr Charles Harris is:

  1. Case Management Advice Request to the General Medical Council how to respond to the Medical Records Demand of the General Osteopathic Council
  2. Case Management Advice Request to Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis how to respond to the Case Management Advice of the General Medical Council

The Best Advice for the Practice Manager is to ensure that Dr Charles Harris has all the Royal Commission Emails and Attachments and enough time to consider them before doing anything in the case of Ms Michell Davies. He needs to know that since 2009 the Secret Service has serviced Corruption Investigation of the Profession Authorities and Law Courts for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions. The Cabinet, Crown and Lord Bishops are very interested to know what he does.

The Best Advice for Citizen Osteopath Ms Michelle Davies is to await the production by the Equity Lawyer of a Corruption Explanation Statement for her. It will give a Brief Explanation of the Corruption Debate in Parliament that got a Pending Investigation Adjournment, a Brief Reference to the Corruption remedy Process Evidence of Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis and a Case Management Authority from her has enabled the 2021 Integrity Test of the General Medical Council, General Osteopathic Council and All Other Profession Authorities

The Best Advice for Court Officers is to ensure that All Law Court Judges know:

  1. About the Profession Authorities Integrity Test and the Stated Reason is Mass Remedies by Parliament needs Profession Authority Remedy Orders to the Law Courts and Court Fraud Remedy Orders to the Profession Authorities.
  2. The Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Hearing on 9th July 2021 and Subsequent Events got In Absence Trial Fraud Conspiracy Proof for Mrs Theodorou and the Parliament Session Jurisdictions against Organised Criminal Mr Theodorou, His Representatives Galbraith Branley, Court Officers and District Judge Mr Stone. It needed a No Papers Reason Fraud for an Adjournment Order + 23 August 2021 Date + 10 September Retirement Date Notice from District Judge Mr Stone. It needed a Decision Proof Denial Fraud by Trial Officers. It needed a Fraud Appeal Process Denial Fraud by Appeal Officers. It needed an Appearance Failure by Citizen Mrs Theodorou. On Friday 20th August 2021 the Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Hearing Attendance Enquiry Email at 13.52 from Judge Oliver Jones’ Clark Mr Dilip Javid was a Hearing Notice to Citizen Mrs Theodorou. The Response Email at 17.38 from her was a Decision Proof Service Denial Fraud Complaint + Hearing Notice Denial Fraud Complaint + Transcript Release Denial Fraud Complaint + Appeal Process Denial Fraud Complaint. It forced the Decision Proof Service Email at 10.36 on Saturday 21st August 2021. It got a Priority Decision for the Divorce ZC14D02308 Property Hearing against the Profession Authority Integrity Test. The Hearing Event on 23rd August 2021 got Compelling Proof of the In Absence Hearing Fraud Conspiracy and Fraud Completion Commitment. Corruption Stress resulted in an Illness Adjournment Application by Citizen Mr Theodorou and an 14th October 2021 Adjournment Date + Case Allocation to a Recorder Rank  Judge by District Judge Mr Stone who retires on 10th September 2021. All Officers and All Judges need to know there will be a In Absence Hearing Fraud Conspiracy Investigation and All Relevant Circumstances that got the Hearing Attendance Enquiry Email that got the Hearing Appearance by Citizen Mrs Theodorou. The Other Integrity Tests got Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the Civil Courts. This one got Fraud Completion Commitment Proof + Audio Hearing Records Avoidance Proof.
  3. The Public Gallery Rights Plea Hearing  on 31st August 2021 is at St Albans Crown Court. It will get either a Jurisdiction Trial + No Jurisdiction Finding + Contempt Fraud Remedy Orders before or after the No Jurisdiction Plea or complete the Fraud Conspiracy Proof Set against Essex Police, Essex Magistrates, Hertfordshire3 Magistrates and the Crown Court.  
  4. The Judgement Fraud Enforcement Claim F00LE923 Hearing on 20th September 2021 in Leicester County Court will get an Audio Record of the Contempt Fraud Conspiracy Remedy Application of Citizen Mr Zarb. The Fraud Conspiracy Proof includes Record Frauds by the High Court Queens Bench Division that deny the existence of Fraud Appeal 2018 0239 and the Interim Remedy Application on 18th September 2019 in Royal Court 37 made by Counsel with Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis as Public Gallery Witness. The Forensic Tests of the Seal Ink on Case Papers is Original Record Proof. Investigation is needed to discover whether Top Judges made a Forensic Test Sabotage Fraud Plan that needed Original Document Thefts, and if so, the result. He has the benefit of the Similar Fact Record Fraud Proof got by Shop Theft Claims 2019 03741 + 3984 against the High Court Queen’s Bench Division.  
  5. The Shop Theft Claims 2019 03741 + 3984 got Record Fraud Proof against the Similar Fact Record Fraud Proof. The Seal Ink on Original Documents was Forensic Test Material. Top Judges made a Forensic Test Sabotage Fraud Plan. It used Enforcement Claim G02EC632 and a Hearing Notice to force the Victim to consult Qualified Lawyers, and used them for the Original Documents Theft. It failed. It got Fraud Conspiracy Proof for the Victim and the Parliament Session Jurisdictions against the Shop Thieves, Claim Lawyers, the Defence Lawyers, County Court Judges and High Court Justice Mrs Cutts.
  6. All Law Court Judges need to ask themselves whether Remedy Successes are Happy Accidents or  Remedy Co-operation Proof for State Officers and Law Court Judges, and if so, for how many.

The Best Advice for General Osteopathic Council Regulations Manager Mr David Bryan is:

  1. Immediate Acceptance of the Disqualification Blackmail Mental Examination Extortion Consent Fraud Notice dated 19th August 2021 as Profession Regulation Compliance
  2. Immediate Withdrawal of the Standard Consent Form Repeat Demand Email sent at  09.23 on 23rd August 2021
  3. A Pending Investigation Stay + Case Reference to the Chief Executive + Chief Lawyer to discovery whether:
    1. The Blackmail Fraud Notice gets a Profession Guidance Request from Dr Charles Harris to the General Medical Council and then a Response Reference from him to the Equity Lawyer
    2. The Remedy Co-operation Investigation discovers how far the Protection fraud Network can rely on the Law Courts for Protection Frauds

The word ‘Citizen’ identifies anyone who allows use of their case for Corruption Investigations managed for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions. They have a number in progress at any time. Some are connected. The identification ‘Citizen Osteopath’ for Ms Davies reminds the Crown and Lord Bishops where her case fits in with the rest.

The Citizen Documents are written in the Jury Oriented Style. It uses the 3rd Person and Capital Letters to identify Familiar Phrases. The purpose is to assist Lay Jurors to achieve the Common Understanding needed to make Jury Findings. It is impossible to predict which of the Citizen Documents will be used in a Jury Trial and so the vast majority are written in the Jury Oriented Style.

Dr Harris is not the first GP who has been asked to service the Corruption Remedy Process of the Parliament Session Jurisdictions. It might help if he knows the history. It might help if he knows why Ms Davies has the Precise Right Case at the Precise Right Time for an Integrity Test of the Profession Authorities in 2021.

In 2004 a Corruption Investigations discovered that the Top Drug Dealers in the UK were Top Police, Top Customs, and Top Judges. They needed Protection Frauds. Days after the discovery a Business Deal got Protection Frauds for the Top Drug Dealers and a Profit Share for Prime Minister Mr Blair. That is when he started to make the Big Money. It did not stop the Corruption Investigation.

In 2005 a Law Profession Mental Fitness Investigation Fraud Request by the Law Court Judges to the Law Society against the Corruption Investigator got a Panic Response + Request Refusal by the Law Society Prosecutor. He managed Framing Frauds for Organised Crime against Qualified Lawyers. He expected Protection Frauds from the Law Courts. The Refusal Response was a Mental Fitness Investigation Order + Official Solicitor Investigator Appointment by a Kent Judge. It got an Examination  Request by the Official Solicitor and Appointment Notice from the GP and Delusion Proof Demand from the Corruption Investigator with a Demand Notice to the Case Judge + Top Judges + Political Party Leaders + Parliament + Crown. The Delusion Proof Deficit got a Corruption Finding + Remedy Entitlement Finding + Judge Dismissal Priority Finding and Execution Responsibility Finding against Prime Minister Mr Blair. He could not service the Dismissal Decision because he had given Fraud Orders to Law Court Judges and was a Drug Crime Partner. The Remedy Failure got an Unfitness Case + Remedy Failure Finding + Unfitness Finding + Dismissal Priority Finding against Prime Minister Mr Blair. A Dismissal Decision against a Prime Minister needs a Notice Period to enable a  Leadership Contest. Prime Minister Mr Blair signed a 10 Month Retirement Notice to avoid a Parliament Session Refusal + Forced General Election with Mass Publicity for the Corruption Proof and Remedy Denial Fraud Proof.

Prime Minister Mr Blair used the Retirement Notice Period to make Protection Fraud Arrangements that he thought would last his lifetime.   

In 2009, the Expense Account Scandals motivated Prime Minister Mr Brown issued a Firearms Corruption Concealment Order to the Secret Service Officers. It needed a Mental Health Finding Fraud + Incapacity Finding Fraud + Legal Action Restraint Fraud against the Victim. It got a Mental Illness Case Reference Influence Frauds from the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre to the GP. The Patient GP Relation was Excellent because the GP had managed a Treatment Improvement from 14 Drugs to 1 Heart Drug + Rest Advice.  He did not know of the existence of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre until then.  The Case Reference Influence Fraud got a Treatment Appointment for the GP and Patient. The GP said ‘I do not think there is anything wrong with you, but a Government Department I did not know existed wants a Mental Examination Case Reference, and so I will do it’, or words of very similar meaning. An Immediate Case Reference by the Patient to Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis got Delusion Proof Demand by the Patient and Personal Service on the Surgery. It got 10 Minute Interview for the Patient + Equity Lawyer + Practice Manager  Practice Manager that got the next day No Medical Need Statement Letter from the GP. It enabled a Corruption Claim by the Patient that enabled the Secret Service to provide Investigation Services for the Crown. The Mental Capacity Interview was attended by the Patient, Patient’s Sister, Patient’s Brother-in-Law, Sussex County Chief Psychiatrist and a Top Security Service Officer. The Patient, Sister and Brother-in-Law presented the Firearms Corruption Proof. The Chief Psychiatrist needed Professional Support from the Top Security Officer to have the confidence to make a Mental Capacity Finding. The Top Security Officer needed the Mental Capacity Finding to enable Corruption Investigations of the Prime Minister for the Crown. The result is Investigation Services by the Secret Service for the Parliament Session Jurisdictions.

The Parliament Session that opened on 19th December 2019 got Criminal Conspiracy Proof for Corruption Dismissal Cases against Top Judges.  The Parliament Session that opened on 11th May 2021 needed Responsibility Apportionment between Case Remedies by Law Courts and Mass Remedies by Parliament. Integrity Tests between Session Opening Day and the Summer Recess got Remedy Denial Fraud Proof against the Law Courts. It increased the need for the Integrity Test of the Profession Authorities.

The Profession Authority Integrity Test Management by the Equity Lawyer was affected by his Housing Needs. It got Temporary Housing by Chelmsford City Council for 66 weeks. In Week 50 it got a Flat Allocation by Chelmer Housing Partnership Possession and then a Possession Delay for 16 weeks that enabled him to manage the Law Court Integrity between Session Opening Day on 11th May 2021 and the Summer Recess.  The last of them was on Wednesday 28th July 2021. He was given a 1st View + Immediate Possession on Monday 2nd August 2021. It made him dependent on the 1 Hour Per Day Internet Services by the City Library for 12 days whilst managing the Flat Occupation and the Profession Authority Integrity Test and the Additional Law Court Integrity Tests.

The Priority Decision for the ZC14D02308  Hearing prevented use of the Best Advice Email to Dr Harris + Surgery Manager + General Osteopathic Regulation Manager + Court Officers for the Fraud Notice Email.

Equity Lawyer Mr Ellis

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